Author's Note: Am I really crazy, or is it just me? Cause here's something that's out of the ordinary...Master Hand and Crazy Hand are missing! But why? You're about to find out this new fanfic that WILL be concluded the span of 5 hours...

Disclaimer: Do I SERIOUSLY need to say it? Yuu can just look at other dumb fanfictions, and NOT pay any attention to ME at ALL! (blinks) Erm, I mean, enjoy.


It was morning in a loud, bustling Nintendo City...ah, the cerements of the big metropolis. Everyone and everything seems quite fine. Except...

"WHERE DID YOU PUT MY TOOTHPASTE!?" Dr. Hoshi angrily shouted, looking through all the draws inside the Super Smash Brothers Mansion.

"Darn it, Yoshi and Peppy! I don't leave my things in drawers for no apparent reason!"

"Well, you didn't tell us about your secret surprise for us!" Yoshi retorted.

"And why do you think I didn't tell?" Dr. Hoshi shouted back, "It's SUPPOSE to be a SECRET!"

"Bah, secret, smecret," Peppy said, his voice echoing throughout the hallway, "We're not getting paid to say things out loud!"

"We're not getting paid at all!" Pikachu shouted from his room.

"WE AREN'T!? D'OH!!" Kirby shouted, slamming his head onto the wall.

Dr. Hoshi came into Master Hand's room, and gasped. "STOP EVERYTHING!! MASTER HAND AND CRAZY HAND ARE GONE!!"

"GONE!?!?!" All of the other Super Smash Brothers exclaimed in horror, the deserted hallways echoing the loud voices.

Author's Note: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! And so, it begins! Mwahahahahaha...ha. There won't be any Author's Note or Disclaimer next time, so you'll have to sit back and enjoy the story, ladies and germs! Good night!