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The Prince and the Pauper:

Chapter I: That Fateful Meeting

It was one of those sleazy nights where you just want to drown your self in alcohol, hoping that all your woes will be gone in the morning . And if you're lucky, you could wake up with a soft and warm lady by your side. That is precisely what Athrun Zala is hoping for tonight. His passed weeks have been very stressful for him, from managing his 52 small business, 17 International Corporations, 112 lots, and of course, his women and his one naïve fiancée, Lacus Clyne.

For a billionaire like him, business is just a piece of pie to him. Except when you have a Father like Patrick Zala and some hotheaded advisor like Yzak, then, handling businesses is like a hot chili. But, if it weren't for his money, women wouldn't flock him. Well, it's not that he lacks the physique; in fact, he had been voted as No. 1 sexiest Bachelor ever alive, and had known for his killer emerald eyes. He had been asked to be one of the main models of fashion over countless times, but of course, he had to turn it all down, except for the underwear lines, that gave him a chance to hit on one of the top models, LunaMaria Hawke, who's sister ended up working for him too, after seducing her, Ms. Meyrin Hawke.

But sad to say, he had grown tired of those two. Well, Luna isn't much of a problem since she had been seen going out with one of his advisors, Shinn Asuka. It's Meyrin who had been on his tail lately, with all her annoyingly sweetness but ever so gentle face.

Oh what the Fuck.

Tonight is the night were all of his life as the billionaire is nothing, and tonight, he is just one of the guys in this bar. All he cares about now is getting him a date to drink with, and hopefully share his bed later.

And he had just seen his target.

A cute blonde. And looks like she's all alone tonight.

On other side of life, another soul is hoping for the alcohol to wash away her troubles. Life had been so unfair to her lately, when all she wanted was her freedom. She downed her 3rd margarita for that night. Her head had started to feel awfully lightheaded, but she could still remember what just happened few weeks ago.

Her father, Uzumi Yula Athha, the 3rd most richest person in the world, had just informed her of her upcoming marriage to Yuna Roma-Seiran, the most despicable crybaby heir to the Seiran Corporation and one of her father's business partner's son.

Seeing that jackass' face almost made her puke in front him. I Mean, he's not ugly or anything, but, there's something with that guy that is very, very disgusting. One of them is his Purple hair.


Purple hair.

Not in a decent dark hue, but in bright happy purple. With it's curly tail tied lazily. Yes. It's purple and it's curly.

Not only that. He's a downright pervert. The way he stares at her is like she was wearing nothing at all. He likes to cling to her, try to cope a feel that almost ended up in an injury courtesy of yours truly. Also, the way he calls her, 'My Honey' or 'Cagalli-baby' is very unnerving.

How many times had she been complaining to her father about that disgusting piece of ass? Countless times. And all her father would say,' You have to get used to it, after all, you two will be married soon.'


Bite me.

She hoped for her twin brother could knock some sense to her father, but, like she expected, her father just shunned Kira, her twin brother, without even listening to him.

She really does understand why her father dislikes Kira. But It wasn't his fault. It was Via's, their mother, who left Uzumi and married Ulen Hibiki, who died few years later.

It was 10 years ago, when Via fled the Athha Household with Kira, after a fight with Uzumi. Cagalli could only watch in held back tears as her twin brother disappeared from her view.


And because of that, she had become the ever so stubborn and Rebellious Cagalli. Who is now currently drowning herself in alcohol?

But that isn't the end of it.

She ran away from the Yula household because of her father's recent decision. Make the Marriage earlier than planned.

Damn it.

It was the last straw for her.

So that very same night she was informed of that despicable decision, she packed some of her stuff and ran away.

To somewhere.

Originally, she planned to seek refuge in her twin brother's mansion. But knowing her father, she will be easily found there, so she decided to wander off somewhere.

So here she ended up in some country called Aprillius. Known for the Power hungry and ever so busy yet lifeless life. Celebrities and other rich people flock to this place.

Why she chose to live here is something she couldn't explain either.

So now, she rented an apartment with her savings and decided to work in some corporation, as a lowly secretary of the Finance department. With a hotheaded asshole for a Chief, named Yzak Joule, who really needs to find a new hair stylist, with that weird hairstyle of his. It's not that he's ugly or something, in fact, he's very handsome, but his hair is so damn weird, that it really affects his persona.

