Ok, this came out of nowhere. It's just a little AU about what could have happened in season 2 with all of the Jackie-Kelso-Laurie (and other sluts Kelso cheated with) drama. I had a whole other idea for a story, but I'm having trouble getting it out of my head and onto my computer. Which is annoying, because then I get more ideas like this new fic and I'm suddenly overwhelmed with fanfiction. It's a vicious circle. So, I got this idea from a song by Jack's Mannequin (guess what it's called). Anyway, read and review!!!!

Meet Me At My Window


"Get away from me, Michael! I told you I don't wanna talk to you!"

"C'mon, Jackie, you know I only love you. Look, baby-"

"Don't call me that! I'm not your baby, I never wanted to be. Just leave me alone."

"I don't understand why you're getting all upset, I thought you loved me."

"You don't know why I'm getting upset? You thought I loved you? What the hell do you know about love? You say you love me every day, all the time. And even though I'm, what was it you said? 'The only girl for you'? It's still okay for you to sleep with every skank on the face of the earth!"

"Oh, come on! Like it's possible for me to meet every skank on the face of the earth, let alone have sex with them. I've only slept with the skanks of Point Place!"

"Oh, that's great! You only cheated on me with local girls! Well. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!"

Michael Kelso ducked quickly when his girlfriend (well, ex-girlfriend, like he would ever stay with her after this!) threw the half full bottle of laundry detergent in his direction. It hit the wall with a loud thud. Jackie stood before him, seething. She wished desperately that looks could kill because she knew that the one she was giving Michael would turn him into a little pile of dirt. Which wouldn't be much of a transformation. He looked about ready to curl up and die, when her focus was broken by a certain burnout.

"Hey man, what's with all the noise? It's really killing the mood."

"Yeah, I can see how Michael being the biggest man-whore of the country can spoil your circle time, Hyde," Jackie said, rolling her eyes sarcastically. She was pleased to see that her tone surprised, even unnerved him, he who claims to be zen. "Do you mind? I'm trying to dump this jackass and you're really slowing down the process." He raised his hands in surrender.

"Be my guest. I'm just sorry I missed the first half of the show." Hyde climbed over the back of the couch (that they were sure was orange at some point, or maybe brown?) and sat down, putting his feet up on the coffee table. The small brunette glared at him before returning her gaze to the pretty boy moron, cowering on the floor in fear.

"Get out Michael. We're done."

With no hesitation, Kelso scampered up and yanked the door open, relieved that he was leaving the relationship with his family jewels intact. The door slammed behind him. Jackie sighed and looked at her feet. After all of the screaming and throwing things, the silence seemed louder than everything else.

"That's it? I came out of my room and climbed over the couch for that? What a waste of energy," Hyde said with his usual careless attitude.

"Steven, will you please just shut up?" Jackie asked quietly, suddenly defeated. Hyde pretended not to notice how soft her voice had become. He stood up.

"Oh, now it's 'Steven,' now that your precious Michael is gone. Wouldn't want to let anyone know that I'm more to you than just the dirty poor orphan that lives in his best friend's basement, would you?" He shook his head. "Why am I even surprised." He turned around and headed toward his room, trying to ignore how disappointed he was that she didn't call after him. Hyde slammed the door to his room before he heard Jackie's sob.

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