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Soon, the Clans began to regroup with each other. Sunshinestar gathered his warriors together, telling Sokka that they would go back to ThunderClan quickly to take Raccoonface home with her kits, and asked the ThunderClan deputy to give Goldstar their thanks for letting them stay. Sokka had Inochi and Redfern go with them as escorts.

Katara helped Aang up onto his stiff legs. Aang blinked at her in thanks before limping over to Zuko's prone figure. Upon hearing him approach, Zuko turned around to face Aang.

"Zuko," Aang greeted him respectfully, dipping his head.

"Avatar," Zuko returned, dipping his head as well.

There was a pause, before Aang said, "So, I guess thanks are in order."

Zuko cocked his head. "For what?" he asked steadily.

Aang blinked in surprise. "You saved my life and defeated Azula! Don't you think that deserves thanks?"

"I only did what I had to do," Zuko replied.

Deciding to change the subject, Aand asked, "So what are you going to do now?"

Zuko turned his head towards the direction of the Highstones. "Go to the Highstones and receive my nine lives. I'm ShadowClan's leader now."

"I must go as well," Runningbrook added, padding over to stand beside them. "I'm RiverClan's leader. I wouldn't have been if it weren't for you Goldstar." She turned her head towards the ThunderClan leader and dipped it. "Thank you."

Aang nodded, before asking, "So, may I ask who the new deputies are?"

"Riverjewel is my new deputy," Runningbrook answered.

"And Blackpool will be mine," Zuko said.

"But she hasn't had an apprentice yet," Runningbrook pointed out.

Zuko merely flicked his tail dismissively before saying, "Goldenheart's kits are six moons old now. When we get everything settled, Blackpool will mentor one of them."

Aang smiled, seeing how everything was coming together. "Well, good luck. I guess I'll see you both at the next Gathering."

Then, he raced off to join Sokka and Katara with Toph and Suki behind them to head back to ThunderClan.


Two moons later…

Aang raced over to the nursery, a mixture of worry and excitement coursing through him. He had just received word from Pandafur that Suki and Dawnfire's kits had arrived the night before. His other daughter, Amoremoon, was also currently in the nursery. She was close to kitting herself. Flametail was in the nursery with her nearly everyday.

"Aang, where are you off to in such a hurry?" Sokka intervened his leader, fiorcing him to stop.

"Suki and Dawnfire just had their kits," Aang said breathlessly.

"What!?" Sokka's eyes nearly popped out of his head before he took off, his legs a blur. "Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!" he called over his shoulder. Aang resumed the speed he had earlier and went after them.

They had to slow down in front of the nursery so as not to run over Silvercloud's kits, who were playing outside.

"Feel my teeth, Bluestar!" Earthkit yowled and pounced onto Pebblekit. Pebblekit scrambled up and pinned Earthkit beneath her.

"You'll have to better than that, Goldstar!" she taunted. However, she was soon bowled over by Boulderkit and Springkit, who were pretending to be Zuko and Katara.

Aang smiled fondly as the kits imitated the battle that ThunderClan had just recovered from. He mewed a greeting to them, which the kits respectfully returned before heading inside the nursery.

He first headed over to Suki, who guarded by Sokka. He stood over the top of her, licking her ears gently. Aang gazed at the curve of Suki's belly, seeing two tiny, healthy kits there. The ThunderClan leader smiled.

"So what do we have?" he asked softly.

"A boy and a girl each," Suki replied just as quietly.

"Have you named them?" Aang asked.

Suki nodded. "This one is Wolfkit," she said, pointing to the tom kit. He had a mix of brown and grey fur with even a bit of red points in it.

"And this is Moonkit, my first born," Suki said again, pointing to the little girl kit. She was a beautiful silver color that reminded Aang of water being touched by moonlight, and her chest was as white as snow.

Suddenly, Aang felt a pulsating energy that seemed to be calling to him. It was coming from Wolfkit. He bent down to touch his nose to the little tom, and instantly knew what the energy was.

"Wolfkit's a waterbender," he told them proudly.

Sokka and Suki looked at each other, dumbfounded.

"But how?" Sokka asked disbelievingly. "We're not benders."

Aang thought for a minute before saying, "No. But Katara is."

"I guess that's where he gets it from then," Suki said as she nuzzled Wolfkit.

Aang nodded. "And I guess Katara is going to have a new apprentice soon."

With that, he headed to over to Dawnfire, who had Icestorm standing over her. His daughter gazed up at him with sparkling grey eyes. Aang could see why she was so happy. She had four kits nestled at her side. Aang smiled down at them.

"I'm proud of you Dawnfire," Aang said to his daughter.

Dawnfire smiled up at him before saying, "I already have names for them. I've had them in mind since I was an apprentice."

"Well, let's hear them," Aang said.

"This one is Aurorakit. She's the only girl," Dawnfire touched a kit with beautiful creamy fur with a white chest and paws. Upon lifting up her forehead, Aang also noticed that she had a star shaped mark there.

"And this is Goldkit," Icestorn said, looking down at a golden tabby tom with a peculiar arrow shaped mark on his forehead, "So that no one ever forgets what a great leader ThunderClan has.

Aang felt awed and humbled that they would name one of their kits after him, even if Dawnfire was his daughter.

"And this is Sunkit," Dawnfire pointed to a brilliantly colored tom whose pelt almost looked like the sun's rays condensed into solid form, "And Winterkit." The final kit was stark white. He almost looked whiter than the snow.

"I think Sunstar and Winterfrost would like that," Aang said. "And by the way, Goldkit and Sunkit are airbenders."

Dawnfire and Icestorm looked at each other proudly before nuzzling each other gently.

Looking at his new family, Aang felt his heart soar. The sun's ray peeked through the nursery and touched his pelt, making it glow brightly. He even thought he heard Sunstar's voice on the breeze.

Well done, Goldstar, he whispered, Well done…