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She rushed through the corridor of the hall on her way to her room. Her silvery/gold hair flowed out of her two 'odangos' as smoothly gliding behind her. Those were the only things that could be seen as she raced by the guards and other dignitaries.

The Crown Princess of the Silver Millennium or as she was commonly known, Princess Serenrity, knew her mother would have a fit if she knew she was running. She always told her 'ladies don't run, they don't even walk, they glide.'

But she was too happy, to giddy, to impatient to possibly slow down so she was willing to take her mother's wrath when she heard. She didn't hear anything as she ran, she didn't even feel the cool expansive marble on her bare feet.

Once she reached her resting chambers, she opened the door and promptly closed it behind her. She went about lighting the lamps and with her heart in her throat waited with bated breath. When nothing came she went over to the windows that lead to the balcony.

Going outside, she looked at the Earth in the darken sky. Her body hummed with anticipation as she gazed at the planet in blatant adoration. Closing her eyes, she said a silent prayer for everything to work out to whatever God or Goddess that happened to be listening.

"Over here Princess," came a deep voice in what she thought was her empty room.

She turned around, her eyes searching for his. Her gasp of astonishment was loud in the room and a hand went to her heart. "Endymion."

"At your mercy," he mocked bowed to her and with an even greater flourish he stood up. A devilishly smirk was on his face at catching her off guard.

Serenity eyed the handsome man before her, a warmness going through her at his heated perusal of her with his eyes. Licking her lips, she flattened the skirt of her dress. "You're not supposed to be here," she said as calmly as possible when the last thing she wanted to do was talk.

"I had to see you," he told her. His smile showing his fondness of her. "You aren't mad at me for it are you?"

"Of course not," she walked into the room, her steps leading her to him. She couldn't hide the giddiness that was taking her over at being near him. "I am always happy to see my prince."

When she was nothing but a couple of inches away from him, Endymion pulled her to him, his arms curving sensuously along her waist. She was pulled flush against him and she looped her arms loosely around his neck.

She stared up into his beyond gorgeous face; his blues eyes apprehended her and held her captive. Leaning forward, she kissed the side of his face and brushed the hair out of his eyes. "I've missed you."

"It won't be this way long." He told her, speaking of their current situation. Because of the mounting tension between Earth and the Moon, they have ceased all communication and all portholes leading to each planet from the other.

"My mother is working to prove that Earth has nothing to do with the Negaverse." She saw the skepticism on his face and the disbelief was tangible. "No one believes that you have anything to do with it. My mother doesn't think for a minute that you have anything to do with it."

She couldn't wait for the whole mess to be over so her and Endymion could once more pick up their relationship where they left off and not just in private. In the eyes of the public they had cease dating and their engagement was called off.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

"Everything well work out." he forced optimism into his voice because he knew she wanted him to believe that everything would be ok. "And we will take care of the Queen Beryl and then we will get married."

A slow grin appeared on her lips and her pixie like features lit up at the thought of finally being his wife. "You want to me marry me?" she asked teasingly. She tightened one of her arm around his neck and stood up on tiptoes.

Raising his arms, he unclipped one 'odango' and then another. She shook her hair out and in a blur of sliver and gold, her lovely mane of hair was set free. He finger combed his hand through her, the feel of her it was like gossamer and silk running through his fingers.

He tore his gaze away form her riveting hair and met her lustrous gaze. "Someone has to make an honest woman out of you…it might as well be me."

Serenity giggled and leaned her face forward, their foreheads touching. "You're the one who made me a dishonest woman to begin with." She traced his lips with her index finger, caressing him with a feather like touch.

His husky chuckle was her only reply. Leaving his lips, she stroked his face on her journey to his luxurious black hair. Soft, sensual light blue orbs looked into hunger filled stormy ones. Without leaving his gaze, her fingers sunk into the softness of his hair and tugged his head down to settle her lips over his.

Playfully her lips hovered over his, touching yet not touching. She nipped at his bottom lips before she settled her lips over his, kissing him breathless. He opened his mouth to her seeking tongue and they lovingly played a game of follow the leader.

The kiss was slow and sensuously erotic and had Endymion craving more. He wanted -no- needed a deeper connection. He always needed more from her, one taste was never enough. It was that thought in mind that had him pushing her into the wall, his hand insistent on her clothes.

