"The Ride Home"

-All Simpsons are Matt Groening Set during "Bart after Dark" missing scene-

After the town meeting, Patti silently handed the keys to Selma, and got in the car. They drove towards home, lost in their own thoughts. Crying, Patti sniffed. Selma sighed and pulled into the closest gas station. She went in and returned a few minutes with a couple bottles of water, cigarettes, and chocolate.

Reaching the Springfield Gouge, Selma broke open out the new pack of Lamberts and lit one. Taking a long drag, she sighed,

"I love Marge but sometimes she's a self-righteous prick."

Patti snorted. They often had this conversation.

"You just found I've been visiting a house of 'ill-fame' and this is the conversation?"

Selma shrugged. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Good point." The car went back to silent.

"I don't suppose you went for the drinks and atmosphere."

Patti shook her head.

Selma sighed again. "Aw, Pattycakes, I guess on some level I knew. Jane wasn't just a friend, right?"

"That did make going to Lisa's school functions awkward." Patti winced, thinking of her break-up with Jane Hoover.

"I bet. Same with Seymour."

"So as long as we stay out of Springfield Elementary, we should be good." Patti chuckled.

"Yeah." Selma smiled. "Patti, I don't think –Marge was so hyped up about the house. She probably didn't realize what she did."

"Really?" Patti asked hopefully.

"Hmmm. We got fifteen minutes until MacGyver. Should we go?"


Patti smiled. Some things will never change about their relationship. For that she was grateful.