I've Been Sleeping Until I Met You

Chapter 10: Spill My Heart

Ever have that feeling when everything felt right? Where, despite the fact your world could be crashing down, and you could be falling into this eternal spiral of darkness, but then, something happens, and that doesn't seem to matter? That's how it was for you last night in Gaara's arms. In the midst of your sadness, losing Yume, that small hurt you felt for Kankuro, that embarrassment Temari made you go through, it was all forgotten as you sat by Gaara, his arms around you, showing affection for you, a rare thing he did for any one.

Yesterday had passed by slowly, you rarely got to see Gaara, since he was busy. If you did get to see Gaara, it was only when he was leaving, or coming back, then going straight to his office.

Walking around the building you took the chance to explore, to learn more about the Sand Siblings, but once that got boring, you simply went to your room and onto your balcony to look outside, meditating in your own way.

Night slowly crept up behind you, ending the day, and as you hoped, ending Gaara's work.

You looked out at Suna from your balcony. It was such a warm night, the breeze was so gentle, the theme, 'Take me away' went through your mind as you closed your eyes, embracing the winds' gentle whisper.

Finally, the cool breeze became addicting. From your balcony you jumped onto the room to star at the bright stars. Sitting on the risen part of the roof you hugged your knees to your chest, looking up into the night sky. Closing your eyes you let the wind embrace you, as if it was a comforting arm saying everything will get better in time.

You didn't know you had someone by my side until you saw the long shadow beside me. You turned my eyes slightly to see Gaara from the corner of my eyes. You couldn't help but smile lightly as you noticed Gaara take a seat beside you.

For a while, he was quiet, he simply stared out at the moon, something he always did. You remained quiet as well, words would only ruin the moment, this silence was a silence that only hearts could hear and comprehend..

Gaara finally looked at you from the corner of his tired eyes. "How are you?" He asked. He didn't ask this to be random, he didn't ask this and expected the answer, 'Oh, I'm fine today, and how are you?' But he meant this by, 'how are you fairing, is it still a hard struggle for you?'

You shrugged your shoulders a little and didn't answer for a small moment. "I'm fine, I guess," you said with a small smile.

Gaara kept an intent stare on you. "I doubt that's true,"

You looked up from resting your head on your knees. "Huh?" You asked, your attention caught.

"You smile, but you don't believe in it. Your smile isn't real, I can see right through it."

A blush came to your cheeks, no one had ever said that to you. Maybe people didn't see it, as Gaara saw it, or maybe no one cared enough to mention.

You returned your gaze back down to your knees, becoming fascinated with the stitch work of your pants.

Gaara continued to watch you. "People like you shouldn't hide behind smiles. People like you should feel the happiness you show."

You looked up at Gaara. His eyes were dead serious, they always were, but still. His words made your heart beat in a weird irregular way.

Your eyes met Gaara's intense stare. His hand reached out to touch your cheek. "You should feel the happiness you make others around you feel.."

The heat rushed up your neck and into your face even more. "I didn't know I had that effect on people," You admitted, looking down, unable to keep the gaze.

Gaara tilted your chin once more. "You make me happy, Itami-chan. A feeling I thought I would never experience for anyone, let alone, with anyone.."

You smiled gently at Gaara, a small sincere smile of happiness, before the tears fell. You cursed yourself mentally at your bad timing for crying. You weren't even PMS-ing and you were an emotional wreck.

Gaara felt his hand move to wipe a tear away. This was already too much for him. he had said things he never would say to anyone, he wouldn't even caress anyone the way he would caress you. 'You don't know the hold you have on me..' Gaara thought over and over throughout the day earlier..

"Why are you crying?" Gaara simply asked.

You searched his aquamarine eyes before letting more tears fall. Soon you found yourself telling Gaara everything, not just about how you feel about Yume's death, but everything, as in from when you first met him. Your struggle with your uncle, your struggle with Yume and what went on as you grew older.

Gaara simply listened to you, not speaking a word, letting you speak until you felt your peace.

You wiped a final stray tear form your eye, still cursing yourself after wards. 'What happened to me? I can't cry like this, a shinobi isn't supposed to show emotions no matter what the circumstances,' You glanced at Gaara from the corner of your eyes. 'Especially in front of Gaara…'

Gaara watched as you wiped your tears, somehow, he was glad that you talked to him, spilled this to him, he felt more connected with you, somehow.

You smiled a little. "You must think I'm weak, saying all of this," You thought.

A small smirk tugged at Gaara's lips, but, since he was used to it, he simply pushed it back, keeping his face straight.

"No. I don't think you're weak. It must have been difficult to hide all of that and keep it in."

Gaara had his own secrets as well, but he was so used to having no emotions that they didn't bother him at all, and for a person who still felt, this was a lat to carry.

You watched Gaara, somehow a small smile spread across your lips. "Thank you," You muttered, watching his features. "For listening to me."

Gaara looked away from you and looked up to the sky, watching the moon. He heard you, he wasn't ignoring you. He was simply thinking, just thinking of what to say to you. Talking to you, had never been a n easy job for him.

"I don't mind," He answered finally, looking back at you, and turning gently in his direction. "I'd do anything to make sure you're happy." These words were words Gaara had never comprehended until he met you.

Until he met you, his emotions have been buried away, asleep, for what he assumed that would be forever. But he realized…

"I've Been Sleeping Until I Met You, Itami-chan.."

Your eyes widened slightly at his words. That was how you felt about him as well, as if you were living in an eternal sleep, only watching yourself from a rearview mirror, then meeting Gaara again, it was like waking up, and realizing not everything that was beautiful was a dream.

You smiled a little, another small, genuine smile.

The night wind embraced two souls. As Gaara titled your head up slightly he moved closer to kiss you gently on the lips.

His kiss was sweet, and gentle, surprising you. Tough closing your eyes you moved into his kiss, realizing this is what you've been searching for all along. Someone who'd care for you, for you..

Eventually you and Gaara did pull apart, You gave him a close-eyed smile before resting your head on his chest.

At this moment a small smirk replaced Gaara's normally serious face as he watched you.

The wind continued to blow into the night, wrapping the both of you up, showing that being awake, wasn't always so bad..


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