This story is a Cole/Phoebe Time Travel fic -- it begins immediately after the Season 4 Episode "Womb Raider". Please keep in mind that, since this is a time travel fic, ANYTHING can happen, and some characters may say/do things that seem 'out of character' based on any changes that have been made over the course of time.


The characters of Cole Turner, Phoebe Halliwell, Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Paige Matthews and Leo Wyatt are the property of the creators of "Charmed" and I have no affilliation with them.

The characters of Phyllis Russell, Pearl Bowen, Gordon and Pamela Baxter are all BASED on characters that were on an episode of "Charmed" (Pardon My Past) but their character development is MY creation.

The characters of Carl Turner, Virginia Turner, and Alice Jensen are all my creative property, and these characters may not be used in any other fanfic without my permission.

And that being said . . . . . the story begins . . . .

If I'm dead right now, I know it was at your hand. No one else in heaven or hell had power over me. Please don't cry, I was dead before I met you, I was born the day you loved me, and my love for you will keep me alive, forever.

Phoebe sits and reads the letter for what seems to be the hundredth time, a tear falling down her cheek. "Oh, Cole -- this isn't right. It isn't supposed to be like this." Phoebe says to herself, finally folding the letter carefully and putting it down on her nightstand.

"Hey -- you okay?" Piper asks, entering the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Phoebe says.

"So, you're gonna stay holed up in this room for how long?" Piper asks.

"Piper, I just lost my husband AND my baby, I'm entitled stay holed up wherever the hell I want to and for however LONG I want to." Phoebe tells her.

"I'm sorry -- I just hate seeing you like this. I know how difficult this must be for you -- I wish I could just turn back time and make it so that it never happened. Anyway, dinner is ready downstairs if you want something to eat." Piper says, and she leaves the room.

"That's it -- I CAN fix it. I think I know how I can fix this." Phoebe says to herself.


Phoebe is copying a passage from the Book of Shadows, then puts the paper into her pocket. "Oh Cole, please -- PLEASE let this work."

"Phoebe -- Piper wanted me to bring you dinner -- what are you doing up here?" Leo asks, orbing into the attic, carrying a tray of food.

"Leo -- I think I figured it out. I think I know how to fix this." Phoebe says.

"Fix what?" Leo asks.

"Okay, so Cole was raised a demon, right? Well -- what if he wasn't?" Phoebe asks.

"What are you talking about?" Leo asks.

"What if his powers were bound as an infant? What if his mother was vanquished? He'd be raised by his father -- he'd be good then, right?" Phoebe asks. Leo looks into the Book of Shadows and sees the spell that she has looked up.

"Phoebe -- you can't do this. You can't mess with time." Leo says.

"I have to, Leo. If I can just get to Cole right after he's born -- all I have to do is vanquish his mother and bind his powers, and he'll never be evil." Phoebe says.

"Phoebe -- if you do this, you're changing history. Cole won't ever be a demon -- but he won't exist in our time. He'll live out his life and die as a mortal." Leo tells her.

"Then I'll find him -- I'll find him in his time and I'll bring him to ours. It's the only way, Leo -- I love him, and I won't let him go. I already made the potion to bind his powers -- it'll work, I just know it."

"Phoebe -- even if you do this, the Cole you find won't be the Cole you fell in love with."

"He will be -- he'll know me." Phoebe says.

"Don't you understand? You'll not only be changing Cole's future -- you'll be changing the past. This could have repercussions that you can't even imagine. Changing one event could have a domino effect that could change thousands of lives throughout time. You could come back to a life that is nothing like the one you currently know. Now come on -- let me take you back to your room, your dinner is getting cold."

"But think of all the lives I'll save by keeping him from becoming a demon. Belthazor will never EXIST."

"Phoebe -- I'm sorry, I know you think this will help things, but I can't let you do this." Leo says.

"You can't stop me. Besides, we traveled back in time before. And nothing changed." Phoebe says.

"You were careful NOT to change anything. But what you're saying is --"

"I have to do this, Leo." Phoebe says, and she begins to chant. "The bond which was not to be done, give me the power to see it undone, and turn back time to whence it was begun."

"Phoebe, NO!" Leo shouts, as Phoebe vanishes. She finds herself in an old house in a nursery. She notices the bassinet and looks into it.

