I Must Be In Hell:

Bellick: Geary, I'll go and get that thing we talked about.

Geary: Fine. How long will it take?

Bellick: A day maybe.

Geary: A day?!

Bellick: Just keep an eye on him!

(Bellick leaves)

(Teddy sees opportunity)

T-Bag: You know I always liked you, Geary.

Geary: Shut it, Bagwell!!

T-Bag: Look,we can come to some sorta' deal, ya know. We'll split the money both ways. You don't have to do this, Geary. You don't need Bellick!

Geary: ...

T-Bag: What do ya say?

Geary: You expect me to just help you?! And let you walk out of here?!

T-Bag: Gear-..

Geary: You're schemes aren't gonna' work for you this time, Teddy.

T-Bag: Geary, I swear to God…Wha-whatever you want I'll give it to you, alright? Money! Whatever you want you can have it!

Geary: I'm not even going to give you the chance!

T-Bag: (looks down) Well ya can't blame a guy for trying..

Geary goes into the kitchen

T-Bag frantically tries to reach down into his sock but fails as the bonds around his wrists are too tight.

T-Bag: Damnit!

He tries again and this time succeeds into withdrawing a pair of scissors. He slides them up his sleeve so as to hide the weapon from his captor.

T-Bag: (sighs with relief) Geary?

Geary: What?! (comes out of kitchen)

T-Bag: Could you help a brother out? Nature is calling - know what I'm saying?

Geary: (grunt) Alright! But no sudden movements. And if you try anything funny then I swear to God, I will kill you myself!

T-Bag: You're too kind (sarcastically)

Geary releases T-Bag from his bonds and pulls him too his feet.

Geary: (pushes T-Bag in front of him) Keep your hands were I can see 'em!

T-Bag: … … …(slides shank out of sleeve and slashes Geary's face)

Geary: ARGH! Son of a bitch! (charges at T-Bag and tackles him to the ground)

T-Bag: (thud) Get…off o- ...me!! (stabs Geary's hand)..


T-Bag: Not nice when I fight back is it, ginger!! (head-butt)

Geary: (grabs hold of T-Bag's hair)..(repeatedly bashes his head against the wall) Bastard!

T-Bag: (slides down wall)

Geary: (kicks the blade away from T-Bag's hand) .(starts kicking him in the ribs) .The fuck! You fucking asshole!

T-Bag: (grabs Geary's foot and twists it)

Geary falls on his fat ass.
Both Teddy and Geary see the blade across the room.

T-Bag: Ah crap! (reaches for the blade, only to have Geary snatch it away at the last second)

T-Bag and Geary frantically wrestle over the blade. But as fate had it, Geary managed to get a good handle of the weapon and dug it deep into T-Bag's right arm. A scream of pain and shock utters from Bagwell's lips. He rapidly withdraws the cold steel and plunges it into the un-expecting Geary's heart.

Geary staggers backwards and his back hits the wall.
He was already dead by the time that it took for him to slide down the wall.