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Chapter 8

Don was used to getting four or five hours of sleep, it was just that he hadn't done it in a few weeks. He guessed he would have gotten a little more last night if he hadn't decided to play Knight in Shining Armor. Why did he keep falling into her traps? Being around her did funny things to him. It had taken just about every milligram of self control he had inside of him to turn her away at his door last night. She was drunk, and they had no business doing anything in his bedroom or anywhere else. He needed to get her out of his head, though. That shouldn't be so hard as soon as they caught a case. Hopefully that would be today.

He shut off the water and grabbed the towel. Since it was Friday, he selected a pair of dark, flat-front Dockers and a button up shirt but no tie. He threaded his belt through the loops, clipped his sidearm into the holster and attached his cell phone, badge and handcuffs. He had to admit he felt a little like Batman with all that stuff jangling from his belt, but who didn't want to be a superhero? He glanced around for his work shoes but remembered that he had left them in the front hallway. He pulled his wallet from the jeans he had worn last night and stuffed it in his back pocket. Before he opened the door, he took a deep breath to compose himself.

Obviously he was more than a little surprised to find the rest of the apartment empty. He picked up the shirt and the note from off the coffee table. She had left the faintest trace of her scent on the shirt, maybe the whole room. Even though he felt a twinge of disappointment in his gut, he knew it was all for the best. He would look at this as a definitive break, and now neither one of them had a good reason to contact the other. Don's life could go back to its usual state of nothingness.

He walked into the kitchen to make some coffee but decided to stop at the Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills on the way instead. He'd pick up a Café Mocha for Liz, too. That was her favorite. The thought of Liz made him smile. He acknowledged the tentative hope that maybe nothingness wasn't the right word for "normal" anymore. If he played his cards right, there'd not only be a second date but many more.

He finished his coffee as he pulled into the parking garage at 7:30. He walked up to the metal detector holding the remaining cup in his hand. Megan stepped up behind him in the line. He blushed slightly as she threw a sideways glance at the piece of Styrofoam.

"Why am I guessing that's not for David or Colby or me?" she whispered as they presented their badges at the door to gain admittance.

"You're really going to ride me about this?" he groaned as they stepped into the elevator with about 10 other people. She bit her bottom lip and wiggled her eyebrows. "I guess you are," he conceded. "That's fine. Do what you need to do, Agent Reeves. I'll just keep it all in mind when Dr. Fleinhardt reenters the atmosphere," he grinned mischievously.

Before she could answer, they arrived on their floor. He stopped to let her walk in front of him toward the bullpen. Once they were inside, they both made their way into the break room where half a dozen agents were filling up their coffee cups. Liz wasn't among them. Don swung back through the door and scanned the maze of cubicles to see which desk she had been assigned. He saw the back of her head in the far left corner of the room, where the rest of Keller's team was stationed. She was alone. Perfect. Don approached quietly and placed the beverage on her desk. She turned on her heel and almost fell into him.

"Oh, you scared me!" she exclaimed as she slowly removed her hands from his chest. "I didn't hear you coming. Were you sneaking?"

"Maybe a little. I brought you some coffee."

"Wow, you braved celebrities and independently wealthy people to bring me this?"

"Nah, they aren't up this early. Just regular old working folks like us."

She picked up the cup and took a drink. "Mocha," she smiled. "My favorite, and this one is good. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I would have liked to see you home last night, so I figured this was the next best thing," he let a small smile escape the side of his mouth, not too expressive, but definitely getting his point across.

"Well, I don't have any plans tonight. You could see me home then," she breathed as she crossed in front of him close enough that her breasts just barely brushed his chest.

He took a step back, shook his head and smiled. "I think that can definitely be arranged. I'll find you later, ok?" he couldn't stop smiling. He could do this. He still remembered how.

"You do that," she purred as she walked out of the cubicle.

Don had to wait a moment, partly so that it didn't look like he was following her, and partly because he was pretty sure he was still blushing. A moment later, he headed back to his team in the conference room.

"So, um, are you going to develop relationships with all of Keller's team or just the ones who look like that?" Colby dared to ask.

Don was in such a good mood, he couldn't even chastise the younger agent. He just shook his head directed them all back to their paperwork. They worked pretty quietly for the rest of the day until Don promptly released them at 5 pm. At lunch time, he had made a 9:00 reservation at Koi. He wasn't sure how, maybe he had gotten some of the movie star perks, but he had and they weren't going to lose it. When he was sure Granger was out the door, he ventured back over to Liz's desk to let her know the details. She told him that she would see him a little later that evening.

On his way out, Don stopped at Megan's desk, where she was still sitting, a pencil clamped between her teeth.

"You have plans tonight?" he asked her.

She removed the pencil. "Why? Did you get stood up?"

He grinned. "I'll allow that from you, but no. I was going to say that you should go to Charlie's. I was there two nights ago, and believe me, they could use the company."

"That's thoughtful, Don, but I can't just invite myself over. I'm not family."

"Ah, suit yourself, but I promise you won't be turned away. I could send some files for Charlie or something."

Megan laughed but shook her head. "I'm ok, Don. What about you?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, trying desperately to be cryptic but knowing that he wasn't pulling it off at all.

"You know what I mean. Did you tie up all your loose ends?"

"Yeah. I did. That's over with."


"Really. I'm totally back to normal, maybe even better than normal."

"I'm glad to hear it. You two kids have fun tonight."

"We'll try, Megan," he said as he headed for the elevator. Then he stopped, "Hey, I'm going to grill at Charlie's tomorrow evening, why don't you stop by? I'm planning on heading over there about 5, so anytime."

"Thanks, Don. I'll give you a call. Good night."

"Good night, Megan."

He was almost to the elevator when Megan called out to him, "Don!" He turned. "I'm glad you're back."

He pressed the down button. "So am I."