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Be My Genie
by: Mediarite Flow

Chapter Four - Former Master

(Sasuke's Topnotch Point of View)

Okay. Definitely wasn't expecting this. I thought I was the only one who knew and saw Sakura. What the hell is going on?

"Sakura-chan, I thought I would never see you again!" Naruto grinned like the idiot he is. "When I made my last wish-!"

"I know." Sakura smiled brightly at him. "Usually, genie's never meet up with their former master-"

"Wait a minute." I interrupted. I stared at Sakura and back at Naruto. "Former master?" There was just no possible way to ignore the situation. It was too disturbing. "What's going on?" I asked, expecting an answer right at that moment.

Well, who's going to speak first?

"Yeah...," Sakura smiled sheepishly. "Before you, Naruto was my former master. He's the one who came up with the name Sakura. Like I probably mentioned before, I knew you as the twelve-year-old bratty kid."

Naruto grinned wider.

"I don't understand." the headache I've recieved twenty seconds ago grew larger.

A familiar, grumbled look was casted my way, and that infamous look belonged to Naruto. "Look here, Sasuke. I'm only gonna say this once, so listen up."

I snorted at his insolence. Does he have any idea who I am?

"So it all started when Granny gave me a stupid can of coke for my birthday...,"

"It wasn't stupid." Sakura muttered.

(Naruto's Sensational Point of View)

Twelve years old, and the richest kid in Konoha. I had the 'great life' but oddly, I wasn't happy. Sasuke, I hated to admit it back then, but you were my best friend. We had so much in common. You were miserable and I was miserable.

I guess that's why we became so familiar with each other everyday. Well, as much as I liked having a friend, I was still pretty unhappy. Granny noticed this and gave me a beat up old can for my birthday.

Really, I wasn't expecting this. The old lady told me it was magic and all I had to do was shake it. But I didn't really believe her.

One day, bored out of my mind, I decided to do just that. So I shook it.

That's when I met my genie.

She poofed out of that can like some psycho jack-in-the-box, and scared the shit outta me! She told me who she was and I couldn't really care less. I could have anything I wanted. I was rich. So what's the point in having a genie?

Well, lots of things.

"Oh, great. My master's a puny, stupid-lookin' kid." she snorted at me.

My face scrunched up in anger and I shook my fist at her. "Who you callin' puny!" Well, I hated being called puny! "Who the heck are you?" I asked her rudely.

"I'm your genie. Nice to meet you." she replied boredly.

Well, granny did say the can was magical. "Really?"

"Could a normal person float in the air?"

"I guess not. Do you have some kinda jet pack under your ass?"

"Such language for a puny kid."

"I'm twelve! Hardly a kid." I retorted bitterly.

She nodded her head and laughed. "Well, at least you're not anything like Hitler. My god, he was the most retarded kid ever. Me, being his genie didn't make life any better." she sighed.

I gaped at her. "You knew Adolf Hitler?"

"How do you think he got that stupid lookin' mustache?" she crossed her arms and gave me a cross look.

I gasped.

"All right. I wish I had a stupid lookin' mustache." Obviously, I wanted to know if she really was a genie.

She shrugged. "Okay."

"Wait a sec. I was being hasty."

Sure, like I wanted Hitler's mustache.

She grinned at me. "That's all right. I never grant wishes on the first day." Thank god.

After standing..er..and floating around for a few seconds, I finally spoke up. "So what's your name? You have one, don't you?"

She simply shook her head. "Nope. The last one insisted on calling me Shitty."

Well, that wasn't going to do. I never wanted to go around town calling her Shitty all the time.

"Yeah. I had some pretty nasty masters." she rolled her eyes.

"Well, how about...," I just couldn't think at a time like this. I was never any good at naming things. I couldn't even name my pet giraffe. Yeah, mom bought me a giraffe. "Um...how about Jimmy? I always wanted to say, 'HEY, JIMMY!' don't ask why."

She glared at me. "Are you kidding. If you want to give me a name, make sure it's a GIRL'S name." she stretched out the word 'girl'.

I snorted. Geez, she expected a LOT. "Fine, what about 'Sakura'? It matches your hair." I shrugged stupidly.

She shrugged along with me. "I suppose that's a lot better than 'Jimmy'. I'm not a guy,you know."

"You're not even a person."

"Why don't you just stab me in the back."

That's how I met Sakura.

(Sasuke's Terrific Point of View)

I was in a complete state of shock to even reply. Naruto's story was SO much like mine's. It's scary. We really are alike.

I gagged.

