Pretty When You are Ruled

by cntrlphreaque


"Pretty, you make this difficult but I have to go to work," the man kissed the back of it's neck. He got up, unlatched the clips that secured it's wrists and ankles to the bed, then turned toward the door. Reaching for his bag he had a thought, he grabbed his camera and went back to the bed. It was getting up, perfect for the shot.

"Pretty," he said surprising it and snapped the picture. The Pretty pulled back, startled, crawfishing to get away. The tears and actions caused the man to start to get hard again but he would not act. He reattached the main cable to it's wrist restrains with the small but sturdy padlock.

The man left the small room and the soft sounds of weeping behind him. The smile on his lips slipped a bit, sad for the fact that he did have to leave. He would have liked to stay the night but he had work to do. So he left his Pretty to sleep it off until morning. Plus it was not good to let the Pretty think it was too important. Keep it off balance enough to keep it in line.

He powered up his computer and logged onto work up in his home office. He also powered up his personal computer to finish his editing. He had to upload the video tonight and did not want any delays. Hours passed and the man completed his work and his video. Glancing at the time he went to the kitchen for food. He ate his meal then prepared a tray for the Pretty.

He opened the door and set the tray on the bed. He collected the laundry from by the door replacing them with clean ones. That task completed he stood over his Pretty and watched it sleep in the corner opposite the bed near the bathroom area. He was not pleased that it slept here and not in the bed. He grabbed the cable and gave it a hard yank.

It yelped awake and quickly scrambled to stand, hissing in pain. It seemed confused and hurt by the man's actions. "You are to sleep in the bed. If you do not you will be punished," his statement left nothing to interpretation.

It stared at him in fear that had a hint of fury in it's green eyes before it lowered them to the floor. It let out a ragged sigh.

The man smiled at the Pretty, trembling slightly before him though there was something in it's stance. 'It has a long way to go,' the man thought as he yanked the cable again indicating that it was to come closer. It slowly stepped up to the man not looking at him, but it was not submission that kept it's eyes away. Defiance, that is what it was, not acknowledging his presence.

It was waiting to be dismissed but the man kissed it on the mouth. It tried to pull back and it received a slap for it's insolence. He then clicked the button and the Pretty's eyes got big. Within seconds it was strung up by it's wrists again, feet barely touching the floor. The man so loved his wench. "You were warned. Now you will have to wait to have your dinner." Kissing the Pretty one last time he left, not hearing the departing "Fuck you," it flung at him.

He showered then went to bed, 'I will let it down after I rest." His mind wondered through the list of things he wanted to do before he drifted off to sleep.