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L'Amour Se réveille

Chapter 3

They had to have been in the carriage for at LEAST five minutes in complete silence before one of them spoke.

The one was Haruhi.

"Sempai, are you feeling all right?" Tamaki looked down at her. How did the poem go? Or was it a song?

Moonlight becomes you; it goes with your hair,

"Sempai?" Tamaki snapped out of his stupor.

"Yes! Yes, I assure you, I'm feeling perfectly fine!" He knew his voice was too loud. He also knew the look on his face was awkward, but he couldn't control either. He peeked over at her. She was looking at him with that face…her lips pursed together as she sat contemplating him.

He loved her "contemplating" face.

"You've been acting strange all day," she said finally, closing her eyes and facing forward.

"I have? I don't know why…" What could he do? He couldn't necessarily tell her it was because everything about her had suddenly multiplied ten-fold in his mind and heart.

"It was how you were acting with the girls today. You were…you weren't yourself." She looked back at him, her eyes searching him.

"I…I acted just the same as always," he replied.

"No you didn't. You were more…more intense." Had she really been watching him? She actually noticed a difference from his normal behavior…and it seems that it upset her.

"How was I more intense?" he asked softly.

"I can't really describe it," she said shortly.

"Oh." He was quiet for a moment. "Then I will try to be more myself from now on." She smiled. He returned it. There was silence again.

"Aren't the cherry blossoms beautiful? It was too early for them to bloom here, but we had these flown in especially for the occasion. We can spare no expense for the happiness of our customers. A dance was just too ordinary, and we couldn't take a beautiful moonlit ride through dead trees." Tamaki found himself babbling, so he stopped. More silence.

"They are beautiful," Haruhi broke in. "Many of the girls commented to me at how wonderful it was."

"Then I'm glad we went all out." Tamaki licked his lips, closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath. He didn't know what to do with himself.

"I was surprised at how many girls at Ouran came tonight. You would think they'd want to spend the evening with their boyfriends. Valentines Day is usually a couples thing, or family thing."

"Family?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded. "Normally my father will bring home dinner, I give him chocolate, and we watch a samurai movie." Tamaki sweat dropped.

"I see." Then it occurred to him suddenly, but she answered before he could even ask.

"My father worked tonight as well. I informed him early that we had plans tonight, so we had our Valentines dinner last night."

"Oh," he said. "You said before you couldn't understand the girls wanting to spend the time with us."

"Well, all in all I just see the Host Club as pointless." God, she was blunt.

"I see," he frowned.

"A girl couldn't possibly be happy in this kind of situation." What was that?

"Why not?" he asked.

"You all act like you like every girl who comes in. You are all sharing yourselves with everyone."

"Well, I just want everyone to feel special." Tamaki answered.

"But in making everyone feel special, nobody feels special." He couldn't really argue with that. "And also, what if one of those girls truly loved you, and thought you loved them back? You can't truly love everyone."

"Hm." He looked down at his hands, clenched tightly in his lap. Again with the long silence.

"But it is a beautiful night, Sempai." Tamaki looked at her again. "And the girls did enjoy themselves."

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked softly. She tilted her head and put her finger to her chin.

"I suppose I did. At least I am now." She smiled that sweet innocent smile of hers and Tamaki's heart did a back flip. He was quiet again, when an idea struck him. His heart beat faster in his chest. Dare he even attempt it?

"Ah…Haruhi," he started, "How would one go about making a girl feel special?" He closed his eyes, and hoped nothing bad would happen.

"Well, you have to treat her differently than you treat other girls." Ok, that didn't help so much.

"Like, how?" She sighed. Before she could answer he spoke again. "I mean, all of the hosts have something different about them that the girls like. Which of them would you prefer?" he asked quickly.

"Me? I don't know. Probably not Honey-sempai though, he's much too cute for me. I'm not one for sweet or cute things." Tamaki swallowed.


"Mori is nice, and very peaceful to be around. But sometimes it's nice not to be the only person talking, so probably not. Not Kyoya either, I'd be too afraid to break something." Tamaki let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"The twins?" He had almost been too afraid to ask, but he managed to squeak it out.

"God no!" RELIEF! "They are far too unpredictable and tiring for my taste. I also don't understand why they're so popular, but to each his own…or hers."

That only left…

"Would that mean you would choose me?" he asked, not looking at her.

"Hm…I don't know. It would depend on what mood you were in."

"What mood?"

"Sometimes you can be so overpowering, Sempai." Tamaki retreated to the corner of the carriage, which in reality wasn't that far from where he was sitting in the first place.

