Here we go guys. The last chapter, it kind of makes me sad, to think the story is over. Well anyway here we go.

Last Thoughts

'Bella sweetie, can you hear me?" I was going in and out of conscious. It reminded of the time when I had first met 'Amanda' now everything was coming back to me. How Amanda had tricked me into thinking Maria was her real name.

"Hey she is coming too, Edward. She will be okay, see?" When my eyes opened I saw Alice and Edward where standing over me. My head felt like I had split it open. I started to sit up, but Edward put his hand to my chest, and pushed me back down into the couch.

"Bella, Carlisle said you where not allowed to move if you wake up before they get home. So sit back and be a good girl. Do you think you can do that?" I saw the corner of Edward's mouth twitch. I smiled at him from the couch.

"Oh Bella, I was so worried when Edward brought you home." Alice said, as she embraced me in a hug. I laughed to myself. Alice would never change. And I was happy she would never change, also.

Then I heard the front door open and around the corner came Carlisle with Esme.

I looked to Edward. "I know everything that happened with 'Maria' Alice told me. So lets not speak of her okay?" Edward then put his lips to mine.


The next few weeks, I was to stay in bed, and not get up. Doctor's orders. It felt good to have Edward always near me.

"Hey Bella lets go for a walk." Edward said as he helped me into my coat.

Carlisle then popped his head around the corner. "Now not to far, I would hate for her wounds to open up, and start bleeding again." We both said okay as we walked out the door.

"Come on Edward, please tell me where we are going." I was walking with my arms around his waist, my head resting on his shoulder.

"Now, now Bella I would hate to ruin the surprise." I playfully punched him in his ironclad chest.

After what seemed a while, Edward stopped. "Bella put this on." He then took a blindfold out of his pocket.

"Oh no! Edward why do I have to wear that rag?" He smiled as I protested, and before I knew it, everything was black. I could here the crunching of the fallen leaves, and feel Edward guiding me all the way.

"Okay, Bella, now stand right there and take off the blind fold when I say so." I nodded, and felt Edward leave my side.

"Okay now." I took the blindfold off my eyes and my hands went to my mouth. Edward was kneeling in front of me, and in his hand was a gold Engagement ring.

"Isabella Swan will you marry me?" I felt my tears come to my eyes, this was a time I was happy for my human habit. Cause I did not have to speak, just cry. He slipped the ring on my finger, and I jumped on him. We went toppling over in each other's arms.

No one could ever make me feel this way, other than Edward. I loved him, and when I thought everything was wrong. All I would need where Edward's eyes. Forever, and ever.

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