"Okay, so that's how we met." said Sakura. Is she kidding me? That is the...er...stupidist way to meet a person. See, I can't even think straight.

"Um, so...," my voice trailed off. "What was your first wish?" I asked Naruto. What else was I supposed to say?

Naruto shrugged. "A life time supply of ramen."

I sighed. Of course he would wish for something stupid like that. No wonder he always seemed to have an endless supply in his kitchen. It amazes me how Hinata hasn't even notice.

"And the second wish?"

"To be a level stronger than you."

Huh. So that's why I always seemed to lose in a pysical fight with Naruto. That fucking cheater...

"The third?"

He paused for a great amount of time. It didn't look like he was about to answer that one anytime soon. Even Sakura seemed suspiciously quiet at this time. She's usually really psychotic...

Something's wrong.

"What was your third wish?" I asked, tempted to tap my foot against the ground.

Naruto twitched. "Uh, you don't really have to know. It's not THAT important." he laughed, scratching his head nervously. "So you can just let it go."

This wish obviously had something to do with me. So I am NEVER going to let it go. "Fine." I lied and shrugged, pretending to be un-interested. "But I thought I was the only one who could see her. How come all of a sudden you can see her too?"

Sakura smiled idiotically. "Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you, former master's can see me too."

Inwardly, I sighed. She always seem to miss the tiniest details. "Next, you're going to tell me that I'm not allowed to wish for a puppy." I rolled my eyes.

Sakura looked at me. "Actually...,"

I stared intently at her.

"Just kidding." she laughed at me. "Come on, how about I treat everyone to ice cream! All you have to do is wish for it." she winked.

"Yeah right." I replied, still bitter about her laughing at me.

Day One:

The next day was like a horror movie. Now that Naruto knew about Sakura being my genie, he's taken every free moment of his time to spend time with his former wish granter. And when I say 'every free moment of his time' I mean everyday, every second.

Yeah, remember when I told you that Tsunade will NEVER fire him. I wasn't kidding.

"Okay, Sasuke (stupid bastard). You have to make your second wish fast. Time's almost up." Naruto told me as Sakura sat nearby.

I stared at him with apparent hate. "I have two months left." I replied.

"Exactly what I mean. No.Time.Left." he bit out. "It takes you weeks to figure out what shampoo better suits your chicken hair. Imagine how long it'll take to figure out your two last wishes!" he told me dramtically.

Naruto really is annoying.

"Yeah, you idiot! He's right! You should think fast and make a wish. How about ice cream?"

And so is Sakura.

"Dammit, I'm not wishing for ice cream. This is the last time I'll say it." I thought about ringing her neck. Too bad I can't touch her. My hand would just go right through.

She looked at me with resent. "Fine." she stuck her tongue at me. Now I know someone even more immature than Naruto.

"Sasuke, you have two months!" Naruto shouted in my ear.

Dammit, Naruto. I can hear you just fine.

Day Two:

"Okay, Sasuke. You don't have much time. You have to make that second wish fast."

"How many times do I have to tell you. I have TWO months." Geez...

Naruto's eyes nearly escaped from his sockets. "That doesn't matter! Remember what I said about the shampoo?" he yelled from across the room.

"Yeah. How can I forget? You remind me every ten seconds."

"Well, he should. You are taking WAY too long." Sakura came poofing into the scene out of no where.

I knew I couldn't handle annoying people when I met Naruto. Sakura is just too much. "Fine." I replied just so they would leave me alone. "I'll think about it today and I'll make a wish tomorrow."

That'll get them off my back.

Day Three:

I sighed. It didn't get them off my back.

"You lied, Sasuke! Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Naruto repeated slowly and agonizing.

"My pants are just fine, thank you." I glared at him. "I just couldn't think of a wish, all right?" I tried to explain.

I lied on that one too.

And Sakura seemed to be reading my mind. "No, he didn't! He didn't think of a wish yesterday at all! All he thought of was how he was going to get rid of you, Naruto." snitch. How did she know?

"I knew it." Naruto hissed.

This is just ridiculous.

Day Four:


Naruto and Sakura laid lazily on the couch and watched a brand new episode of 'Kim Possible'.

"So, she's a cheerleader who fights crime along with some dork named Ron?" Sakura raised an eyebrow and tried to grab some popcorn out of the bag. "Dammit." she muttered softly.

Naruto shrugged. "Apparently."

"And Mr. Dracula-,"

"Dr. Drakken." he corrected angrily. "God, you don't catch on to anything." He 'secretly' muttered the last part.

Obviously hearing that snide comment, Sakura narrowed her eyes. "Whatever. Why is he blue?" she raised a curious eyebrow.