A low moan sounded in her throat and she rose on her tip-toes to prolong the feeling of excitement that coursed through her body. Sensations assaulted her, feelings of love, want and insatiable passion. Serenity would always want this man and if she were to be frank with herself she would never want it any other way.

"Need to be any where?" he gruffly asked against her neck, his teeth and lips nibbling and suckling the tender skin.

Her breath caught in her throat and she tilted her head back to give him more access. She shook her head and murmured a negative response. Her hands went to his shirt where she started unbuttoning it from the bottom. "Why?" she panted once his hand cupped a breast through her dress.

"I don't want anything or anyone interrupting us." He thumbed her nipple in awakening until it was erect. She arched her back, pushing her breast forward.

She never understand how he could so this to her, how it didn't take much for her to come alive in his arms, just a look, a touch here, a kiss there and she was nothing more than a mass of desire. A mass of desire that whose entire being revolved around him.

Endymion was surprised as her hands came up, brought his face down and kissed him. He groaned as her teeth nipping his bottom lip before sweetly entering his mouth. He pulled her closer still and could have cried at the divine feel of her lips against his own. He parted the velvety softness of her lips with his tongue and delved into the moist sweetness.

Her body shivered as heat so pronounced and profound plagued her body. Her breasts grew heavy and the tingling down her spine increased. Her nipples grew tight the tightening in them drew the beginning signs of wetness between her thighs. She squirmed to get closer to him, her leg wrapping around one of his.

They parted for the breath, both heavily gasping. He spanned her waist and found the zipper at the back. Leaving a tiny kiss on her bare shoulder, he pulled the zipper down. She did a little shimmy and the strapless white gown fell down her rounded hips, shapely thighs to circle her ankle.

Endymion had thought he hadn't been able to breathe before but he found out the true meaning of the word once he saw her perfect, high round breast and curvilinear body. "Perfection," he uttered and with hands full of revere he cupped the globes.

He looked up into her face, their eyes meeting. The shared passion between them strengthened their bond with every heavy breath they took. "You are so beautiful," he planted a small kiss on her mouth, "inside and out."

She stroked the side of his face and smiled sweetly at him. "I love you." She completed the task of removing his shirt and when she was done she helped him shrugged it off.

Throughout the time as she undressed him, their eyes conveyed their deep feelings for each other. Feelings that words could never even begin to describe. "And I you." He stepped out of the clothes and proudly stood before her.

Serenity chewed on her bottom lip as her eyes went to the strong jut of his erection. Despite the countless of times she has seen proof of his desire for her, she felt a blush stain her cheeks.

He chuckled and picked her up from puddle of her dress. Carrying her in his arms, he walked her to the large canopy bed. He brushed aside the girlish, gauzy material that provided the bed with some protection.

Placing her in the middle of it, her giggle of girlish excitement was quieted when he fished out a pocket knife after taking off his shoes. She watched with bated breath as he trailed the tip of the sharp knife up her leg.

As If this was part of the foreplay the heat within her grew. He severed the side of the underwear on both sides of her hip. Once she was naked, he took her mouth in fierce kiss.

Endymion's hand deferentially touched her body. His hands gently caressed her trembling body, finding pleasure points that had her straining. He went up her silken, toned thighs and nudged them apart.

Serenity willingly parted her legs as deep in her core desire took a dangerous pitch higher. She closed her eyes and her body tensed of its own volition, waiting for the first simple contact.

"Relax," he breathed before he clamped his lips over the small nub of her breast, he sucked tenderly, and one hand lay teasingly where her wetness lay, waiting and ready. His finger coiled around the curls that protected her femininity.

With her eyes scrunched tight and her pelvis arched into his hand Evangeline let out a puff of air. "I can't" she airily said. The suckling of his mouth on her breast had her moans increasing and when his hand trace the tender fold she buck against his hand and let out a sharp scream.

His fingers grew more bold and unrelenting as he fondled her. She couldn't stay still as waves of unchecked pleasure crashed though her system. The hunger came back, all of it with such vengeance and it left her screaming his name.

