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Thunder boomed and the rain pounded on the ceiling and rolled down the windows, the distant cry of a baby ringing in her ears. She collapsed on the bed without a thought, and this time she didn't even bother trying to block out the constant memories as they rolled in and out of her mind...


"I have a plan and no matter what you say you can't stop me." Zuko spoke sternly, staring into his meal.

Aang, Sokka, Toph, Katara, and Iroh looked up to meet his determined gaze.

"I'm going to fight the firelord...alone." Iroh nodded disapprovingly, but Zuko continued. "But I need your help." Zuko looked up and stared each of them intensely. "IN two months summer will officially be here, and I will be at my strongest. I will travel up to the firenation, sneak across the border and into the firenation, while you guys will go to the Earth kingdom and ambush the solders. It HAS to be done, otherwise without the Fire Lord, the Generals and Captains will take over finding a new firelord, and do anything in their power to keep the war going."

"Okay." Aang said nodding. An awkward and thick silence laid over them, until someone broke it.

"Okay?! Okay?!, "Katara yelled growing into hysterics, "He'll get himself killed!"

"Katara calm down."

"No, I will not calm down." Tears streamed down her face and she briskly swiped them away with the back of her hand.

"Katara..." Zuko mumbled, "I need to do this, if not for the world then for me. Please understand."

"I do." Aang chimed trying to calm his friend.

"Me two." Sokka called.

"As do I." Iroh nodded in understanding and looked at Zuko with understanding eyes, Zuko nodded.

"Please understand." Zuko pleaded.

"Fine." Katara grumbled and threw herself up, she stumbled off into the forest with clenched fists.

Everyone jumped up accept for Toph and Iroh.

"Let me talk to her." Zuko spoke calmly and left after her, as everyone else slowly yet surely sat back down.


Katara sat in lotus style, much like Zuko did when he was meditating. Her eyes were closed and she rocked back and forth on the beach, as if the water had pushed and pulled her, instead of she bending the water. Silent tears ran down her soft skin as she tried to fight the urge to take appa and just go fight the firelord HERSELF.

Zuko walked up behind her and sat there, pulling her by her waste, for her to sit in his lap.

"Its okay." He soothed, with his gruff voice, his words muffled by his tender kisses along her hairline.

"No...Its not...you could...could..." She never finished the sentence, she broke down, crying fully and completely now.

"I will never, not without saying goodbye to you first."

"Isn't that what your doing now."

"No." Zuko grabbed her waist and twisted her body around, so she was sitting on him, facing him, legs rapped around his torso. "I'm trying to kiss you."

He dove into a kiss and devoured her taste...her smell. Katara kissed back and them timidly pulled at his shirt and belt, while his hands went nervously up her shirt. Zuko broke the kiss, and knew what they were implying.

"Are you sure." He asked, eyes full of concern.

She nodded. "I know you said you wouldn't," She gulped, "Die, but incase you... I love you, always will and always have, its time to prove it." She spoke suddenly with a burst of confidence.

He smiled up at her seductively and layed her down on the sandy beach. He kissed her with all the passion he could muster and discarded the rest of her clothes. He pulled away and sighed asking for permission to go on. She nodded and smiled tentatively, as he pressed into her entrance...


Two weeks, that's all it had been, since Zuko left on his ostrich horse. Depression had swamped over Katara, along with other things. She thought she was hiding IT for so long, hiding IT so well. But she wasn't, everyone knew about her condition, they were just waiting for the right time to confront her, everyone wanted to just explode, but they agreed on a plan to get her away from the war, they would tell her...eventually, but it was only a matter of time before someone would snap...

Katara stumbled into the campsite, and wiped the remainder of her vomit off of her chin. She looked horrible, her eyes were dead, her hair tangled, cheeks sunken in, skin dull, but her stomach had seemed to grow, just a bit, and yet she was glowing.

"Are you all right?" Aang questioned her, getting up from sitting next to Appa.

"Yes, I'm fine, I just maybe caught a... a bug." She lied.

"Okay! That's it! I cant take it," Sokka jumped up and walked towards his sister with anger, compassion, and sympathy in his eyes. "Look, Katara, we know... we've known for a long time, and its time to get you safe. You and..." Sokka looked at her stomach and Katara paled visibly.

"What are you talking about." Katara chuckled nervously.

"Oh...don't be so ... so...like yourself! We. Are. Not. Stupid. You're ... You're ... You're Pregnant!"

"So...who cares." Katara mumbled to herself hoping no one heard. They did.

"We all care! Were going to Omashu and going to talk to Toph's parents and settle their little, struggle. That is also where we are hoping you will stay until you give birth... you'll be safe there, no fighting, no threats and no firenation." He said smoothly trying to comfort her.

"No! I am going to help fight! You need as much people as you can to help fight the firenation! I NEED to fight, it is my duty!"

"No It WAS your duty, your duty now is to protect yourself and your CHILD!" HE spat the last word out.

