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A/N: This is my first Mike POV. Hopefully it works out well. My storyline is going to be wierd, I'm not even sure if scifi and angst are the proper selections to describe it, but it is definetly going to get bloody in the future so be warned! Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 1

Phone call

It is black. Pitch black. So black that I can't see my own hand two inches in front of my face. I stand here, motionless, terrified to move. My heart thuds hard in my chest, so hard I wonder if my body is swaying with the force of it. Sweat slowly beads on my skin as my breath comes in deep heavy gasps. My eyes open wider, straining to see it, but I can't.


My head whips in that direction. It seems impossible, but my heartbeat quickens even more. I realize I'm holding my breath. Slowly I let it out. 'Alright, Mikey boy, no reason to get scared. Sure that it's nothing, must be a rat, or...'


My body jolts out of my skin and I accidently release a yelp into the air. I clap my hands over my mouth, shivering despite the heat. 'Aw, shell. What am I talking about? Of course there's reason to be scared! I'm trapped in a dark place with something that probably has sharp teeth, huge fangs, claws that can...'

A loud bang resounds above me and a brilliant light envelops me. With another involuntary yelp I leap back, landing lightly on the balls of my feet.

It's just a light. A simple light. I look up and see the thing, looks like one of those average, mundane, run-of the mill office light. A black shade hanging on a black wire. Like one of those infamous interrogation room lights where they beat a confession out of someone and-stop it, Mikey. Office light. It's an office light.

Despite the sheer brightness of the light, it does nothing to illuminate the room, or, er, area that I'm in. The light simply spills down in a perfect circle on the ground where I was standing, as though there's some sort of force field preventing the light from escaping. Slowly I creep up and get a better look at it. It doesn't look dangerous. Hesitantly I tap it with a finger and leap back when the thing moves.

It does nothing but swing back and forth.

I knew it was going to do that. Really, I did.

Slowly I approach it once more. The ground illuminated is simply white, doing nothing to reveal where I am. Where am I?


My throat tightens so quick that I can't even get out a squeak. Terrified, I turn around, every muscle on my body quivering. What just made that sound? I stare in the direction that it came from, my eyes so wide and unblinking that I think they might pop out of my head. Aw shell...

There it is again. From a different direction this time. Spinning on my heel I swallow a large gulp of air and grab for my chucks. A new wave of horror runs through me when I realize that my belt is empty. Oh no, this can't be happening. No, no, no, no, no! Where are my chucks! Where are my brothers! Where's Master Splinter! Someone! Don't make me do this alone...

Another hiss. No, wait two of them...or is it three? THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! The hisses are from all over, I'm surrounded! By what?

Two pinpricks of light reveal themselves in the darkness. I stare at them and they blink. They're eyes! Like popcorn in the microwave they start popping up all around me in the darkness. Some of them bob, some of them weave, but they're all staring straight at me! Shell, this can't be happining? Why!

Still shaking, I get into a fighting stance, preparing to defend myself. The hisses soft, almost whispers. But they're getting louder. Louder still! So loud that that's all I can hear. Soon it's a deafening sound echoing in my ears, like headphones turned up way to high. Hate it when Raph does that, man what I wouldn't give to have him do that right now...

I hear a snickering laugh. Not like a nice ha-ha or a jolly ho-ho, like a grotesque, ugly, mean, nasty, evil little grimlen who inhaled a balloon full of helium. Like nails on a chalkboard. I wince at the sound, it makes my skin crawl. One by one, each hiss slowly transforms to that evil, high pitched little snicker until the whole room is filled with the sound. It revolves around me in waves, the room begins to spin a bit. I clap my hands over my ears and squeeze my eyes shut. Somehow the snickering gets louder...is it getting closer?

A whimper escapes my lips and I press my hands to my ears so hard that my head tingles. 'This isn't real, it isn't real, it isn't real...' It can't be real, can it?


It's getting closer to me, the little monsters! No!


Oh shell, it's right beside me, I can't...


I jolted upright with a cry, flailing my arms so wildly that I flop off of bed and crash face first on the floor. The blankets travel with me, temporarily enveloping me once again in darkness. With another yelp I struggle out of the blankets, which teporarily get entangled with my limbs, which only serves to increase my panic. Finally I grabbed ahold of them and ruthlessy yank them off of me. I clear my head just in time to see my bedroom door close and Raph's familiar voice grumbing about me sleeping in again. The door clicks shut as Raph calls over his shoulder "You better get your butt downstairs, I'm not covering for you again after that stupid prank you pulled last night!"

Reaching up I rub the sand out of my eyes. Prank? Oh, yeah. I replaced his soap with lubricant. Can't believe he's still sore about that! I grin at the memory but it's a weak smile. The memory of my dream still echo in my mind. It was a dream, right? Yeah, couldn't have been anything else, right? Uh, yeah, right. A dream.

A dream.

Yanking my blanket off the floor I toss it on my bed. Stretching I walk to get my chucks and nearly slip on a comic. Scratching my thigh, I pick it up. The latest issue of 'Horribly Scary Stories From Beyond Evil.' Good stuff. That must've been where my dream came from. Hm. Nightmare more likely.

I shrug my shoulders, still trying to shake off the prickly feeling left over from it. Man, it was intense! Hope I never have one like that again!

My shell cell rings as I walk over to the door. Yawning, I flip it open. "Hello? Michelangelo's Pizza Delivery Service, how may I help you?" I deliver in a perfect italian accent. I'm too good at this.

For a moment the line is silent, but I can tell that someone's on the other line...My eyeridges scrunch together and I stop walking. Leaning more into the small device I speak again. "Uh, Hello?"


Something flips in my belly. I run a hand over my bald head. Man, it's too soon after the nightmare for someone to be playing tricks on me! "Um, Hello? Casey, Raph, whoever's there dude, this isn't funny..."

Tiny, rapid breathing come from the small speaker. I stare at it in puzzlement before putting my ear to it again. My heart stops and my stomach gets cold as thousands of tiny, snickering voices cut through the line static.


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