Doomed to die alone:

Take 3: EragonXNasuada

" Nasuada, I have decided to take this opportunity, not only to practice pledging myself to you, but to attest my undying love and affection…"

" For who?" asked Nasuada, turning to her vassal.

" For you."

" Oh," she said puzzled. " Aren't you hopelessly infatuated with Arya?"

" She's already spoken. It wouldn't be wise for me to…"

" Then what give you the idea that this would be any better? Besides… I'm taken."

" By who?" demanded Eragon, alarmed.

Nasuada's eyes lost their cold glint and was replaced by a kind of hazy dreaminess. "Murtagh…" she sighed.

" Murtagh!" he spluttered. " You are fraternizing with the known enemy! You are consorting with my brother! If the Varden knew of this—"

" Ah," said Nasuada, " but you see, they don't know of this. And if you dare tell them…" She left that sentence hanging. Her glare was all that was needed to let Eragon know what she would do if he told.

He nodded meekly. Licking his lips, he came up with a suggestion.

" That is a good idea…"

" Of course it's a good idea. It was my idea," said Eragon, drawing himself up proudly. " You should convince Murtagh to ditch Galbatorix, and that way we will definitely win the way. Especially because Murtagh probably knows all of Galbatorix's secrets…"

Nasuada sighed. " Well, first of all I wouldn't agree to this idea if it wasn't so blatantly obviously necessary—"

" What do you mean by that?"

" I mean that you are incompetent and having the whole of Alagaesia depend on a pitiful excuse for a rider like you is suicide." She turned to face the wall. "We need Murtagh back here with the Varden… though we planned to let him stay there, not only because Galbatorix won't come out because he has Murtagh to do his dirty work…which means that way we can assure you won't be killed, but because he can gather information from the inside… and as long as Murtagh can find a loophole in every single oath he must swear every single time he meets you and has to be merciful and let you go because you can't defeat him, we should be fine… so…"

" I can too!" Eragon protested, rising to his feet.

" Then why haven't you done so?"

" Well –" he spluttered. " –because Oromis hasn't finished teaching me yet!"

" In other words, you cannot defeat him because you are weak."

" I am not weak! –"

"—You just lack vital intelligence that really can't be taught to someone like you."

Eragon blinked.

Nasuada sighed again. " I will let Murtagh now as soon as I can. We need to end this, so I can get you out of my sight."

Eragon blinked again.

Nasuada threw her hands up in the air and screamed in frustration. " I give up! I give up! God damn it, we just had to end up with the stupid little brother didn't we?"

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