This is an alternate ending, of what if Athrun decided not to go to the wedding and such. Hope you like it.

Special Chapter: Endless

His day started the same way he always does. Waking up at 7 am, a quick cup of coffee, a morning shower, and off his way to his work. He takes his usual black Porsche, on his way to work, taking the same route, and getting there at the same time he usually does. Being greeted by the usual employees on his way to his office, taking the same elevator, pressing the same button and stepping out of the same door.

Nothing's change…

Even since she left him. Everything's back as to what they were a year ago. Sure, he's missing one secretary, but she didn't do much aside from distracting him from his work. Well, maybe, he did suffer some loss, but he's over it now. With a little help from Meer though.


More like a nuisance…

He let her stay over at his place for like a couple of months, and it was just like having some chick at your place to sleep with, to cuddle with you at night or just to welcome you home or see you off. But, that's all there is to it. He didn't like how easily he got bored with her face, or how he got so annoyed with her voice or whenever she tries to snuggle. She can never be like her

So just a week ago, he kicked her out. Sure, she was giving him her drama act, but he just slammed the door at her and ordered the securities to escort her out. Then the next day, after kicking her out, he had a new lock installed and had his other locks changed. He also ordered the lobby people to keep that her out of his floor, or as much as possible, out of the building. He even banned her in his own work building and in everyplace he frequents to.


At least his life's a little quieter now. Heine has his butt stuck back in Aprilius, while Lacus is back at ORB. Helping out Kira with the preparations for her wedding.


Sounds nice…only if it was him who's getting married with her.


Now he lost his mood for work.

Just peachy.

He has tons of stuff to sign and papers to review. And another interruption is not allowed. Well, not exactly, since he is the boss, but if he takes his head off work, even for just a split second, his whole office suite will just remind him of her. He'll start imagining her voice ringing in his head, or seeing her smile from the corner, or hear her footsteps.

And that…


A loud 'thud' echoed within his suite. Slamming his bare hands on the glass cover of his desk wasn't something a normal person would do, if you don't want to cut yourself, but, in his case, he doesn't care about anything in this damn world.

Because he gave a damn about the world, he lost something precious, because of his pride; he wasted something he knew would never come back. Because of his anger, and his stupidity…

He lost his Amber Princess

He lost his Cagalli.

And it's his entire fault. If he just tried to understand her, if he was only patient with her, if only he wasn't such a dumbass, this wouldn't have happened. She would be still by his side. And the way things are, there's nothing he can do about it anymore.

Or is it?

Three days earlier…

"Tell me, did you ever loved her?"

"Did you drag me all the way here just to ask me that Lacus? I'm sorry but I have lots of things to do."

"So you're just gonna runaway again?"

"It's not you concern."

"It is. You're just gonna let her go through this by herself. I know you returned the invitation back, but Kira had to lie to her, just so that she wont get too much affected."

"Look, I'm sorry but I really need to go."

"Do you know much pain she's suffering right now? Did you even ask her what she really feels? Or as to what is her real standing?"


"Of course, you didn't. You think, it's her responsibility to tell you everything, that's why your pride was so hurt when you found out. You though, she wasn't worthy of you, that she betrayed you?"


"And now that she's getting married, to someone she doesn't even love, you're just gone let her be? Is this your way of justifying things?"

"You don't know what I'm feeling right now…."

"And you don't know what it feels to see someone cry like that. The way you are right now, you're as just same as your father was to your mother."


"But I'm right, right? The same way you're treating her right now, is the same way your father treated your mother. But it seems…"

"I am not like that Bastard! And I will never will be!"

"Sigh. There's no getting to your thick skull…I'm going."

As he watched her back disappear into his sight, he wondered if what he's doing was right. Or was it not.

"Dearka, do you have any available flights to Aprilius? I need one ASAP---you do? At 4? I'll be there. Thanks."

"Call me if you're done here, so we can catch the last flight back to ORB, ok?"

