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Chapter 9: The end, and the beginning

"Why didn't you want to see me?" Adam asked, taking Julie's hand. "Why didn't you want to talk this out face to face?"

"I thought if I saw you I would change my mind." Julie answered quietly. "I was so sure that I wanted to leave, and I thought that if I saw you, if I looked you in the eye, I would stay. I love you so much Adam, I loved being married to you, but it just, its gotten too hard."

"It's supposed to be hard, Julie," he said, touching his forehead to hers. "No one told us this was going to be easy. Julie, come home, we'll work it out."

"I don't want to Adam." She said firmly. "I can't be married to you anymore. The first time we hit a bump you ran scared."

"I didn't run, that was you." He said. "I didn't go anywhere, you were the one who left."

"What you did was worse, Adam." She defended herself. "You shut me out. You stopped talking, you told me you didn't want the things I wanted anymore. You stopped compromising, I gave everything and I got nothing back. I gave up my career aspirations for you, I gave up my faith for you and I gave up my dreams for you. What did you give up Adam?"

"I gave up the NHL, Julie!" He said, "or did you forget that? I had a real shot, I could have been some one, but I took an office job instead so that we could be grounded, have roots and start our family! I gave up my dreams too, I traded them, for new ones."

"Please you took the easy way out," Julie said, "I never said I didn't want you to play anymore, I would have gone to wherever you were playing, you made that decision."

"All you talked about was us being together, and I thought that with all the traveling involved in being a pro team, it would have been harder." Adam tried to justify the decision. "I made the decision, but you never said you wanted me to keep playing."

"I didn't know you wanted to." Julie said. "We were graduating college, we were engaged and you had like six offers from pro teams, and then you tell me that you want to work for a friend of your dad's instead of playing hockey. You said that you had thought about it, that it was what you really wanted. What were you waiting for, me to say, 'No Adam, you should enter the incredibly risky and unstable world of the NHL, even though you claim to have thought long and hard and decided that you didn't want that anymore?' Is that what you wanted?"

"At least I was in one place," Adam said, "I was always there for you; I was going to be there all the time. That was why I made the decision, so that I could be home for you and for our children."

"You ended up traveling just as much in your job!" Julie shook her head. "And at least if you'd played hockey you would have been happy. We're twenty eight Adam, we're supposed to be at the happy part of our marriage, the part where we're buying a house and having babies, instead we fight or ignore each other. This isn't what it's supposed to be."

"Julie we can still have that," he said, "there's still time for that. But not if you won't come home."

"I can't Adam!" She said. "I'm calling Bombay tomorrow and asking if he can get me a good divorce lawyer."

"Julie, please, don't do that." Adam said, he started to cry, "Please, you're everything, you're my life."

"No Adam," Julie said, "you had a life before me, and you'll have one after. I'm so sorry. Look, you shouldn't stay here tonight, I'm sure you can get a room somewhere."

"Julie," He started.

"Adam" she said, putting her hand on his lips and then gently kissing him. "This is what I want."

"Are you going to," he said, still crying, "I mean, Luis?"

"No," Julie said quietly, understanding exactly what he was saying "I think I'm going to go to New York, stay with Heather, at least until I find a job or sell a piece of writing. Promise me something Adam?"

"What?" He said, looking into her eyes and seeing tears.

"Promise that you won't be afraid to move on." She explained. "I want you to fall in love again."

"I can't make that promise." Adam said, standing up. "You were it for me Julie, you always were. I'll go get Charlie."

"Good bye Adam." She said standing up and giving him a hug. "I love you."

"I love you too." He whispered in her ear. He kissed her and then walked out. She sat on the couch and began to sob heavily. Her phone rang again. She should have known better, but for some reason she felt the need to answer it.

"Hello?" She said quietly, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Julie?" Dean's voice rang clearly on the other end. "Are you alright?"

