I've Been Sleeping Until I Met You

Ch. 1 Horrible Past

::'Let me forget the past, when I look into those eyes, you make that possible..'::

Here are some basic facts:

Name: Migoto Itami (Last name first, translates to 'beautiful pain'.)


Looks: You have long black hair usually kept in a low ponytail with long bangs that hang over your eyes, your headband that you wear around your forehead keeps them out of your nice, blue eyes. You wear a blue short-sleeve shirt, and a fishnet long sleeve shirt under that. You wear a black pair of pants that reach a couple of inches under your knees, and lastly, the traditional ninja sandals.

Personality: Kind for the most part, but a bit of a loner. Now that you are a jounin, you no longer have a team, you mostly do your missions solo. You're very determined and stubborn at times, which can sometimes annoy people. (CoughGaaraCough)

Kekki Genkai: You can control earth, with a few hand seals, you can make the round rise in deadly spikes, slicing into you opponent, but it takes a lot of chakra to do so.

Your past: there is a small tidbit of it, for this chapter, but you have a daughter.

Your daughter:

Name: Migoto Yume (Last name first, translates to 'beautiful dream')

Age: 2 (You were 13 when you had her)

Looks: Short black hair and green eyes.

Personality: Too young to really figure out.

Kekki Genkai: Shows no signs of having one yet.

Past: The past of a two year old..

(The next part will be a bit of your past, but this chapter won't be told in second person. This time its told in third person.)

//Seven Year ago, when you were eight..//

The rough sand blew across the deserted area in Sunagakure. A little boy with red hair and green eyes with dark linings under them sat on a swing, clutching a teddy bear, ad slowly pushing himself.

No one dared to speak to him, so he was alone, mostly everyday was like this, he sat and watched all the other children play, no one asked if he wanted to join in.

A red ball came bouncing by his feet and a little girl with black hair done in two pigtails ran after it with a smile.

The little boy, Gaara stared at the ball a few moments, not even daring to pick it up.

The girl ran over to him and gave him a smile. "Sorry," She apologized as she picked up the ball. Gaara stared at her with wide eyes, no one ever dared to come near him. Was this girl brave, or just incredibly stupid?

She looked at Gaara with her innocent blue eyes. "Hey, you wanna play with me? Its boring to play by myself.."

Again Gaara stared at her in amazement. No one talked to him, he was always shunned. He nodded his head a little and stared at the girl.

She continued to smile. "Home come you don't talk to me? My name is Migoto Itami, what's yours?"

Gaara continued to clutch his teddy bear. "Gaara.." He said in a low voice.

Itami smiled. "Well, then come on Gaara-chan and play with me!"

Gaara gave the girl a crooked smile, he wasn't used to the smiles and stood, following her.

Itami smiled again. "Lets play catch!" She threw the ball at Gaara, it went past him, he didn't move, only continued to stare at the girl.

Itami placed her hands on her hips. "Well come on silly, your supposed to catch it and throw it back at me." Gaara nodded and went after the ball and threw it back at her. Itami giggled. "You don't play much do you?"

Gaara looked down a little and shook his head. Itami smiled. "Well ok then, I'll play with you from now on, you'll be my friend."

Friend. This word was new to Gaara, he smiled again and nodded.

This game continued for at least an hour, Itami did a lot of giggling, occasionally a laugh would come from Gaara.

The sun became hot and Itami sat with Gaara under a tree.

"How come your eyes are like that?" She asked.

Gaara looked down and held his teddy. "Because I don't sleep.."

Itami raised an eyebrow. "Oh, I sleep a lot.." She smiled at Gaara again.

"Itami-chan!" Itami looked up, only to receive a sharp slap to her face. Tears stung her eyes as her mother forced her up.

"Itami-chan, you shouldn't play with him, hes a monster!" Her mother yelled.

Itami looked at her mother. "No mommy, he isn't! He's my friend!" Itami received another blow to her face.

"Stop it!" Gaara cried out, clutching his teddy tightly.

Itami's mother looked at him. "Stay out of this you demon."

"Mommy! Don't call him that!" Itami yelled angrily.

Itami's mother's eyes flashed with anger. "I'll call him what I please, we're going home, now!"

Itami's eyes widened in fear, she knew her mother was going to beat her when she got home. She looked back at Gaara with tears.

"Sayonara Gaara-chan.."

As her mother roughly dragged her along, she stopped suddenly. Her mother looked down to her feet to see sand slowly creep up her legs.

Itami looked back at Gaara. The sand seemed to be coming from him. Itami's mother held onto her daughter tightly instead of letting her go to save herself.

"You're coming with me," She hissed.

Itami's eyes widened in fear. "No let me go, let me go!" She cried, but her mother wouldn't.

Somehow Itami broke free from her mothers grasp and ran away to hide. In the distance she heard her mothers scream and the sounds of bones crushing. Itami covered her ears. "No!!"

Gaara heard her cry, but he couldn't stop the sand Itami looked back at Gaara.

"Gaara-chan.." she whispered his name.

The rest is a distant memory.

//Four years later (Age 12 for you)//

After your mother's death Itami lived with her uncle, who was a sick perverted man. His eyes always lusted after her, until she reached puberty.

Itami never saw Gaara again, her uncle kept her at home, the only time she came out was to go to school to train as a shinobi.

One night when Itami was asleep, her uncle came home very drunk, and snuck into her bedroom.

"Uncle! What are you doing?!" Itami yelled as he climbed into bed beside her.

"Shut up and don't move!" Her uncle instructed. But Itami didn't listen, she struggled with all her might. Her uncle punched her to keep her quiet as he groped her body.

"Uncle please stop!" Itami cried again. Her uncle ignored her and continued to touch her eventually touched her more private areas.

Itami was stunned with fear, she couldn't move because of it, only scream. Soon her screams bounced off the walls louder as her uncle raped her, passing on his seed to her.

The next day Itami, bruised and sore killed her own uncle, and ran away to live in a tea house as a servant, there she discovered her pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter, Yume, at the age of 13.

Thought Itami's heart was filled with hatred, she couldn't give up her daughter, her blood. So no matter what, she decided to love her.

At the end of her pregnancy Itami returned to training, training harder than ever before. Now, as the story begins she is 15, a Jounin, and she has her whole life ahead of her..

By Ayashi8