"Thanks Kira. I will." She smiled as she waved goodbye to her brother. It's 2 days before her wedding, 2 days before she steps into a new world without him. That's why, at least, for the last time, she could retrace the last steps she shared with him. Those last happy moments they shared here in Aprilius.

Just once more.

And after that, she can be loyal to Rey.


If only she had met him earlier. Maybe she could have learned to love him. That maybe, she wouldn't have run away, and she wouldn't have met him. And that she wouldn't be in this mess.

The poor soul. He's so sincere with everything he does for her, while here she is still dreaming and hoping that he would come and take her away. That he would come and tell her that he loved her and that he wants to be with her.

And of course, those are just another hope floating in the clouds.

Nothing else.

She smiled as a sting of a tear hit her eye. This is so stupid. She should stop crying now. She should get over it now. She should be enjoying the scenery and forget about those things. She should get to that rumored fancy garden Lacus told her about before dark, and she still has lots of places to visit!

Unknown to her, a soul scarred by hatred was watching her, from afar. It stood up, and left cash on it's table, and stood up. The flashing steels caught its interest as it passed by a kitchen ware store. With an evil grin, it entered the store.

It was already dusk when he arrived in Aprilius. He just gave a quick pat on the back to his buddy, Dearka and took off. He has to get there before dark.

And hopefully it's still there.

Maybe there's still Hope.

Maybe he still has a chance.

And maybe, this time, he can be true to his feelings.

It was already pass 6 when she finally got to the garden. The famous pavilion was there, and the Lover's Gazebo Lacus told her about. It was made of pure white marble, with small figures of cherubs engraved on each pillar. Rose vines wrapped some of the pillars, while lush forget-me-nots adorned the patio. Different colored candles of all sizes lighted up the inside and on it's center, was a little pond, rumored to have wish granting powers. Rumor has it that when two lovers exchange vows in this gazebo, and the lit a candle, they would never be separated ever.

If they learned about this gazebo on that day, and lit a candle, would the pond grant their wish?

Would the pond kept the two of them together?

Would it have save their relationship?

Would it?

Her heart began hurting again, with that familiar pain tugging and pulling in her heart. Those tears she promised not to shed finally broke free. Her head began running cartwheels on her as her legs lost their strength, and standing became so hard for her. She fell to her knees, crying, sobbing out the name of the man she truly wants to be with.

"Athrun…Athrun…I wanna see you again…Athrun…."

Even, even if, you don't want me anymore.

Or even if you're with someone else, Just lemme hear your voice once last more…

Just once last more…


Am I now imagining things? Gawd…I should stop crying now, but…

I just want to see you….

A pair of steely arms wrapped her body tightly, as voice familiar as her whole pain raging inside her is, whispered her name.


The voice kept on repeating her name over and over again, as the mysterious arms tightened their embrace on her. Her heart began thumping loudly in her head as she finally realized that she wasn't dreaming. Her eyes glowed as she turned to face him, returning his embrace. His scent filled her nostrils, as she buried her face in his chest, sobbing his name, over and over again. Her head was starting to reel from all this tension raging in her heart, but she doesn't care. She tightened her embrace around him, locking her arms around his neck and torso, pressing her chest against his, and hoping the pounding rhythm of her heart would match his.

He's here…he's here!

"I'm so sorry, Cagalli, I'm sorry I'm such a bastard to you…I didn't give you the chance to clear everything, but, but, if---" Her lips silenced his words, as she met his in a crazed yet silenced dance of pure love. Each exploring the familiar grounds, seeking and searching for the lost time they had. Their hands entwined together, with heart beating as one, with mind and body as one.

Gasping for breath, Athrun broke the kiss, earning a puzzled look from Cagalli. "I want to be with you always…Cagalli…so would you want to run away with me?" His grip on her hand tightened as he waited for her answer. He had his mind and heart braced as he finally managed to say those embarrassing words.

