Pretty When You are Caught

by cntrlphreaque


"Dean, you're being a jerk," Sam huffed tying his shoes. They had been in Lucaasville for less than a day and already Dean was ready to move on.

"Sam, there is nothing here except bored teenagers, horny housewives, and tired old men," Dean replied drying his hands in the bathroom. He tossed the towel back onto the counter and went to sit on one of the beds. At Sam's earnest gaze, Dean relented just a bit. "Alright, we can ask around, but I still say..." he raised his hands as if to state the obvious.

"Whatever," Sam said grabbing his jacket from the back of the chair. Dean already had his leather coat on and was at the door when they heard a knock. Hand hesitating at the knob, Dean turned back to Sam to give him a questioning glance. Sam frowned and shrugged in response then grabbed his .45 from the back of his jeans. Dean had his Glock out as he answered.

"Who is it?" Dean knew that they did not know anybody in this town and they never were able to stay at places that had room service. When no one spoke, Dean looked out the peep hole to find the railing and the parking lot. He frowned then shot a meaningful glace at his brother. With a nod from Sam, Dean opened the door and slowly stepped out.

Covering opposite sides the brothers scanned the area but did not find anyone around. The parking lot was empty save for a few cars parked by the occupied rooms. Confused they gave each other a shrug and almost made it out the door for a more inclusive search when Dean was hit.

"Dean!" Sam exclaimed, grabbing his brother by the arm then scanned the area once again.

"What the fuck?!" Dean breathed staring at the dart protruding from his chest. He fell back against the doorframe as he pulled the dart out his weapon slid from his fingers.

"Sammy, get inside!" Dean ordered trying to shove his brother into the room while struggling to remain upright. Sam did not have any time to react because at that moment he was hit in the shoulder.

"Shit!" Sam yelled grabbing the offending object and jerked it out, but not before all of the contents had pumped into his system. He barely had time to see his brother slide down the door frame onto the floor before Sam tumbled back into the room succuming to the effects. The last thing he registered was a dark form filling the doorway and a whispered word.