"I don't know. Maybe he was strangled as a kid. Just watch the show." Naruto rolled his eyes sarcastically.

Wow, they must have really gotten bored of telling me what to do...


Sakura and Naruto went back on their annoying streak and continued to bug the hell out of me. We walked along the sidewalks of Konoha park. Spring had come in drastically and so had Naruto's big mouth.

"Sasuke! Time's almost up! You have one month left." he walked in front of me and slipped into his coat. "It's been one month! Haven't you thought of anything?"

Wow, one month? I haven't really noticed. Damn, I only have one month left to make two wishes. Maybe they were right. Maybe I should have thought of a wish that day. The day they wouldn't leave me alone.

Well, they never leave me alone, so I wouldn't know what day that was.

"I don't have anything to wish for." I honestly told them.

"Wish for anything! A free pass to the water park." his eyes sparkled.

"So I can please you? No way." I told him.

Sakura's eyes brightened.

"And I'm not going to wish for ice cream."

Her eyes dulled.

"You better think of something fast." Sakura told me for the hundredth time.

I stopped in the heat of moment and grinned. "All right. I've got something."

Both idiots smiled with joy and awaited for my response. This is just too easy.

"I'll tell you my second wish," my grin grew wider by the second. "if you tell me what your third wish was." I stared at Naruto.

Both faces dropped.

"Somehow, I knew he was going to pull that one out." Sakura's lip pouted.

Inwardly I guess, Naruto sighed. "Fine." he kicked the grass bitterly. "Mywishwastoswitchliveswithyou! Happy? Now what's your second wish?"

I gaped. "Wait. Say that again."


"Slower and less stupidly." I demanded.

He sighed. "My last wish was to switch lives with you...okay! So what's your second wish?" he quickly changed the subject.

There was a pause in life. It seemed like everything and everyone drifted away. The only thing that remained was Sakura's worried expression and Naruto's look of guilt.

"...," with that horrible five seconds of my life, I was completely confused. "Why?" I asked with a confused look plastered on my face. Why shouldn't I be confused? This is a very confusing situation.

Naruto shrugged. "You were unhappy being poor. I was unhappy being rich. I thought if you switched lives we'd both have a great time."

But I'm not happy.

"Sorry." he apologized. He shouldn't. It's not his fault. "My life turned out exactly what I hoped it would be. I didn't know you'd still be miserable. I lived with this guilt for years. I'm just glad I got it all out." a sad expression appeared on his face.

Sakura didn't seem annoyingly cheerful either. "Yeah. When Naruto made his wish, I knew this was going to happen. I didn't want to tell him because I knew I'd be interfering."

Naruto glared at Sakura bitterly. "You knew? And you didn't tell me!"

"Hey, I'm a genie. I don't make the rules." she snorted. "Geez, you didn't have to yell at me. You are such a guy."

"Well, whatever." Naruto rolled his eyes. "You're not gonna keep a grudge, are you?" he turned to face me.

I paused. For a moment, he almost seemed...depressed. I smirk in hopes of making him feel better. I mean, that's the least I can do. For years he's been keeping this secret with guilt. He ruined my life. Like I said, this is the least I can do.

"Dobe, you're not worth a grudge." I slung an arm lazily around his should and...er...tried to do the same with Sakura.

She smiled annoyingly again. "Sasuke, If I could hug you, I would!" she floated next to me. Her annoying smile sort of grew on me. Actually, it's not so annoying anymore. I blushed furiously. Thank god it was nighttime. I would have died from embarrassment. No one witnesses the great Sasuke Uchiha blush.

"Whatever." I coughed nervously.

For a few great minutes, we walked along the sidewalks quietly. That is until...

"Hey, wait a sec.! Sasuke, you bastard, what's your second wish?" Naruto frowned and attempted to slap my beautiful head of hair.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot."

Sakura glared at me. "Idiot, you did forget."

"I, um, I don't know." I shrugged sheepishly.

"Liar, liar pants-!"

"I forgot, all right? Can you blame a person?" The only excuse that came to me.

Sakura pointed an accusing finger at me. "He's lying! He NEVER had a wish to begin with!"


Seriously, can she read minds?

"Fine. I lied. I never had a wish. I just wanted you to tell me what your third wish was. Happy?" I spoke honestly.

"No!" Naruto whinned. "I told you everything for nothing!"

"That's what you get for being an idiot." I made my sly remark.

Well, here goes another beating from Naruto. Ever since I was twelve, I have never won a fight with him. At least I can rest assure knowing he's a cheater.