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"Whose side are you on? Mine or Usagi's?"

Aghast, Mina paled. She did not just ask her that? That question was impossible to answer and the dark haired woman knew it. Rei was one of her best friends, a fellow Senshi but Usagi…Usagi was everything. "I can't believe you just asked me that."

"I believe she did…and I would like an answer to the question as well."

Both young women turned and watched, dazed and scared as Luna came out of the shadow, a disgusted look on her face as she regarded Rei. "Whose side are you on, Minako?"

"Luna!" both girls gasped as the cat came out of the darkness that had hid her so well for who knows how long.

Luna ignored the way her name fell off their lips and walked closer to them, eyeing them both warily. She could smell the fear that rolled off of them in waves and took no glory in it.

Rei and Minako looked at each other, both thinking the same thing: how much did she hear? Would they be able to do damage control if she heard too much? Could they say anything to make up for what might have been heard?

Apprehension danced off them in waves as they tried to control their reactions and slow their heartbeat. They couldn't be guilty if they didn't act so. Maybe Luna didn't hear anything at all besides the last line? They silently agreed they would play it safe and act like nothing was amiss.

"Why are you so serious, Luna?" Minako questioned, her voice filled with forced cheerfulness as she faked a smile. "Rei was just joking! Sheesh!" she giggled.

"Ye-yeah, Luna," Rei agreed. She took a tentative step forward while attempting to appear serene. Her hands grew moist with perspiration, and she wiped it down on her clothes. Coughing slightly, she ran her fingers through her hair. "We were talking about…. a group thing we were going to do..."

"Oh?" The two letter word sounded so much harsher than it should have. Cat shrewd eyes took in every nervous twitch and every uneasy looks which passed between them.

Minako looked towards her fellow companion, panic entering her eyes. "We were--um--just in the--ah--planning stages." Lying on the spot was not her favorite pastime and it wasn't something she excelled at. "We were thinking of questions we could ask each other…dumb, I know," she laughed nervously, peeking at Rei inconspicuously.

Dark hair swayed as the other girl nodded vigorously. "We didn't want to tell you since we didn't think you'd want to come and it wasn't even ah..." Rei stammered over her words, losing the confidence her voice usually held. "Senshi-related," she finished weakly.

"I was not born yesterday, you know." Her tone was low; her eyes seemed to glow as she fixed her unwavering stare on them. Disappointment was prevalent in her hard gaze and she shook her head.

"What do you mean?" they stammered simultaneously. They shared a fearful look before looking back at their guardian. They were screwed.

"I heard." She said quietly and, with that, her presence loomed larger than life. She was suddenly a force to be reckoned with; not a little cat they could pick up and put somewhere else to ignore.

The two girls shared a look once more. Oh, shit. "Wha-whatever you think you heard, you heard wrong." Rei fumbled to say. Be cool, she told herself. I can spin this. Licking her lips fretfully she said, "You must have taken whatever we said out of context…"

The cat, if possible, scowled. "Are you saying I didn't hear with my own ears you admitting to coveting our Princess's boyfriend?"

Licking her lips, Rei adverted her eyes from the penetrating stare. She couldn't take the accusing glare full on, especially with her growing guilt. "I...ah—"

Luna continued to advance on the raven-haired miko. "Did I not hear you say how you couldn't stand her?"

"Well-" Once again, she was cut off. She took a step backward for every step that was taken towards her.

"How she makes you sick?" Luna stopped moving, disenchantment making her heart hurt. "Don't tell me you can't speak now?" Her voice was cryptically sarcastic. "You were saying so much earlier."

"Luna," Minako interrupted the interrogation, much to the other girl's relief. She stepped between them so that Luna would be forced to deal with her instead. "You misunderstood," she lied.

"Do not get me started on you!" The cat paced back and forth angrily. "You were supposed to be helping Usagi not consorting with that and wasting your time."

"Excuse me!" Rei cut in, indignant. She may have been wrong but she wasn't about to be disrespected. "I have a name!"