Oh fuck it.

I hate that man.

He had been on her tail lately, barking at her with the slightest mistakes. From her outfit to her handwriting, to her high heels, to her lunch up, to the way she addresses him every morning.


And now, he's threatening to fire her if she ever makes another lousy mistake again.


She's running out of money, and she cant afford to pay her flat if she losses this job. She honestly doesn't want to go back to her father and marry that asshole.

So now, here she is, drowning herself in her 4th, no, correction, 6th margarita.

Damn, she feels so lightheaded now. Very, very, lightheaded. She wasn't used to alcohol, honestly. She needs to stop. But. Oh fuck it. She can still drink.

"Do you mind if I share a drink with you?"

An intoxicating scent of a men's perfume filled her nostrils to their limit, which added to her lightheadedness. A man with midnight blue hair sat next to her, with the most unnerving emerald orbs and a to-die-for smile.


This isn't like me.

I'm not the time who swoons over random guys!

" I don't mind at all" What the hell am I saying?

"Hmm…this is strange. I take it, you've been drinking all alone? Without any company at all?"

She smiled and licked her lips. "What do you think?" Noooo!!! I'm flirting with this guy!

"Hmm… Do you mind giving me the honor of being your company then?" There was a strange sparkle in his eyes that she couldn't put a finger to.

"As you wish. I don't mind at all…" This is abomination! What's happening to me!!

Time flew so fast with their conversations. Everything seemed to be wheeling out of hand, and it feels like she's powerless to control it.

Next thing she knew she was with this guy, kissing him inside his car (noooo!!) touching her in places no one has ever dared or succeeded in doing so. Weird sensations started to run amuck all over her body as they both drag themselves to this guy's flat, from all those kissing. He clumsily pressed his hand to the computerized fingerprint-locking device that made him do it at least thrice.

By the time they both reached his bed, she already lost her top and he was already making his way to her skirt.

Inside her head, her consciousness was cursing her actions. She knew what was happening and what would be the results and consequences of it. Yet, her body shut her consciousness down flatly, and chose to enjoy this wonderful feeling that had been coursing all over her body.

She hasn't done this before. So she was really surprise how well she could keep up with this guy who seems to be very well skilled in this line.

Liquid fire started to course down her every vein of her body. Her heart started to bang loudly in her head as her pulse suddenly relocated itself down, her crest. This man is so good. He made sure not once his skin lost contact with hers, as he goes on with his business. Next thing she knew, a searing dull ache shattered her mind and body. The man was also seemed to be surprised to his finding. A smile curved on his face

A virgin?

The grimace and the spots of blood on the sheet told confirmed this. Add that to her uncommon 'tightness'. This is really a rare find. Wait till Kira hears about this.

He waited till the squirming woman underneath him relaxed before he started moving. Serious self-control was practiced over that time, but it was well worth it. He was just too excited to have a maidenhead with him tonight.

Talk about luck.

This is it.

She reached the point of no return. She had sold herself to some random guy whom she just got acquainted few hours ago. She lost all her sense of pride and her self-confidence had dropped down greatly. Seeing herself actually enjoy this kind of thing is really not herself. Where had the great and respected Cagalli gone to? All she can see now is a lowly Cagalli, who is now enjoying someone's caresses.

Morning had come up on her. Her whole body ached from last night and her legs feel shaky. The person beside her seems in deep sleep, a proof of him enjoying their so called 'exploring'. He looks so gentle and innocent in his sleep, much opposite to the man she saw last night. The man's arm lazily draped on her shoulder, and he was still connected with her being.

Honestly! How many times does this man wish to lavish himself over me?

She needs to get out of here, pronto. There had been enough damage dealt upon her being, and this is the last straw. She had enough of everything.

She carefully lifts his arm over her and slid off his member and sat up. Then she carefully laid the pillow on now vacant side and had the man's arm tucked over it, and covered the pillow with the sheet. Spots of crimson were on that same sheet seemed to taunt her. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as she picked up her clothes and left the man's flat.