In order to quiet her, Endymoin took her mouth in a searing kiss as his finger plunge inside her moist opening. He swallowed her cries and gave her back his own. She was tight and wet, and her inner wall clung to his fingers and he let out a groan. He rubbed and ground his fingers into her, her body arching up to meet his thrusting fingers.

She turned her head, no longer able to keep kissing him with the current rushing through her. Her hips moved side to side, her abundant hair matted down with the sweat she was exerting. Her arms went around his back, stroking and gripping the hard muscle.

Endymion's arousal got more painful and just from hearing her moan, feeling her body sheathing his fingers, he almost nearly came right there. But patience was a virtue and all good things came to those who wait. He planted small kisses along her collarbone down her heaving breast and meanwhile his thumb found her swollen clitoris.

"Make love to me," she told him, caught up in an exquisite wave of pleasure.

He had plans on taking this slow and bringing her to the hilt over and over but hearing her voice asking him to make love to her was more then he could take. Resting his weights on his arms he hovered over his and she spread her legs wider.

She kissed his shoulder, her hands roaming his muscled back. She murmured her undying love in his ears, told him of her want for him. One hand went down between their bodies to take hold of his arousal.

He grunted and hissed between his teeth and fisted his hand in her hair. Her hands felt good on his aching erection and he closed his eyes and swore beneath his breath. He counted once he felt the pressure increase; he knew it wouldn't be long, not when the visions of her naked body played behind his eyeballs.

With sure hands, he tipped her up and plunged into the damp heat of her heated core with a harsh moan of unbridled lust. Heaven. That what it felt like to be in her. Her warmth all around him, her thighs around his hips meeting his every thrust.

Usagi woke up gasping and her heart beating a mile a minute. There was a fine sheet of perspiration covering her skin as if she had done something exerting beside just waking up.

She didn't need to know that her creamy white complexion was flush a rosy hue. That the nipples of her breast were hard and it wasn't from the cold. Her eyes looked about the dark room unhurriedly and she couldn't shake off the tingles that race up and down her spin.

Her breast felt unnaturally heavy and tender and there was wetness between her thighs that hadn't been there when she went to bed. She felt shaken and had a desire for completion.

"Not another one," she groaned out loud. She brought her hand to her heart trying to mentally slow down her heartbeat. She blushed when she remembered the dream, remembered what woke her up.

For days now she's been having these wet dreams that would wake her up in the middle of the night on the brink of something. She groaned at how empty and lonely she always felt once she awakened.

"They feel so real," she muttered mostly to herself and was glad that Luna, her talking cat, had decided to temporarily move in with Amy. They felt real because they were real—back then anyway.

They were memories, memories of a time long past. Memories of when she was called Serenity and was the next ruler of the Moon Kingdom. Usagi had never realize until she started having these dreams the depth of passion that was between her -er- Serenity and Endymion.

She had expected the love and she supposed desire but not like this. It was like the need to be with each other took over everything in their life. It was a desperation to express their love before everything they knew would be over that surprised her.

Sitting up in the bed, she wondered for the thousands time why was she having these dreams. She was too embarrassed to bring up her dreams to her best friends and she would die of humiliation if she had to talk to Mamoru about them.

At the thought of her long time boyfriend who just so happen to be her soul mate, her blush took on new heights. "Stop being a foolish girl," she told herself in a berating tone. She was all alone with no one but her thoughts and she couldn't stop blushing.

Usagi took a deep, steadying breath to calm her racing thoughts and body. She swung her legs to the side of the bed and stumbled over her disorderly floor on the way to the bathroom.

Once there she begun her midnight ritual of washing her face with cool water yet it never did anything to chase away the heat that still clung to her. Once done she turned on the lights and proceed to clean up the secretion at the apex of her thighs.

After putting her soiled underwear in the dirty bin, she don on a clean one. She tried hard not to look in the mirror above the sink but she couldn't help her self. Her eyes were involuntarily drawn to itself. With an absurd fascination, she looked at her reflection.

Her lips were swollen as if they had been kissed, her eyes were light and with an emotion in them she didn't recognize. Inhaling deeply, she turned away from her image. She couldn't stand to see herself looking like a woman who knew the touch of the man she loved.

Especially since that wasn't her reality.