"I am trying to help Usa-" Minako tried to disagree before Luna cut her off, something which had developed into a habit within the conversation.

"You could have fooled me! I should have gone to Amy…" Their guardian shook her head, regretting her choice of trusting Minako with something she obviously was not responsible enough to handle.

Hurt, the blonde started, "I did-"

"No! Save me your lies! I thought better of you, I wanted your judgment to be better and I had so hope…."

"I did well!" Minako defended her self, color splashing her cheeks with checked anger. She didn't deserve to be attacked just because she wanted to be a friend and help Rei.

Luna scoffed, "Well to whose standards? Certainly not mine. I told you not to go with Rei when we discussed brining someone else in." She glared at her, placing blame on her feet. "I told you I didnt trust Rei with the situation but you didn't listen and did what you wanted to! Now looked what happened! You spent all your time on a traitor when Usagi could be in danger…."

Rei gasped, "I'm not a traitor!" She refuted and pushed the blonde away so she could see the cat clearly. "I've been here!" Rei started and she furiously looked down to reign in her legendary temper. When she felt in better control of it, she looked up. "What have you done for her Luna? Huh? Beside nag her to death? Nothing! Where the hell were you when the going got tough? I'll tell you where you were safe and sound! Unlike me!"

"Wait just a min-"

"Oh, shut up! Don't stand there on your high horse like you've been there fore Usagi and I haven't. I have! I've been there every step of the fucking way." Rei voice rose with volume as she pointed violently towards her self to make her point. "I've died more times for that girl than I can remember and you know what? I would gladly do it again!"

Luna scoffed. She wasn't impressed by her impassioned speech. "Save it for someone that doesn't see through your charade, Rei. You're pathetic. A pathetic jealous shrew."

Rei's refusal was on the tip of her tongue but the lie wouldn't pass. She turned her head away, ashamed. Luna was right. She was jealous of Usagi; jealous that she got the gorgeous hunky prince; jealous of all the glory of being the princess, fawned over and adored by every one.

"You disgust me," Luna uttered softly. "You aren't the woman, the senshi, I had hoped you to be. You brought shame not only to yourself and to us, but to the planet Mars."

Minako's eyes widened in shock at what Luna had said, and her eyes went to the other woman's and saw her head rear back as if she were slapped. "She didn't mean it," she told the now snubbed senshi, retracting the comment for Luna.

"Yes, she did," Rei responded, deadly calm. She refused to let her hurt show and gave Luna any more power. "I'm deemed a traitor now? For not wanting to kiss Usagi's ass? For wanting to be seen more than just her pretty bodyguard?"

"No, and you know it." began Luna, "It's a shame you felt you had to do all of this to "be seen more than just her pretty bodyguard". I hope, for your sake, it was worth it and even if it wasn't I have to admit you can't be trusted."

Tears pricked the back of her eyes but she forced down the emotions that wanted to be unleashed. "Screw you Luna," Rei spat, no longer wanting to hold back the hurt and rage she felt. She knew no other way to release her hurt so she lashed out. It was the one thing she did best. "And screw Usagi too.'" She crossed her arms over her chest, her stance defiant. "I'm a traitor? I can't be trusted? Go to hell!"

"Rei!"' Minako exclaimed, horrified at the words Rei so carelessly used. "Stop it," she demanded of both of them and grabbed hold of the other woman's shoulder. "You are not making this better." She turned towards the silent, seething cat. "She didn't mean it—any of it," she cried desperately.

"On the contrary, I think for the first time in years Rei is saying exactly what she means." Luna tsked under her breath. Who would have thought her coming over to ask Rel to use the Great Fire on behalf of Usagi would have been such a rude awakening!

A bad feeling suddenly encompassed the Senshi of Love and she knew all was lost. In this moment, Minako knew the dynamics between them have changed. How could it not? She looked from her teammate to their advisor and sighed tiredly. She felt helpless and knew there was nothing she could say or do to help the situation.

"I think…we should just take a break. You know, a breather. Talk about this some more when we all have calmed down…"

Luna refused. "I have no words for traitors. All that I've had to say has already been said."