"Oh puh-lease,' She said giving the word two syllables, "Do you honestly expect to defeat hundreds of Firenation solders with FOUR people!"

"No, We Honestly expect to defeat hundreds of firenation solders with one-hundred people and the avatar."

"But wher-"

"Jet and Haru are meeting us at the Bei Fong's, I requested them to make. Sure. Your. Safe. And keep. You. Out. Of. Trouble. Along with Toph, later the rest of the freedom fighters and Haru's village will be coming to fight the firenation." A look of satisfaction and confidence crossed Sokka's face.

"No, I will NOT stay in a house sleeping, while you guys RISK your LIVES ending the war! I am going to help!"

"No your NOT!"

"Yes I AM!" Katara screamed,



"QUIET!" Toph screamed, massaging her temples. "You guys need to Shut up!" Toph Walked over to Katara and took her hand, she dragged her over to Appa and let her lean against him. "All that stress isn't good for the baby." She said suddenly, "And it isn't good for me either, man you scream loud!"

"I'm am going to fight." Katara whispered, so only Toph could hear.

"No, do you want to kill the baby?" Toph asked, her hands on her hips.

"no..." Katara whispered, tears burning behind her eyes.

"I didn't think so..." Toph leaned down and whispered into Katara's ear, "Ill save you one, lock him down in the dungeon and when you have your kid, you can beat the crap out of him."

Katara smiled at that and put one her stubborn look, "Fine." Aang, Iroh and Sokka all walked over to her and started talking comforted words.

She interrupted them all, "How long...How long have you known."

"Three days after he left, and Toph and Iroh knew the moment you came in camp."

"How did you know so soon."

Toph spoke up with a sly grin, "I feel vibrations in the ground, I knew what you were doing, when you were doing IT. But when you came back into camp I could fell the vibrations and churning in your stomach... I had nightmares for weeks..." At this Katara blushed furiously, but everyone else laughed.

"One more question... why are Toph, Haru and Jet going to watch me? Why do I need body guards?"

"So you don't do anything stupid." Sokka Toph and Aang said at the same time, Iroh rolled over laughing.


Appa flew over Omashu and into the gardens of the Bei Fong family. He approached the solder and smile his trademark cheesy grin.

"Hi! I'm the avatar and I'm here with my friends, I need to speak with Miss, and Mister Bei Fong Please." He smiled again.

The solder ignored him and growled at the boy.

Aang stepped back and stared at the man, "Wont you let us in?"

"No." Aang frowned and looked at his feet.

"Step back twinkle toes," Toph walked straight to the guard and encased him in a rock pillar, his head, feat and hands sticking out awkwardly, "Unless you want me to tell the Bei Fongs that you refused entrance to the worlds last hope and their missing daughter I suggest you tell us where my parents are before I squish you like the little insect you are."

The solder squirmed but to no avail.

"Their at lunch." HE grunted.

"Thankyou." Toph walked into the large doors and left the man there. The group followed.

A few minutes later Aang ran back out and released the man from the pillar, "Thanks again!" And with that he left to catch up with the others.

Toph nodded to the guard outside of the dining hall, and gave her name to him, waiting for him to announce their presence. He didn't, instead his eyes widened and he stood their shocked still.

"Okay then.." Toph opened the door herself, with her crowd of friends following after. "Mom? Dad?" The couple eating, turned around slowly and stared at their daughter, awe struck. Mrs. Bei Fong jumped from her seat and jumped onto Toph with a strong hug, tears sprinkling her eyes.

"I missed you so much." She said, her voice muffled by Tophs hair.

Toph pushed her mother away and smiled gently, "Mom. About me leaving, I'm sorry but it had to be done, but I'm back now so... I have a favor to ask."

"Of coarse anything."

"This is my friend, Katara." Toph gestured to the group of friends, waiting for Katara to make herself present. She didn't. Aang Sokka and Iroh looked amongst them selves, for the expecting waterbender, but she was not their. Toph chuckled to herself, and stomped her foot into the ground. AN 'Oomph' was heard and outside of the dining room, and a block of earth surfed its way into the room. Everyone had a look of concern as the girl pouted at the earthbender. Toph released her, except for her feet, still stuck to the ground so she couldn't run away. Not that she could with a master Firebender, Earthbender, and the Avatar in the room. "as I was saying this is my friend Katara, she's...aggressive and we were wondering if she could stay here... you see...she's pregnant and we need to make sure she's safe until her birth and uhh... she's determined to help fight the firenation to end the war with us and she's also wanted by the firenation, as are we, because she's the avatar's teacher and she set and released a whole bunch of firenation prisoners. We already have two more people to keep an eye on her named Haru and Jet but until then we need someone to keep her out of trouble."

The Bei Fongs eyed the girl and smiled, as she sighed in defeat.

"Fine Fine." She said, "By the way I'm Julie." Mrs. Bei Fong announced, only happy that her daughter came back to her.


