A/N: Well, I got such positive response from my other story and so many people wanted a sequel, so here it is!

Cast of Characters


Leader: Sunstar- sun colored tom, amber eyes

Deputy: Winterfrost- white tom with blue eyes

Medicine cat: Pandafur- black and white she cat, yellow eyes


Hawktalon- strong bodied long haired tom, golden eyes

Ravenwing- black tom with a white chest, yellow green eyes

Lillyfoot- dark brown she cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Wildpaw

Smallorchid- light brown she cat with pale blue eyes

Apprentice, Amorepaw

Redfern- blood red she cat with green eyes

Foxfire- bright orange she cat, orange eyes

Moonshadow- beautiful blue black she cat with bright blue eyes

Yellowmoon- grey tabby with pale yellow eyes

Darkstorm- charcoal grey tabby

Apprentice, Moonpaw

Firestorm- dark red tabby tom

Apprentice, Dawnpaw

Flametail- orange tabby tom

Apprentice, Dewpaw

Nightbandit (aka Toph)- midnight black she cat with pale green eyes

Braveheart (aka Sokka)- muscular stone colored tom with icy blue eyes

Apprentice, Icepaw

Goldspirit (aka Aang)- tom with rich golden coat and white arrow marking, dark grey eyes

Desertflower- sandy colored she cat, blue eyes

Redbird- white and red tabby, yellow eyes

Apprentice, Duskpaw

Butterflywing- sandy colored tabby with a white chest and paws

Rainflower- pale red she cat with golden eyes

Inbi- muddy colored she cat

Inochi- muddy tabby she cat

Mairu- light brown tabby tom


Dawnpaw- she cat with a golden coat and white chest, dark grey eyes

Moonpaw- misty blue she cat, blue eyes

Duskpaw- dark golden blue she cat

Amorepaw- beautiful grey blue she cat with blue eyes and white paws

Icepaw- white tom with one blue and one amber eye

Wildpaw- tannish orange she cat with amber eyes

Dewpaw- rosey colored she cat with blue eyes


Silvercloud- silver tabby, light blue eyes

Seamist (aka Katara)- blue grey she cat with icy blue eyes

Autumnleaf- tortoiseshell calico, amber eyes


Leader: Reedstar- black tom with green eyes

Deputy: Runnigbrook- dark tan tabby she cat, bluish grey eyes

Medicine cat: Mistcloud- misty grey cat, green eyes


Iceclaw- dark grey tom

Mudwhisker- muddy colored tom with very long whiskers

Silverwave- tabby she cat, light blue eyes

Salomontail- brown tom with long fur

Apprentice, Troutpaw

Birdflight- grey tabby she cat

Riverjewel- long haired silver tabby

Apprentice, Robinpaw

Amberpelt- amber colored she cat

Flowerpetal- light brown she cat

Littleclaw- small brown tabby

Mistyfur- light grey she cat

Tanpelt- light tan tom

Lita- dark grey she cat with blue eyes

Quita- blue grey she cat

Nali- dark grey tom

Luta- blue grey tom

Kya- blue grey tom, Luta's twin

Luora- dark grey she cat

Kura- dark tabby she cat

Nyu- blue grey tom


Troutpaw- tortoiseshell she cat

Robinpaw- brown she cat with a white chest


Springflower- pale amber tabby

Bluesplash- dark blue grey she cat with dark blue eyes


Leader: Sunshinestar- grey and white senior tom

Deputy: Blizzardfur- massive muscular white tom, one blue eye and one green eye

Medicine cat: Pandalilly- black and white she cat with stripes


Summerwind- dark brown tom

Tigerlilly- light brown tabby

Dunstripe- dun colored tom with a dorsal stripe

Moonflower- dark grey, almost black she cat

Plumblossom- light brown she cat

Apprentice, Whitepaw

Owlfeather- golden amber tabby

Rabbitfoot- grey tom with a white belly

Snowflake- long haired white she cat

Rainstorm- light grey tom

Apprentice, Breezepaw

Spottedpelt- amber tom with a dappled coat

Apprentice, Mosspaw

Smallbreeze- solid brown she cat

Badgerclaw- black and white tom with long front claws

Wildflower- light golden colored she cat

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Nisha- grayish gold she cat

Inaba- tan she cat with a black dorsal stripe

Sora- light gold she cat

Yan- tan she cat

Tala- light grey she cat, light grey eyes

Ania- light brown she cat, dark grey eyes


Breezepaw- grey tabby she cat

Mosspaw- molted brown she cat

Whitepaw- white tom with green eyes

Grasspaw- golden tabby tom


Desertrain- tannish she cat

Rosebud- pale brown she cat

Raccoonface- beautiful ragdoll colored she cat with long fur and shocking blue eyes


Leader: Lonestar- muddy brown tabby tom

Deputy: Leopardcloud- muscular tom with a clouded coat and light blue eyes

Apprentice, Marshpaw

Medicine cat: Sorrelfur- sorrel colored she cat

Apprentice, Applepaw


Littlecolt- small dark brown tabby

Bearclaw- dark brown tom

Firelight- orangish she cat with yellow eyes

Blackpool- black she cat with yellow eyes

Nightshade- charcoal grey she cat

Mousetail- mouse colored she cat

Redstripe- red tabby tom

Lionclaw- golden tom

Apprentice, Aspenpaw

Ivyheart- dark grey she cat

Apprentice, Lichenpaw

Frostfire (aka Zuko)- black tom with a scar across his left eye

Blueflame (aka Azula)- bluish black she cat with golden eyes

Shyro- reddish tom

Zina- black she cat with yellow eyes

Azara- black she cat with orange eyes


Applepaw- rosy dappled she cat

Aspenpaw- light tabby she cat with white paws

Lichenpaw- brown tabby tom

Marshpaw- light brown clouded tom


Blackdawn- black she cat with golden eyes

Dragonfly- grey she cat

Goldenheart- golden tabby

A/N: This is just a preview. I'm probably not going to get the sequel up for a while, but keep watching!