"Wa-it! Luna no!" Minako turned towards Rei, pleading with her eyes to say something, anything. "I can't do it," she hopelessly admitted, "it's on you."

Rei stubbornly looked away, her face impassive. She's given away enough and wasn't going to give an inch. "If that's the way you feel," she stiffly responded.

"Stop it you guys!" Minako jumped up and down, clamored for their attention, but they both refused to look in her direction. "You guys are acting stupid! Stop!" She screamed yet she still got no reaction from either. How the heck did a conversation which had started so promising turn to mayhem?

Seconds which felt like an eternity of tense silence passed before Luna turned to face them, her crescent moon on her forehead illuminating. "It is time we go Minako but before we do," she stopped before Rei's feet. "I require the henshin back."

The girls gasped, both equally stunned. "Wha-what?" Rei whispered, bafflement ringing in her tone as she took a step back. "You can't…no!" She didn't--no! She refused to believe what she had just heard. It was hers! Hers! She couldn't possibly give it away, she wouldn't.

"I can and I have," Luna responded. "Give me the pen, Rei."

Minako stared at the cat, shocked stupid. She wasn't serious was she? Unconsciously, she clung to her own pen in her subpocket and caressed the smooth length. She couldn't bear to part with her pen. Being Sailor Venus was and is her, it was such a big part of her and she knew Rei felt the same. They all did.

She had to reason with Luna; tell her she was stepping too far. Yes, Rei shouldn't be feeling this way but other than her feelings she hasn't done anything wrong. She's always done the right thing and has never wavered from it. Surely that earned her something!

"This is ridiculous," she begun, holding Luna's eyes, "We can't lose Sailor Mars nor her talents! It would be a big mistake!"

"It's a mistake I'm willing to make."

"Well it's not one I'm willing to take. We need her and –"

"And nothing!" Luna cut in, her eyes shrewdly cutting Rei down. "As you and Usagi are so quick to say, we are at a time of peace and have been for years now. It's highly unlikely as of now we will need her 'talents.'"

"You don't get to do this!" Minako cried out, as she once agan stepped in front of Rei. " We are a team! You don't get to make a decision like this without all of us in agreement and there is no way in hell we would agree to this Luna."

"Usagi wouldn't want this," Rei said, a cocky tilt to her head. She sighed, breathing tad easier. The girls wouldn't want her off the team, they wouldn't. The last thing Usagi would want is for her to be off the team. In fact, she would pitch a fit if she knew what Luna was trying to do.

Bitter laughter spilled from the cat's throat. "You have some audacity mentioning her name to me! Do you really think Usagi would understand and stick by you once I tell her of your treachery?
This is not a situation to be taken lightly and I have every right," Luan said directing this to the blonde, "I do not trust you and I certainly would not have a traitor watching Serenity's back."

The words had Rei stumbling backwards in shock, though she didn't know why. Luna had already called her a traitor and made her contempt for her known but she still hadn't expected it. She was now unfit to watch over Serenity? That hurt.

"Do not make me take it by force. Save the little to no dignity you have left and hand it over."

"No!" she cried as she wanted to run and fight but her feet remained frozen on the ground. "I won't," she declared. How would she survive? Who was she if not Sailor Mars?

"So be it,"

Both girls watched wide eyes as Luna did a flip—much like the flip she had done to give the pen to begin with--and took the Mars pen without breaking a sweat.

Rei stood there, broken.

Heart hardened to the younger woman's sorrow, Luna gathered herself together. "Let's go Minako." Luna turned her back to the girls and started walking away.

"I...ah-I-I-I," Minako stuttered, her mind still baffled on how Luna took back the pen as she held on tightly to hers. Fear held her mouth wordless; could she do the same to her? Would she?

"Now Minako…unless your loyalty lies more to her?"

She looked between the two, her heart wanting to stay to comfort Rei but she couldn't. Didn't. "I'm sorry Rei…." Minako whispered to her as she followed slowly behind the cat.

