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Chapter Thirteen

"You got any ideas about how we can get out of this one?" Carmelite asked Leopold. The two were still in the limo, while Nigel and Cree were outside, and the doors were not only locked, but being blocked by Secret Service agents.

"Well, we can't unlock the doors." Leopold commented, motioning towards his and his sister's handcuffs, "And even if we could, we'd get caught. Plus, we're weaponless."

"So we're doomed?"

"Unless Mom and Dad thought of something."

"Y'know...I'm not sure how you thought this whole time-travel plan was supposed to work."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm starting to think maybe Stickybeard was right - it was risky bringing Mom and Dad's younger selves here."

"Carmelite, I probably should've told you this sooner, but there's another reason I brought them here."


"...I wanted them to stop all this from happening."

"Wait, what?"

"If Mom and Dad know that, so far, the future's going to end up like this, they could stop it. They could spot whatever caused President Uno to turn evil, and, remembering what's going to happen, make sure he stays good."

"And what makes you think that'll work? What makes you even think we'll even exist to see it work?! You're the one who said that Mom and Dad couldn't know they were going to marry each other, or they'd end up feeling too awkward to end up doing it! I mean, it's one thing if Mom knows she and Dad end up together, but Dad...well we know he can overreact sometimes. He'll probably try to make up with Mom way ahead of schedule, and they'll rush into the relationship and - "

"Entspann dich! If we get out of this, we'll figure out a way to fix that, okay?"

"All right, I guess...Then again, I guess this experience did teach me a few things."

"Oh, no, you're not gonna go after-school special on me, are you?"

"What? No! I mean about Mom and Dad. I wouldn't have even known about any Guatemala incident, for example."

"I'm just surprised you haven't figured out yet that the Guatemala thing and Dad's first gender-swap were the same event. C'mon - did you really think that the fact that they both involved magic caramels was a coincidence?"

"...shut up, Leo."


The younger and older versions of Abby and Heinrich had all managed to fit in Heinrich's candy copter (which had held up surprisingly well over the years), and were landing in a secluded field, where the older Nigel had told them to meet. The older Heinrich landed the copter right next to the parked limo, as the Secret Service agents ran out of its way. The adults both got out of the copter while their younger selves ducked so that none of the agents or the older Nigel and Cree could spot them.

"Now, this isn't so bad, is it?" the older Nigel commented, as the adults approached each other a few feet away from the limo, "Just think - if you'd just surrendered earlier, this whole mess never would have happened."

"If you hadn't been a traitor," the older Abby snapped, "We wouldn't even HAVE to surrender."

"You know, Crabigail," Cree said, in her mocking tone of voice, "If you'd just joined us years ago, you could've probably ended up like me - successful, still good-looking after all these years...and still sane, for that matter."

"What about still single?"

Cree coldly glared at her sister, but said nothing.

"Anyway, why don't we get to the terms of our agreement?" Nigel said.

Meanwhile, Abby peeked out from the candy copter. The Secret Service agents were joining the other adults, and no one seemed to be paying any attention to the copter. Abby motioned to Heinrich to join her, and both crawled out of the copter and tiptoed to the limo doors.

"Locked." Abby sighed, after pulling on the door handle.

"Vait," Heinrich said, getting back into the copter, "I have ein idea!" Curious, Abby followed him into the copter, where she saw Heinrich pull a familiar-looking little bag out of one of his pockets.

"Carmelite left zese behind." Heinrich explained, pulling out one of the remaining butterscotch bombs left in it. The bomb started beeping, but Heinrich didn't move a muscle until it grew more rapid. Then, just as the beeps became almost as fast as possible, he threw the little bomb at the limo door, then ducked, with Abby following suit. Both kids heard a loud boom, and when they got up, they saw through the cloud of sugary smoke that the door had been broken open.

Meanwhile, the explosion did not go unnoticed by the adults. Upon seeing the smoke rise from near the limo, the older Nigel turned his attention to the older Abby and Heinrich.

"I should have known better than to trust you two not to bring weapons." he stated, "Consider the deal off."

"Fine by us." the older Abby said.

"Ja." the older Heinrich added, "Ve veren't really going to surrender, anyvay."

"Just can't make the right decisions, can't you?" Cree sighed, pulling out a couple more pairs of handcuffs.

"Oh, yeah, YOU'RE one to give morality lessons." Carmelite's voice sarcastically commented. From the still-smoking side of the limo, all four kids, including Leopold and Carmelite, got up on the top of the vehicle.

"Hm. I was wondering where your younger counterparts went." Cree said to the older Abby and Heinrich, then turned to the kids, "I'm surprised you got both sets of cuffs off in a short amount of time."

"Not exactly." Carmelite answered, pointing to her handcuffs, still attached to her left wrist, "This one was a little too hard to get off."

