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Chapter Seven

While the others were trying to come up with some kind of a plan to defeat the Mage, Serenity asked Mokuba for his help. She knew that if she didn't do something to stop Jim that he would end up destroying not only her but everyone that she loved and she wasn't about to let him, so this is what she asked Mokuba to help her with.

Secertly Serenity asked Mokuba "please help me get rid of that bastard before he and whom ever that other thing is, before anyone else is hurt or killed. I need you to get me a gun or some kind of weapon and I'm going to go face him and when he isn't looking, I'm going to kill him myself."

Mokuba was so damn scared but he understood what she was talking about and so he went to the secret room inside of Seto's room and stole two pistols and several dozen bullets. He wasn't going to let her face that man alone.

So as they made their way quietly out of the room and went out the back door and walked around to the front gates, the others were still arguing about the best way to go about attacking Jim and the Mage.

Serenity and Mokuba walked outside of the gates and outside of the barrier which the Yami's had erected and they knew that the other would know when they did leave, but they also knew that they would have a head start and nothing was going to stop them from the mission to kill the monster who was making Serenity's live a living hell.

The Mage smiled at Jim and said "your wife and some other male has just left the Manor and is walking this way."

Because of their love for each other, Mokuba and Serenity was able to disguise the fact that they were carrying the guns. As they got nearer to where Jim was, Serenity was so damn scared but she also knew that she was the only one to stop him, so they went on.

When they got outside of the barrier, the alarms went off and Shadi yelled "the young ones are gone to confront that man."

Hank nearly fainted, but it was his love for his little girl that kept him going. "She's going to kill him and deep down inside I know that she will, but I also know that in the process she is going to die too" Hank said.

Seto and Joey knew that Mokuba had somehow gotten some kind of weapons and that the two of them being so much in love were going to do what they needed to do in order to stop Jim from getting his hands on Serenity. "We need to go stop them Seto cried, before they both get themselves killed."

As Serenity and Mokuba got nearer to where Jim was, Serenity started having trouble breathing and she was afraid that the Mage was doing it. She stopped and faced Mokuba and she whispered "please pray with me. Mokuba closed his eyes as she said this prayer: Dear God, this is Serenity Wheeler and I need to talk to my momma. Momma I know that you can see what is happening and I need you to make me strong, strong enough to stop that man from ruing my life and maybe even killing daddy, Joey and the others. Please make me strong enough to fight what ever that Mage is trying to do and make my aim straight and let me get rid of Jim once and for all. Listen God thanks for letting me talk to my momma and God, please help us too. Amen."

When she was through Mokuba was crying and he squeezed her hand and then he said "let's finish this and go home."

Jim came out of the shadows and screamed "who in the hell is he and why is he with you?"

Serenity told Jim "this is the man that I love and it is our love that is going to destroy you and your plan."

The Yami's were having a hell of a time trying to keep Seto from stroming out of the Manor. They knew that if he got outside he could get himself and they young ones killed. It was Joey who finally got Seto to listen to reason and when he quieted down, Shadi said "there is another force out there and it is wrapping the young ones in its arms. I don't know or understand what it is but I do know this it isn't evil in fact it seems to be actually Angelic.

Serenity and Mokuba held hands as Jim approached and when he got close enough, they raised their hands and together they shot and killed him. Then the Mage yelled in rage "no, you won't stop me from getting rid of the one who sent me to the Shadow Realm, I will get my revenge."

Then the voice of an Angel said "You will not harm these two" and as Serenity and Mokuba watched, the Mage screamed and then in a burst of light the Mage was gone. As they stood there, in front of them appeared what seemed to be an Angel and she said "I love you baby, tell daddy and Joey that we'll all be together someday."

Serentiy had tears flowing down her face because she knew that this Angel was her mother. "Be happy and remember that momma loves you." And then the vision was gone and Serenity and Mokuba fell to the ground.

Seto, Joey, Hank and the others came racing out of the Manor and straight to where Mokuba and Serenity laid on the groung. Shadi told them "they are going to be just fine." Then Serenity opened her eyes and as Hank held her in his arms she said "it was momma that helped us" and she passed out.

When she came to, Serenity turned to Shadi and she said "that Mage is the one that you sent to the Shadow Realm years ago and he finally found a way to get out by attaching himself to Jim." Shadi bowed to them and then he, Ishizu and Odeon disappeared.

Seto was carrying Mokuba and Hank was carrying Serenity followed by Joey and the others. When they got back inside, both Mokuba and Serenity knew that they were in some real trouble. Before they could yell, Serenity stood before them and she said "I know that what Mokuba and I did was stupid, but I couldn't let any of you whom I love with all my heart suffer because of what that monster thought so I did what I thought I had to do and with Mokuba's help we accomplished what we had to do."

Joey walked over to his sister and threw his arms around her and as tears fell down his face he said "ever do anything like that again and I'll tan you behind so that you won't be able to sit down for a month" and then he hugged her. Seto turned to his brother and with tears in his eyes he told Mokuba "that goes double for me, we love the two of you and if we don't get some grey hairs from this them we'll be really lucky."

Serenity walked over to Hank and she whispered "I love you so and I couldn't let you get hurt, do you understand?"

"Baby girl and I will always call you that, you've just came into our lives and brightened them up and then in a blink of an eye it could of all been over, so yes I can understand why you both did what you thought was the only way and as your brothers already said well that goes double for me and yes Mokuba don't think that I wouldn't take my belt off and beat your butt because I would."

Both Mokuba and Serenity stood before their family and they told them "we love each and everyone of you, and when the time is right we are going to get married."

Hank closed his eyes and for some strange reason he felt the presence of his late wife standing beside him. Honey he said to himself, our baby has grown up and as long as I can draw a breath I will always keep her safe. A tear ran down his face and he thought when my life here on earth is done I will be wrapped in your loving arms again.

Serenity and Mokuba did get married after they finished College. The raised four children, Seto and Joey adopted three and Hank reached a young age of ninety-nine when late one night his wife came and together they went to heaven holding hands and smiling back at their children and grand children.

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