His Habits

Summary: The way he dressed, the way he eat, the way he stays awake, the way he sits, the way he act and the way he think each reveals his dark little past and thoughts. Drabbles about L and his habits.


Chapter 1: Long Sleeved

Whenever he found himself alone, L would grabbed the cutter and started to cut himself on wrist to forget all frustration he have; And after the short moment of pleasant, all the things he got to do is just to wrap his wrist and covered it with his long sleeved shirt.

Chapter 2: Stay Awake

L never sleeps. He's scared to dream, knowing that dreams are just a vacant hallucination. He's tired of the happy dreams because they made him jealous-for the reality isn't always as sweet as a delusion.

Chapter 3: Sweets

The dark haired boy munched his caramel slowly, feeling the sensation of sweetness inside his own mouth. Life is sometimes bad, indeed, but whenever he eats one of those sweets, he'll recognize that life isn't that bitter.

Chapter 4: Delicate Grabs

L grabs things so delicately. From all these times, he always grabbed his dreams and hopes tightly; but like sands, when you give them a good grab, they will fades away. He's tired of gripping too tight and ended up loosing. That is why.

Chapter 5: Anti Social

He knows they think he's weird. He knows all those fake smiles. He knows all those whispers. He knows how they only use him. He knows how they only praise his genius-ness and that's all. Actually, he's tired of it.

Chapter 6: Sitting Pose

Confused, scared, alone, all by himself. L sometimes really thinks he need someone's hugs, but he could not hope for no one's there to do so. So at that kind of time, he curled up and sits in a weird way to give himself a little hug.

Chapter 7: Expressionless

He understands too much. He feels too much. Too many feelings, too much pain, too many emotions. "Enough", sometimes he would say, but it wouldn't stop. So then, he simply decided to hides all of those feelings by pretending not to feel a thing.

Chapter 8: Thumb Biting

Every single time the boy felt confused, stressed, and depressed, all he does is to sit the way he always does and bit his thumb. He does that because he knows that biting something is one way to prevent someone to cry.

Chapter 9: Bare Footed

Those people are just using his brain. After a case is finished, they just went away. So then, L thought, "No one really cares about me, so why in the world should I care about the norms?"

Chapter 10: Obsession

L considers how everyone knows his name as the best detective in the world; but it is not the reason why he's so obsessed to finish a case without any flaw. The true reason for him to complete a case is because for him, a case is simply a game. You solve it, you'll win.

A/N: I think these are too short to be called as "chapters", but I don't know how should I call them though so.. let it be this way… LOLZ. Read and review please. Flame is welcome, but not toooooo harsh because this is my firs Death Note fic and it's about L. I'm sorry it's angsty and not L-ish ;p