"Well, consider your freedom short-lived." the older Nigel said, as the Secret Service agents rushed towards the limo. All four kids jumped off the limo and began to fight off the attacking agents, while the older versions of Nigel, Cree, Abby, and Heinrich engaged in their own combat. As the punches were thrown and kicks dodged, the outcome of the fight seemed uncertain.

Suddenly, just as Abby had dodged an attack by one of the agents - who appeared to be an older version of a certain former Numbuh 274 - she heard a loud thump. Turning in the direction of the sound, Abby saw Heinrich slumped next to the limo, as if someone had tossed him there, and unconscious.

"HEINRICH!" she shouted, rushing to her former friend's aid. None of this went unnoticed by Leopold and Carmelite, or the older versions of Abby and Heinrich (although they still kept fighting off their attackers).

"Leopold! Carmelite!" the older Abby shouted, just as Cree grabbed her from behind, "Get - urgh - yourselves AND our younger selves outta here!" After this order, Abby flipped Cree over her shoulders and onto the ground.

"But - " Carmelite began to protest, then sighed, "Oh, forget it..." She and Leopold dodged the agents and approached Abby and Heinrich.

"Quick!" Carmelite whispered, "Hand me my bag of explosives! The smoke from the last one's almost gone!"

As Leopold fended off the punches of an attacking female agent, Abby grabbed the bag from Heinrich's pocket, where he had put it after blowing the limo door off, and handed it to Carmelite, who immediatly grabbed a bomb resembling a peppermint.

"Not good for blowing stuff up," she quickly commented, as it began to beep quicker than the butterscotch bomb, "But GREAT for distractions." With these words, Carmelite tossed the bomb a few feet away and in just a couple of seconds, it let off a gigantic cloud of white, minty-smelling smoke. While the adults were confused and disoriented, the kids made their way to the copter, with Abby and Leopold carrying Heinrich.

"Where is it, where is it..." Carmelite pondered, feeling around for the familar vehicle, then bumped into it.

"C'mon, guys!" she whispered to her brother and future parents, as she found her way into the copter. The other conscious kids followed her voice, and carried Heinrich into the aircraft.

"Can anyone fly this thing?" Abby asked.

"Can we fly it?" Leopold answered, "Carmelite and I could pilot the candy copter in our sleep!" Both siblings could vaguely see the controls in the smoke, and, after a few moments, started the copter up, its blades clearing up some of the smoke as they rose into the sky.

"You think Heiny and I are gonna be okay down there?" Abby wondered.

"Yeah, you'll be fine." Leopold replied, "But there's a little problem we have to work out involving Dad..."


Abby was sitting near Heinrich's cell in the KND Arctic Prison, waiting for the unconscious boy to wake up, and mulling over all that had happened in the past couple of days. Just then, Heinrich's eyes slowly opened, as he groaned and sat up in his bunk.

"Vhat happened..." he mumbled, then noticed Abby, "Oh...vhat are you doing here, Abigail, und vhy do I have ein enormous headache?"

"Heiny, don't you remember what happened?" Abby asked.

"Oh, zat's right...I hit mein head during ze fight. Vait, vere are Leopold und Carmelite?!"

"Um...who? And what fight are you talkin' about?" Abby lied, "Man, you must've had some crazy dream while you were knocked out. You hit your head after the ceiling crashed when I was visiting you, remember?"

"I did?" Heinrich answered, a slightly disappointed look on his face.

"Yeah, and ya know what? Numbuh Five realized that we don't have to make up for Guatemala right now."

"I...I vould never forgive you for Guatemala! NEIN!"

"If you say so...anyway, I gotta get goin'. See ya, Heiny."

"Mein name is - oh, never mind. Auf wiedersehen, liebchen."

Abby walked all the way down the row of jail cells, until she reached the entrance, where, just around the corner, Carmelite and Leopold were waiting.

"So, did he buy the 'you were just dreaming' thing?" Leopold asked.

"Yeah." Abby answered, "He seemed a little upset after I told him, though. Anyway, you think the timeline's okay now?"

"I think so." Carmelite responded, "If you don't believe me, look at this." She showed Abby her left wrist, which was now without a handcuff attached to it.

"We should probably get going now." Leopold said, pulling the time machine and its remote out of his pocket, "But who knows? Maybe we'll come back someday."

"Good-bye Mom," Carmelite said, "And if you ever run into Stickybeard, say 'Hi' for me...well, if you're not too busy fighting him, that is." Leopold pressed the button on the remote, and he and Carmelite disappeared. Abby sighed, with a slight smile on her face.

Things are gonna be okay with me and Heiny, she thought to herself, as she walked down the hallway, her initial worries about her and Heinrich's relationship fading away.