Author's Note: Well, here it is, at last...the LAST chapter of SUPER SMASH PARTY!! We had some wacky moments, but none of them compete compared to this ending. So enjoy!

At last, the two hands, Master Hand and Crazy Hand, have finally returned to their rightful home, the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, in the heart and center of Nintendo City, where all things start to come out right...

...or not...

"We'reeeeeeeeeeeee hooooooooooome!" Master Hand and Crazy hand said, excitedly coming into the mansion, to find only Dr. Hoshi sitting on a broken chair in the middle.

Master Hand was aghast. "What the hell happened to our mansion!?"

"And where are the tacos!?" Crazy Hand exclaimed in horror.

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "Well, you won't believe it, but..."

Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly ran in. "What's up?"

Master hand and Crazy Hand both glared at Sonic. "So YOU'RE responsible for this outrage!" The two hands said in unison.

Sonic waved his hands in defense. "No! No! It's NOT what you think!"

"LIES!!" Master Hand roars, charging up electricity, "You're the one who came all the way here from the SEGA Ralm, to cause trouble to the Super Smash Brothers!"

"Like you always do!' Crazy Hand barks with rage and fury, also charging up electricity.

Sonic shook his head. "I swear, it wasn't me! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

But unfortunately, luck wasn't on Sonic the Hedgehog's side this time, as the blue hedgehog was beaten badly to his death by the two most powerful beings in the Nintendo Realm.

"HORRAY!!" Said a random huge crowd of people, watching the intense death of Sonic.

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "If anyone needs me, I'll be looking for my bar of soap now..." The purple, highly intelligent Yoshisaurus left the room.

Yoshi came downstairs, along with Kazooie, rubbing his head in dismay as he looked around. "Some party this turned out to be..."

Kazooie frowned. "Darn it! I wanted to boogie down, not have all of the Super Smash Brothers die!"

Yoshi smiled a bit and turned to Kazooie. "Well...Dr. Hoshi and Bowser are alive and well. Plus, we have each other." He started chuckling.

Kazooie also chuckled. "Oh, you..."

Master Hand turned away in disgust. "UGH! Tell me when it's over..."

Crazy Hand started hooting. "YEAH! BANG HER UP!! WOOT, WOOT!!"

As Yoshi and Kazooie were about to spice things up, Bowser runs towards the computer screen, and looks at you, the viewers at home reading this.

"Huff...puff...that's all the time we got for this fanfic...gasp...wheeze..." Bowser huffed, "Go read Yoshizilla's fanfics! Not to forget, also read Blackmage Jr's stories, SkylerCoon's stories, and lord forbid, read even Hoogiman's stories!" He gasped once more. "JUST DON'T READ THIS FANFIC!!" He fell down to the ground, unconcious as the crickets who have been burnt and chased started chirping in glee.