Rating: PG

Title: Unwanted Attraction (another version)

Gene: Humor, yaoi

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from FMA, except my fanfic plot

Pairing: Roy/cross-dress!Al

Al widened his round eyes and squealed as he toppled over his long skirt. Ed pulled him back into his arms just in time.

"Why am I doing the cross-dressing, Nii-san? This dress is so ugly!" Al protested as Ed steered his younger brother like a pet dog on a show into the castle.

"Oh, come on, Al, don't be such a spoilt-sport. Besides, you look good in it!" chipped Ed causally.

"Really?" Al said uncertainly, looking down at the mismatched coloured cloth all over the gown like patchworks. "Where did you get the materials from, nii-san?"

"From the dustbins along the alley. These unwanted cloths are dead useful, you know?" Ed said, trying hard not to look at Al who was wearing plenty of lipstick and face powder on his face.

"Nii-san, I don't feel good about this.." Al said uneasily, noticing a lot of stares boring onto him.

"That's because you look good, Al." Ed said unconvincingly. They soon reached the gate and past the guards who stared at Al as if they could not believe any lady would have such a bad fashion taste.

"Everyone's staring at me, nii-san... Hey! Don't leave me alone!" yelled Al as Ed broke into a run away from Al.

"See you later, Al!" Ed waved back.

"Nii-san!" Al cried in frustration. He suddenly bumped into a chest.

"Excuse me, lady, you've dropped your... eh, personal item.." A husty voice said above him, holding out between the close gap between Al and him... a pair of sports bra with cotton within it.

"Oh." Al blushed harder, grabbed the bra and stuffed it through his collar. "Thanks, sir." He looked up to see the stern face of Roy Mustang whose face was twisted in an awkward manner, trying hard not to laugh at Al's 'flowery' face.

"Thanks." Al said stiffly. "Got to go now, excuse me."

Roy suddenly pulled his hand and said earnestly: "Look, I can help you out of this mess. Come with me."

Within minutes, Ed returned back to the hall to see a stunning blonde young lady dancing with a black hair state alchemist in senior rank. His jaws dropped.

At each swirl and turn, the young lady's long blonde hair swayed gracefully in her dance. Her snow-white skin shone under the bright light. Her large grey eyes were filled with pure innocence and gentleness. Most important of all, her dress looked expensive and her make-ups looked ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!

The lady caught sight of Ed and cried: "There you are, nii-san!"

"Al...?" Ed stared at his supposedly younger brother. "Is that really you?"

"Yap, thanks to you, I've finally found my true love in life. He's name is Roy Mustang." Al introduced the state alchemist to Ed. "And he's my elder brother-Ed."

"Eh, are you sure... You are a boy, remember?" Ed said uncertainly and glared at Roy.

"Of course I'm aware. I'll take care of your younger brother for the rest of my life. We are engaging tomorrow." Roy said and looked down tenderly at Al.

Ed face-faulted.


AU: Not in a good mood today, so I did another version of my earlier fic to calm myself down.