"Cole? Hi, little boy. It worked." she says to herself as she looks at the baby. She hears someone coming down the hall and ducks into the closet. A woman walks into the room -- she is in her early 20's and is dressed in period clothing from the late 1800's.

"Oh, my son -- my precious Cole. I promise -- I will take you from here as soon as I am able. You are destined for great things in the underworld." the woman says, looking into the bassinet.

"Oh, I don't think so." Phoebe says, opening the closet door.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asks.

"Your worst nightmare." Phoebe says, and she takes out her athame and hurls it at Elizabeth, vanquishing her. Phoebe breathes a sigh of relief. "So far, so good. Now -- for you, young man." Phoebe takes out a vial from her pocket. She picks the baby up. "I know, this probably won't taste very good, but it'll be worth it, I promise." Phoebe gives him the potion, then sets him back down when she hears someone coming down the hall. The baby starts to cry as Phoebe ducks back into the closet.

"Elizabeth! Are you in here?" a man's voice calls out. He enters the room -- the man is tall and resembles Cole quite a bit, but looks slightly younger. "Cole -- where is your mother, son?" Benjamin says, picking up the little boy. "Oh, don't cry, my boy -- I'm here. Your father is here." Phoebe smiles as she watches them, and Benjamin takes little Cole out of the room.

"You'll be just fine now, Cole -- now that I've gotten your evil mother out of the picture. Now I just have to find you again. Okay -- you can do this, Phoebe." she says to herself, taking out a piece of paper from her pocket. "Please -- I hope this works." Phoebe starts to read off the paper. "A time for everything, and everything its place, move me forward through time and space. A time for everything, and everything its place, move me forward through time and space." Phoebe vanishes, and within moments finds herself standing on a busy sidewalk where a group of women are standing together, holding up signs and shouting at people passing by.

"Votes for women!" several of the women call out. Most of the people stare at Phoebe in disbelief. Phoebe quickly realizes that her clothing is what is causing the stares -- she is wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans, and a low-cut sweater.

"Oh, damn." Phoebe says to herself, looking around nervously.

"Hey -- honey, are you okay?" a woman says, approaching her from behind. Phoebe turns at looks at the woman.

"Prue?" Phoebe says to the woman, who looks exactly like Prue, only she is dressed in a period outfit circa 1918. "Oh my god." Phoebe says, and she faints.


"Where -- where am I?" Phoebe says, waking up and looking around the room she's in.

"Shhh -- take it easy." the woman says, sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a damp cloth to Phoebe's head. Phoebe notices that she is wearing an old-fashioned nightgown.

"My clothes -- where are my clothes?" Phoebe asks.

"I thought you might want to wear something more -- decent." the woman says.

"Decent?" Phoebe says. She stares at the woman in disbelief. "It really is you -- Prue, you're alive, it's really you." Phoebe says, sitting up.

"I'm sorry, but -- I think you have me confused with someone else. My name is Pearl. Pearl Bowen. What is your name?" Pearl asks.

"Phoebe. Phoebe Halliwell." Phoebe replies.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Phoebe Halliwell. Here -- drink some water." Pearl says, handing her a glass of water.

"Where am I?" Phoebe asks.

"You're at a safe house. Don't you worry -- my fiancee owns this place, he and I have worked very hard to help women like you start a new life. He's running for Congress -- and when he wins, he promises to do everything he can to ensure that women -- ALL women -- are permitted to vote. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, especially if you're all alone. Things will change soon -- once women have the vote, everything will change." Pearl says.

"You said -- women like me. What did you mean by that?" Phoebe asks.

"Well, I assumed from the way you were dressed that -- don't worry, I'm not judging you, I just want to help you." Pearl says.

"You think I'm a HOOKER?" Phoebe shouts, clearly upset.

"Calm down -- like I said, it's not my place to judge. I've helped many women in your situation, I can help you too." Pearl says, as the door to the room opens.

"Pearl -- how is your friend?" the man entering the room asks.

"I think she'll be okay." Pearl says, and the man puts his arm around her. "Her name is Phoebe Halliwell. Phoebe, this is who I was telling you about. This is my fiancee -- Cole Turner." Pearl says, as Phoebe stares at both of them in total shock.