OK I know that that was really short and I know that I promised all of you a sequel, so hears the deal...

I really DON'T like that nobody makes any different Neopets Darkest Fairy stories. There all Tor and Roberta for crying out loud!

So I thought 'Hey why not break them up'?

Tor/Roberta - WHAT?

Tor - Your gonna break us up?

Roberta - But why?

Hey calm down I didn't say I was I just said why don't I?

So my faithful Fanfiction readers hear is where you come in!

YOU! Yes you get to decide whether Tor and Roberta should break up or stay together.

Personally I hope I can break them up this pair is B-O-R-I-N-G!

Tor/Roberta - HEY!

So leave me a review or leave me a message I don't care which. The one that has more votes will be the winner, and who knows I MIGHT throw in a little twist.. *Evil laugh*

Tor - What 'Twist'?

Roberta - Ya what are you planning?

Oh you'll see. So as I said before just leave me a review or leave me a message. The one who gets the most votes will win. Please no flames I just feed them to my pet dragon he thinks there yummy! If you have any ideas about the sequel like what I could put in it... or how to break Tor and Roberta up... I will gladly welcome and accept them! Thanks again to all my dear and faithful Fanfiction readers! Hope to hear from you really soon!