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Chapter One

Serenity had come to live with her father and brother after the death of their mother. She hadn't seen either of them for over nine years so it was kind of scary for her.

What neither her brother or father knew was that for the last two years she was used as her mother's boyfriend's personal sex toy.

She had to do what he wanted or he'd tell her mother and as he said, "who would your mother believe, him or her. She will probably think that you were trying to steal me away from her and then she would have to kick you out on the streets, so she did what he said."

She was a virgin when he first forced her to have sex with him and she bled for two days after.

He laughed as he penetrated her hymen and he covered her mouth so she couldn't scream from the pain.

"God, you feel so tight" he said as he pumped in and out of her tiny body.

He forced himself onto her for the last three months till her mother's death and she was taken from there and it was found where he father lived and she was sent to him.

Hank, Joey and Seto waited for the plane to disembark and the passengers to come off. Then he saw her, she was the splitting image of her mother.

"Serenity" he called out to her. She looked around and there stood her father.

At first she was a little apprehensive about letting him touch her, but he was her father and she held back any feeling of unease as he held her in his arms and whispered "that he was glad she was home."

Home? What did that mean to her? Home to her meant pain and sex.

"Serenity this is your brother Joey." Hank told her.

"Hey, sis" Joey said.

Serenity could see that both her and Joey kind of looked alike and did he call her sis?

He smiled and instantly she felt at ease and when he held out his arms she went and they held each other.

There was something different about him, but she didn't really know until he introduced Seto as his life mate and then she knew that they were gay.

"Hello she softly" said to him.

"Welcome home" Seto said as he kissed her cheek.

"Hey, lets get your things and go home" Hank said.

Seto knew the signs of being sexually abused and she was showing all the signs.

He pulled Joey aside and told him what he thought.

"Are you sure?" Joey asked him.

"Have you seen the way she pulls away went ever your father tries to touch her? That's one of the signs and we need to let your father know." Seto said.

They got home and Seto asked if he could speak to Hank, while Joey helped her take her things into the house.

"What do you want?" Hank asked Seto.

"Listen I can't be sure, but I think that maybe Serenity has been sexually abused." Seto said to Hank.

"You know how I was till I faced the truth of what that monster did to me," Seto said, well I was the same way and you need to address it at soon as possible.

"Thanks" he said to Seto and he walked into the house. Hank asked Joey and Seto to go get something for dinner and while they were gone he talked to his daughter.

"Honey can I talk to you for a minute?" Hank said.

"Sure what is it" she asked him?

"Is there anything you want to tell me about when you lived with your mother?" He asked.

She turned white and he knew that what Seto said was true.

She looked at the floor and took a deep breath. "How'd you find out?" She wanted to know.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that you understand that nothing is ever going to happen to you while you live in this house" he said.

"Daddy," she sobbed and he went to her and took her into his arms.

"Baby don't cry" he whispered to her.

"He hurt me bad and I was afraid to tell mommy because he said that she would've said that I caused it and she would've of kicked me out of the house."

"Hey, you have to know that he was a very sick man to make you do the things he did, don't you?" He softly said to her.

"Want to tell me what happened? Hank said.

When she was done, he wanted to get that man and kill him for hurting his baby girl.

"Listen, we will get through this together" he said.

The door opened and Joey and Seto walked in.

She wanted to run and hide, but Joey said, "sis come here please."

She got up and walked over to him and he held out his arms. She went to him and he held her and said, "you're safe here and he kissed her cheek."

"How'd you figure it out?" Serenity wanted to know.

"Seto told us" Hank said.

She looked at him and he said, "I was abused by my father and knew the signs. Are you mad that I told them?"

She smiled at him and said "no and she went over and kissed him on his cheek."

"If you ever need anyone to talk to let me know" Seto said.

"Thanks" she said.

And so her new life began and she started feeling safe here in Domino with her father, brother and his life mate. But that was soon to change. Soon all her fears and nightmares would be coming true.

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