"Tamaki-sempai, what I mean is that, for some, you are too dramatic."

"But isn't love supposed to be dramatic? Isn't it a girl's dream to be loved passionately and without reserve?" Her eyes expressed sudden shock and discomfort. He looked down to find he was hovering over her, holding her hand in both of his and pressing it to his chest. He dropped it and put his hands on his lap, head down.

"That's what I mean," she continued. "Sometimes love is simple, content, and easy."


"It can be passionate, but not all the time Tamaki-sempai." She turned her face away from him. "And not to everybody who can pay for it." Tamaki's eyes opened wide. For the first time, it was as if everything became clear. He almost didn't know how to contain the feeling as it washed over him.

"So, you're saying that sometimes a small touch is better than a grand gesture?" he asked softly, not taking his eyes from her. She smiled at him, her hands at her sides on the seat.

"Of course." she answered. Tamaki held his breath.

"Like this?" He gently covered her hand with his, keeping his eyes on hers. Her head tilted, but she smiled again.

"Exactly. You see? You can do it, Sempai, it's not that hard." She squeezed his hand lightly, then started to pull it away. Tamaki held fast to it. "Sempai?"

"I've…" Tamaki could feel his face turning bright red, so he looked away. "I've held a girl's hand before…but I've never…held hands with a girl." He waited. She did not move her hand, but neither did she hold his back. He waited some more.

"Well, now you know how to." He looked at her, and she was smiling at him. "And now you can hold hands with the girls who designate you. I'm sure they'd love it. You could-"

"I don't want to hold hands with them!" Tamaki found himself suddenly frustrated.

"But…but you said you wanted them to feel special and-" she stopped as his hand tightened around hers. "-and…they all seemed very special to you today, Sempai. I don't know how to look at someone the way you looked at your customers today." The same smile and carefree voice was still there, but what had changed? "You care so much about everybody. It really is a wonderful thing." She tried to slide her hand away, but Tamaki still held onto it.

The silence made yet another appearance.

"Tamaki, can you please-"

Haruhi stopped speaking when Tamaki embraced her. One hand cradled her head against his chest, while the other kept a tight grip on her hand. Tamaki closed his eyes, taking in the clean, slightly floral scent of her hair. The softness of it against his face was amazing, and he absently placed a tender kiss against it. Oh no… Before she could try to pull away, he released her, but not her hand. She stared straight ahead, lips pursed, eyes focused on the other side of the carriage.

"You called me Tamaki," he said softly, explaining. "It made me happy."

"I didn't notice I did."

"Sorry, I was too overpowering again," he said, and reluctantly his grip on her hand loosened.

It was Haruhi this time, who refused to let go.

"Tamaki?" He felt chills down his spine.

"Yes, Haruhi?"

"Don't…don't hold hands with anybody else." Tamaki would have asked why, had he wanted to push his luck. But he wouldn't ruin this, this beyond hoped for moment, for the world.

"I don't intend to," he answered, weaving his fingers between hers. A soft smile touched her lips, and she leaned back against the cushioned seat.

"We've circled twice now, Sir, and have arrived at the starting point again," came the voice of the carriage driver, and the carriage stopped.

Tamaki looked at Haruhi, a touch of pink flush on her light cheeks, and she looked up at him.

"Once more around," he instructed. He took her hand and placed it in his other, so he could put his arm around her shoulders. When her head rested against his arm, he squeezed her hand. This time, the silence didn't need to be broken.

But in the back of his mind, Tamaki still didn't understand how this benefited the Host Club…

The End

Author's Note That's it! Then end! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Chapter 3 was originally a part of Chapter 2, but I felt it was MUCH too long, and decided to split it in half. That's why I was able to get this chapter out so fast. In any case. I hope the end agrees with everyone, considering I tried to keep them in character as much as possible.

Also, for a fun point, the song that Tamaki is thinking of at the beginning of this chapter is called "Moonlight Becomes You." A very beautiful song that I wanted to incorporate more, but it didn't really fit. And I also didn't want it to end up a songfic. In any case, here are the lyrics to the song, just cuz I wanna share them. (I like the last stanza best)

Moonlight becomes you, it goes with your hair
You certainly know the right thing to wear
Moonlight becomes you, I'm thrilled at the sight
And I could get so romantic tonight

You're all dressed up to go dreaming
Now don't tell me I'm wrong
And what a night to go dreaming
Mind if I tag along

If I say I love you
I want you to know
It's not just because there's moonlight
Although, moonlight becomes you so

sigh Well, hope you enjoyed Chapter 3. Actually, hope you enjoyed the whole thing! Thanks for reading!