"Dean?" She said, "Oh, I was supposed to call you! I'm so sorry, it's just Luis showed up at my parent's and then well, I just lost my head."

"Luis," he sighed, he should have known, "then you two decided?"

"No, no," she shook her head, "God no! It was a mistake on both sides, he shouldn't have come, I shouldn't have done the things I did."

"Then why are you crying?" He said, quietly.

"I just said goodbye to Adam." She said. "I'm calling a lawyer tomorrow."

"I take it that you didn't get my message then?" He said practically whispering. He couldn't blow this again, he knew that much.

"You left me a message?" She said, "Oh that was you calling, right before, oh." She stopped.

"Julie, I need to say something, something I've wanted to say for a long time," he took a deep breath.

2 years later

He was pacing the floor of the hospital. He couldn't believe he had passed out. Of all the things in the world to happen, now he wasn't going to watch the birth of his first child. He'd talked about this since they had gotten married, how he wanted to watch all of their kids be born. He felt really stupid for what had happened, but the more he thought about it, the more typical it seemed.

"Mr. Banks?" The nurse said, coming out of the delivery room. "Are you feeling better, do you want to come in now?"

"Is it over?" He asked, knowing the answer, and being half disappointed.

"Yes," the nurse smiled, "you have a son, a healthy baby boy."

Adam wanted to fall on his knees and kiss the ground, but instead he just walked into the room and smiled.

"So it's a boy?" He said, sitting down next to Heather.

"Yeah," Heather said, quietly, "What should we name him?"

"I was thinking Julian." Adam said, "I mean, unless you'd rather not…"

"No," Heather said, "I like the name, and it's appropriate. Actually I was thinking that if the next one is a girl, we could name her Deena."

"Deena," Adam laughed in agreement, "Julian and Deena, yeah, I like that."

"So what are we naming this perfect little angel?" Dean said cradling his new baby daughter in his arms. "Do you still think she should be Kitty?"

"If it's OK with you," Julie smiled, "I mean, that was Adam and my name so if you'd rather something else…"

"No," he said, "No, I always liked it. Kitty Portman, it's nice."

"Am I ever going to be able to meet my goddaughter?" Luis said, popping his head into the room, "Maybe I can even hold her?"

"Come on in Luis," Julie laughed, "meet Kitty. Dean let him hold her." Dean rolled his eyes and then gently handed the bundled baby to Luis.

"It's nice to meet you Kitty," Luis said, smiling at her. "Here you go," he handed her down to Julie, "Come on Dean, let's leave the mother with her daughter, you have some phone calls to make." Julie smiled as they walked out. She looked down at the baby, she grabbed a rattle and moved it over Kitty's face. She saw the little girls eye's light up and then her tiny hand came up and grabbed at the rattle.

"Looks like you've got the fast hands already," Julie laughed. "That's good, you can be a goalie like I was. Or not, you could break your daddy's heart and not play hockey at all." She looked at the baby; she wasn't going to be able to claim that this child looked anything like her. She looked at Kitty's dark skin and head of dark curls. This was Dean's baby, no doubt about that. "I love you so much. You are everything I have ever wanted, you and your father. It took a long time for us to get here kid," she said, and kissed her daughter's forehead. "But I don't regret any of it. Granted, I think I'm going to wait a long time before I tell you the whole story. But I'll tell it, and you'll know all about how me and your dad ended up together. That and how your Uncle Luis became your Uncle Luis, both of those are kind of long stories, but you'll hear them some day. I promise."

"Can I come back in?" Dean said, "or are you still mother daughter bonding?"

"Come in!" Julie laughed.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Dean said. "Do you think she'll be offense or defense?"

"She's two hours old and you're fitting her for skates already!" Julie laughed. "And who says she'll be playing up anyway, maybe she'll be in goal?"

"Maybe," Dean laughed. "I love you."

"I love too," Julie said, she kissed him, "And we love you Kitty."

"That's right," Dean said, "We love you."

The End

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