Jet and Haru had finally arrived and they were already way over their heads when they took turns watching Katara, so instead they had it arranged that they would both watch her at the same time during the day, and her friends would take turns watching her during the night. She had made plenty attempts to do stuff that she could do when she was not pregnant, like bend until she passes out, or ride down the delivering passages in the city. Every once in a while, an emergency would happen in the city where the Avatar was needed, usually fighting out an attack of robbers, or fire nation solders undercover, and each time Katara would be their trying to go with him.

Word had gotten out amongst the fire nation that Katara was not only The Avatar's teacher, and a wanted woman by the firenation army, but the lover of Zuko, the banished prince, and an attack was placed on her. And their she was, ready to beat the solders to a pulp. And when the day had come, her two months pregnant, and time to lay the attack on the firenation, she tried her hardest, and almost took them down, almost.

"Let me GO!" Katara struggled out of Jets grasp to make a run for the door.

"No." Jet did not let his grasp falter, he hated holding her back, and her constant pleads were only making it harder.

Katara struggled on arm free and willed the water from her pouch into his face, then she froze it, as she pried her other hand away. She jogged her way to the door, but Haru blocked the exit.

"This is for your own good."

"I don't care! What about the worlds good."

"What about your baby's good?" He said, voice softening.

"It will be fine, nothing will happen to him." Katara whispered, growing frustrated.

"Its just precautions."

"Screw it." Katara bending a water whip and tried to hit him, but he blocked it with earth. She tried again and her water broke threw his thin shield, hitting him square in the jaw. He lost his balance and fell, as she ran again for the door.

Jet grasped her into a tight hug, from behind, keeping her from moving and Jet got up and ripped her water bag from her, as they escorted her back to her room.


Katara was excited beyond compare, the war was over, her love was just named firelord and she was now reading his letter, but by the time she finished reading it, her hands had grown numb and she cried tears of sorrow.

Iroh entered her room, and noticed her tears. He quickly rushed over to her and tried to comfort her.

"Hush child...all that crying cant be good for my future great niece or nephew." This just made her cry harder as she jumped over to him, let her head lie on his shoulder. He patted her back and quietly asked, "What is wrong?" Katara shriveled up and grabbed the scroll and handed it to him as she curled up into a ball, carefully avoiding squishing her baby.

To my dearest Katara,

I love you and I always will, but firenation is a complicated place. I am sorry but I am going to have to let you go. Find yourself someone to protect you, because If you die, I will die. I'll come back for you when firenation is willing to accept a watertribe Fire Lady, but until then wait for me. I'll wait for you but do try to be safe. I'm coming back soon. It wont be too long I promise, In the mean time, send Iroh to me, he is much needed amongst the royal court and he will be on my right side until I marry you.

With all my love,

with all my heart,

with every breath,

my truest and deepest love for you Katara,

goodbye, Fire Lord, Zuko.

(But Ill always be your prince charming.)

Iroh shook his head disapprovingly, and took Katara into a hug,

"its okay he'll come back and the three of you will be happy." Katara bit her lip and shook her head grimly. She looked up at Iroh, he had been the most supporting person through this beside Toph and Julie. He was like her real uncle, and she knew he would do anything for her, like Zuko or Sokka would, like any one person she loved would.

"Please...please don't.. don't tell him." She trembled. "I don't expect him to come back any time soon, despite his promise and I... I want to tell him myself... when the time comes." Katara pleaded as she shivered.

Iroh's brow furrowed, "You choose an honorable path, but a dangerous one with many twists and turns." Iroh looked at her face, pouting and needy, "But I will comply."

Katara took him into a hug and whispered into his ear, "Thank you."


The pain was unbearable, a constant throbbing in her legs and gut. She squealed, wiggled, sweat, and pushed, the baby out into Julie's arms, or at least she was trying.

Toph held her hand, after she had broke Sokka's and sprained Aang's, and Haru's, and Jet simply refused to be in a room with her with blood and screams. So their Toph was, holding her hand.

Sweat painted Katara's hairline and dripped down her forehead.

"One more...One more push!"

Katara grunted painfully at the order, and gave it all she had.

A cry sounded into the distance, and a baby slid into Julie's arms.

"Its a baby girl! And she's beautiful!" Katara collapsed and released Tophs hand, as she smile into pure emptiness.

Julie brought over the baby after she wrapped her in a pink blanket. "What are you going to name her?"

Katara wished Zuko was hear...but after those seven months flew by, her hope widdeled away and she wouldn't be surprised if Zuko didn't come back at all. Katara sighed and looked at her beautiful newborn,


"Beautiful," Julie grinned at Katara as she stroked Tazia's cheek, she was absolutely perfect. She had jet black hair and pale skin, but her crystal blue eyes, and expressive personality definitely belong to Katara. Katara looked at Tazia and smiled one last time before she passed out.

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