In Your Hands

a mini-collection of mini-fics

by That'sMyFiasco

Disclaimer: Are Inuyasha and Kagome standing, hand-in-hand, proclaiming their eternal love from the mountaintops? No. No they aren't. Actually, that would be a little creepy and certainly OoC, but you get the picture. Obviously, I'm not in charge.

A/N: I would like to extend credit for planting the germlings of inspiration to the marvelous story 'His Hands' by Quickening. It's much better than this one and truly beautiful, so please, go check it out. One other thing... none of these fics are necessarily related, or in chronological order. Thank you!

Chapter 1- Inuyasha

Inuyasha sighed and looked down at his hands. They weren't exactly beautiful, even by demon standards. Long fingers, extended by sharp talons, much like a dog's nails. Knuckles all worn, the skin broken and cracked, from having to defend himself with these. Callus upon callus, scar upon scar. There was the one from his fight with Naraku's latest minion, and the long, white one Sesshoumaru gave him when he was little. The rounded one from the week after his mother died... Of their own will, his hands clenched tightly into fists. If anything, these hands were a reminder, of things that weren't meant to be forgotten.

Then, beside him, he heard his mate cry out slightly in her sleep. Frowning, he reached over to her, when suddenly she reached out a small, white hand and grasped his own. Now content, she shifted around so that her head lay on his shoulder and rested peacefully once more. She was so beautiful... how could she be with someone like him? Her delicate, smooth hand looked so out of place lying in his rough grasp. She should be a prince's bride.

At that thought, his gut wrenched. He had worked too hard, waited too long, and loved her too much for her to belong to someone else. She was his, dammit, and always would be. As long as she wanted to be.

But maybe, maybe he shouldn't ask questions- he should just be grateful. Lifting his other hand, he smoothed her hair back from her face. Leaning into his touch, she curled up tighter next to him. Inuyasha sighed again, this time with contentment. This, this now, was the way things should be. Still holding on tight to her hand, he drifted off into unconsciousness, her sweet scent lingering in the air.