Athrun woke up with bouts of mild headache looming over him.


The hell to it.

Last night was fun. Having found such a rare find made his troubles from the passed weeks seem like it never happened at all. All that matters to him is this lovely little creature beside him.

Uhh… Beside him?

A freaking pillow is what lies beside him, not that lovely creature he had just spent the night with him.

Could it be she's one of those whores who'll sleep with you and rob you dry?

But, she's still a maiden! She couldn't be! But… perhaps a new recruit then?

To hell with his conclusions!

He hastily stood up, with the sheets falling on the floor, revealing a memory of last night. Spots of red stained his white sheets, as if it was teasing him. He turned back, yanked the sheets off his bed and jammed it into the thrash bin. Then he proceeded in checking his personal articles.


Everything's still here.

But why did that chick left in such a hurry?

Was she upset about losing her virginity to some guy like him?


She should be honored to have some guy like me share his bed with her! Other women would do anything just to have that same opportunity she had with him.

But, it's really a shame. That girl really caught his fancy. Wonder if---

A shrill cry of his phone shattered his thoughts. He irritatedly took the phone from its cradle and turned the speakerphone on.

"What the fuck are you still doing there, Zala?"

"Hmm? Well well, if it isn't my ever so hotheaded friend and advisor Yzak Joule. Honestly pal, when was the last time you got laid? You seemed always tense!"

"Quit your ass talk Zala and get your ass here! Your conference with Yamato is due in 15 minutes!"

"Oh Kira eh? Naah It's ok..he could wait…I know! Why not have yourself laid with Fllay? I heard from Kira that she can be such a tigress! Try her for some change!"

"Fuck you Zala! If you don't get your ass here in 15 minutes, I'll make you regret you ever messed with ,me"

"Woooh am I so scared!"

The line went on the busy tone, after a loud crash was heard from the other line.

"Must be one of Yzak's mornings. Oh well might as well get my ass there."

My week's going to ok, it seems.

A smile curved into his lips as the memories of last night episode played in his mind once more

The moment she arrived in her flat, she dashed to her shower and tortured herself in hot water. But the warmth of the water only reminded her of that man's embrace. She quickly turned the knob to freezing cold, scrubing herself hard, hoping that man's traces could be scrubbed off.

After her tormenting bath, she dressed up and went her way to work. She decided she'd quit that fucked up job and go to her twin's mansion. If ever her father finds her there, she is willing to go and get married to that fucked up asshole Yuna. Then she'll commit suicide on their first night.

Perfect plan.

She reached the building with every employee in a hurry. Each one had a stressed and tense expression on their faces. Especially the ones from the Financing department.


She reached their floor, and a flood of employees welcomed her.

It seems it is one of that Yzak's days again.

She made her way to her desk with a very dreaded feeling. She could hear the Chief's yelling in the air, making the atmosphere even much worst.

To hell with it.

She decided to start her letter of resignation when a loud crash was heard. One of the secretaries dropped a tray of hot coffee that startled the already pissed chief.

Here we go again…

A long series of cuss words followed the crashing sound. Then it stopped. Then it resumed with more hard-hitting cuss words. It seems that one of the conference due that day was cancelled. And it very much pissed the already pissed, easily pissed Chief.

Oh she'll miss those cusses. Too bad she won't stay any longer.

She printed her paper and with a deep breath she made her way to face the badly pissed chief. The secretary in front of his office was closed to tears as she buried herself in that day's pile of work. Maintenance crews were currently cleaning the stained carpet with a crying secretary trying to clean the stain with her coat. Poor thing

"What the fuck do you want?"

She didn't reply. Instead she gave her resignation paper with a bowed head. Yzak snatched the neatly folded paper from her and opened it roughly.

"What the fuck does this shit means?

"I'm resigning sir."

"Fuck your ass! You entered this corporation in a contract! If you wish to quit, then pay us back, the fucking money we gave you!"


"End of discussion You heard my verdict!"


"Are you fricking deaf or what?"

This is it! Not even her own father dared to talk to her like this!

"Do you know who the fu—"

"My my What do we have here? "

That voice…could it be…No way...

Cagalli slowly turned her back, with her heart pounding loudly inside her head.


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