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Epilogue, part 2

Mid December - 1987

Sirius Black leaned against the cold, hard stone wall of his cell in Azkaban. He figured it must've been around Christmas time, but he didn't know the exact date. In Azkaban, one day just seemed to melt into another. Sirius smiled slightly. Far away, he knew Alana and Alexandra would be celebrating the festive season by know, putting up a Christmas tree, visiting friends and having a good time. Sirius knew that Alexandra would probably never speak to him ever again, and he didn't blame her. Remus hadn't spoken to him either, nor had anyone from the Order, not even Snape. Sirius scowled. He'd lost everything that night, and he would give anything to go back and change how things turned out.

Sirius shuddered slightly as he felt a Dementor glide past his cell door, sliding his food tray through a small doggy door as it went. Sirius crawled across the cell towards the tray. He shuddered as he heard an inmate from several cells down scream as the Dementer went past. Sirius had never been that affected by the Dementers, staying silent for the majority of his time. Sirius picked up a bowl filled with a thin, watery soup. The cooks at Azkaban, Sirius had long ago decided, desperately needed to undertake some refresher causes from the Hogwarts House Elves. Sirius was distracted from his undersized supper, however, when he noticed a envelope, tucked underneath his plate. Curious, Sirius reached over his tray and grabbed it. Takilg his bowl of Soup with him, he retreated back to the back of his cell and sat down. Sirius first looked at the address, thinking the note had been misdirected at some point. Sirius nodded to himself. The letter was for him. Sirius glanced at the back, frown lines appearing on his brow. He easily recognised Moony's handwriting, but it failed to occur to Sirius why Remus would even want to write to him. Sirius also noticed that the letter had been opened and had been stamped "Appropriate correspondence" by Barty Crouch. Sirius pulled a slip of parchment out of the letter, and began to read.


I can't believe what you did, and I can't fathom why you would've done it. I mean, Sirius, It was James and Lily for gods sake. Did Voldemort offer better friendship or something? Is he a better Quidditch player? Anyway, Alexandra told me to tell you this; it's just taken me awhile to think of the correct way to put this in writing. Sirius, Alana died after the attack at Godricks Hollow. I hope you're happy that you killed your own flesh and blood. Alexandra's gone; she fled after what you did. I just hope you're happy that you effectively ended the lives of three of those you were closest to.


Sirius sat, silent in his cell, shocked by what he had just read. Tears began to gather as what he had just read was absorbed by his brain. Alana was dead, caused by what had happened at Lily and James' house. Sirius sobbed out loud as he began to realise what had happened. His baby, his little angel, his Snufflet, was dead, before she had seen one and a half years of life. Sirius stiffened as he sensed a Dementor draw near.

And joined the chorus of screams of anguish for the first time


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