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The Werelupe King bite

"Tor how do you get yourself into these messes?"

Roberta was helping her uncle Seradar clean and bandage Tor's cuts.


"Well Sir. Tormund if you would just stay still for two seconds while I clean these cuts we wouldn't have a problem now would we?"

Roberta laughed at how her uncle called Tor 'Sir. Tormund' everyone did that, even her uncle King Hagan of Brightvale.


Tor walked up to King Hagan with Roberta right beside him. Sure he was a little nervous but who wouldn't be except for Roberta of course.

Tor looked over at Roberta she looked so pretty with the lavender robe that made her eyes sparkle like gems. Tor faced forward as King Hagan began his speech.

"Sir. Tormund and Roberta for your honorary duties and heroic deeds I proclaim you both defenders of Brightvale!"

Everyone cheered as Tor and Roberta walked out and back towards there rooms.


Roberta tightened the last bandage and earned a wince from Tor.

"Oh stop you big baby if you hadn't gone to fight the Werelupe King by yourself you wouldn't be in this mess now would you?"


Tor winced again as he moved to let his head rest on the pillows. Roberta smiled as he fell into a peaceful sleep or as peaceful as he could be with all those wounds. Roberta looked at the one wound, a bite mark on Tor's arm right below the shoulder. It didn't bleed, Seradar said not to worry about it but still it wouldn't hurt to be safe.

Roberta went out into the stables to find her Uni Solarin fast asleep.

"Solarin? Solarin wake up"

The Uni woke quietly and pawed the ground when he saw Roberta.

"Shh! We're going on a little trip to Illusen and you need to be quiet"

Solarin nodded his head and stood still while Roberta climbed on. Once in the air Roberta could concentrate on what she had learned about warelupe bites.

'Hmm werelupe bites are harmless on any neopet except...'

Roberta couldn't remember what neopet is affected by werelupe bites. Solarin landed near Illusen's home in the trees and just as Roberta was climbing off she remembered something.

"Werelupe bites are harmless on any neopet except Lupes!"

"What is this about werelupe bites?"

Illusen walked over and smiled when she saw Roberta but turned serious once she saw how scared she looked.

"Why Roberta what ever is the matter?"

"Oh Earth Fairy Illusen Tor was bitten by the Werelupe King!"

"The Werelupe King? Oh no that is not good at all"

"Yes I know and I need your help!"

"Hmm... I think I might have a cure for him but you must bring him to me before the next full moon"

"But that's tonight!"

"So it is. It seems that the Werelupe King has planned everything out but still you must bring him here before the full moon rises"

"I'll try"

"Good now go, for time is short and I must hurry with the cure"

Roberta nodded. She knew what to do the problem was getting Tor up to Illusen.

Roberta walked inside the house to see it completely torn apart as she looked around she heard a moan come from one of the rooms.

"Oh no Seradar!"

Roberta found Seradar lying on the floor battered and bruised but still alive.

"Seradar what happened?"

"Ohh Roberta is that you? Ohh"

"Don't try to get up"

"Roberta he came he took Tor"

"Who came uncle?"

"The Werelupe King"

Roberta gasped as she realized what was going on. When she got Seradar to Illusen it was already night fall. Roberta walked up to Illusen with tears in her eyes but she knew she had to save her uncle first no matter how much Tor meant to her.

"Roberta I thought you'd never show, why what has happened?"

Illusen saw Seradar limp in Robert's arms. Roberta sniffed a few times before replying.

"Oh Illusen it's terrible the Werelupe King came and took Tor but I had to get help for Seradar first no matter how much he means to me"

Illusen looked at the crying Acara a moment before stepping forward and taking Seradar out of her hands.

"I will help Seradar you find Tor"

Roberta dried her eyes.

"But I thought you said-"

"Never mind what I said if true love prevails then I know we can save Tor"

Roberta smiled and went over to her Uni Solarin and flew off towards the Werelupe forest.


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