The flickering lights from the candles proved it hard to see her expressions. Hesitations began stirring heart as the silence began to settle. He remembered the pendant he had just dug out from it's grave earlier. Now that he has it, would it work its miracles?

Would it keep them together?

Would it?

She bowed her head down to hide her blushing face. "It's such a selfish idea, you know. I have so many responsibilities, and honestly, we shouldn't be doing this, but, you know, I'm also carrying your child. And, I also wanna be with you, so…so…"

"DIE!!!!" Out of nowhere, a blunt sparkle of steely silver caught Cagalli's eyes, as the blade hovered above Athrun. Before she could even warn her beloved, she watched in mute frozen terror as the blade plunge into his back. Drops of his blood sprayed onto her, as the shadow withdrew the blade from the now limp Athrun.

The shadow stepped out of it's darkness, revealing it's identity. A tearstained, and menacing looking Meer emerged, gripping the blood stained kitchen knife. "He doesn't need you! He only needs me! You took him away from me!!!" She lunged at the now frozen Cagalli, but she managed to kick her at bay, as she struggled to stand up.

Meer tripped, but it didn't stop her. She stood up, gripping the blade harder. "He only loves me! Only Me!!! Not you!!! " She lunged at her again, but, again, Cagalli managed to avoid her, and this time, she tossed some of the burning candles towards Meer's face. Hot melted candle wax fell on Meer's skin and face, as she howled in pain. Cagalli took this opportunity and to run towards Athrun and escape.

"SOMEBODY HELP US!! Somebody's TRYING TO KILL US!!!" She yelled atop of her voice, as she dragged the limp body of Athrun out of the Gazebo. "Help!! Somebody!! Help!!!"

Crying and shouting at the same time, while dragging Athrun out to safety with one hand, and the other hand dialing for help, panic stricken Cagalli is now getting tired. She was doing too many thing at the same time, with a confused mind and body, with her adrenaline pumping high, she didn't noticed Meer has regain her composure and was ready to extract her revenge.

"GIVE HIM BACK!!! He's mine!!!!!" Meer Jumped over the gazebo steps, and again, over Athrun's limp body, towards her, with the knife aimed at her heart. If Meer didn't screamed, she would have received the fatal blow dead straight. She dropped her cell phone, which had finally got into contact with someone. Good thing her reflexes were quick as she was able to fend off with her arm. But Meer was wiser, as she used her leg to kick her in the stomach hard, effectively crushing her defense.

"My Baby!" She gasped as her defense fell and the blade plunged to her shoulder. Bracing against the pain, she still tried to fend off, kicking and squirming against Meer.

"Athrun...I---" that was her last her word, as the light in her eyes disappeared.

But in such crazed rampage, it proved effortless, as it only excited the crazed Meer more. Of how many times did the blade ravaged her limp body, only Meer knew, as by the time she was done with her, she was covered in her blood.

"Athrun? Nee, Athrun, wake up…Look, she's dead now, so now, you'll only have me…I'm yours now, and you're mine…" She stood up and walked over Athrun's body, holding the blade dripping from Cagalli's blood. She smiled as she bent down beside the limp body and began stroking his head.

"You're mine right? Right?" No response.

"Answer me!!!" No response.

"So you're mocking me too?" She smiled, and took a deep breath, as she began stabbing him over and over again.

"Answer me…" She began chanting in a sing song voice.

"Answer me Athrun…tell meee—" the sound of sirens broke Meer's chanting, as flashing red lights came into view. She stood up, laughing, as she awaits the arrival of the police. Her laughter became louder and louder as footsteps drew closer and closer. And by the time the police surrounded her, she began to dance and sing, while laughing maniacally.

Meanwhile, amidst the commotion, Athrun regain some of his strength, just enough to crawl his way to his precious rose's side, just enough to hold her now cold hand, just enough to hold her one last time…

He smiled as his hand touched hers.

We'll never be apart…my love…

so there, an alternate ending.. a little tragic though..