Next day (after school)

"I'm so tired," Usagi proclaimed behind her covered mouth after she yawned. Sluggishly, she made her way up the stairs. Going in her room, she dropped her school bag by the door and fell face first onto her bed.

"I'll just take a little nap. Just five minutes," she told herself as her lids fell heavily.

"Usagi!" thundered her brother's voice at her room's entrance.

She staggered to her feet, alert. "What? What happened?" Where they being attacked? Was Luna and Rei right after all? She reached for her broach in the middle of her blouse ready to transform.

He gave her weird look, "O-kay Crack much?….anyway I'm hungry."

Adrenaline gone, she fell to the bed. "Go away, Shingo! I'm tired."

"Tired?" her brother shrieked, proving that he was indeed her brother, and then stepped into her room fully and blinked at the badly painted purple walls. "From doing what? You don't do anything. Except sleep," he snorted.

"Go away, brat!" she demanded with as much energy she could muster. She even threw a pillow at him and, despite her tiredness, it hit him right in the head with alarmingly accuracy. She smiled wistfully; throwing that tiara for months always proved useful at times like these….

"If you don't feed me I'm going to tell Mom you spent the entire time at Mamo-chan's--" He made little kissing noises while gagging-- "and that you barely came home."

"Whatever," Usagi replied, way to fatigued to care about the blatant lie he was going to tell their parents. "Mamo-chan is going to come later…call him and tell him to bring you something to eat."

His brow furrowed. "You're giving me permission to talk to your boyfriend?" he asked, astonished. She never let him talk to Mamoru over the phone, citing that he would tell him evil tales.

"I just want to sleeeep," she whined while drawing out the word. At this point she was willing to tell him who his major crush, Sailor Venus, was just so he would leave her alone. Yawning, she turned over in her bed and closed her eyes.

He became worried as it appeared as if she suddenly fell asleep. Did people go to sleep that fast? Usagi's been exhausted a lot lately and he remembered his parents talking about how she wasn't eating as robustly. When his parent's first asked him if he noticed anything strange about her not eating, he had cracked, "Good! There might be some food left for us."

Feeling guilty that he never noticed that not all was right with his sister, he chewed on his bottom lip. What should he do? Call Mom? Wake her up? Deciding to take the latter option, he bent by her bed. He stared at her sleeping form, unsure. He shook her gently and when she didn't immediately wake up, harder.

"What!" Usagi demanded as she sat up and for a moment she looked so scary that Shingo took a couple steps back. "I'm tired, damn it!"

"Are you pregnant?" he blurted out.

"What?" Usagi whispered all traces of sleep gone as the color drain from her face. "What did you say?"

Blushing now, he shuffled his feet. "I mean it makes sense," he said defensively. "You and Mamoru have been together forever now and it's not like other people aren't having sex and him being older and…."

My kid brother did not just ask me if I'm pregnant! She blushed and turned away, embarrassed. "What made you ask me that?"

"You're tired all the time and not eating right? Isn't that what some pregnant women go through?" When no answer came, he peered at her stomach trying to see if the fat that protruded could be because a fetus lay tucked within her womb. "Well, are you?"

She sighed, "No, im not. I go through a lot, you know? And dang, can't I just be tired without every one wondering why?"

"Is it because of those dreams you've been having?"

Face beet red now, Usagi eyes widened and her heartbeat increased. "Ho-how did you know about my dreams?"

He shrugged. "I heard you talk about your dreams a couple times and how they keep you awake. If they are nightmares, Usa, all you have to do is face them."

Usagi released the breath she hadn't been aware she was holding. He didn't know anything. "They aren't bad dreams, Shingo…I just don't know what they are about...If they mean anything…."

Curious, he tilted his head to the side. "Why not?"

"Becau…." She didn't finish her sentence when she realized that she didn't have an answer. Why not? Why not, indeed. This entire time she's been trying to figure out why this was happened to her but never considered that there might be a sign to those dreams.

"Thank you, Shingo!" Standing up, she gave into the emotion she was going through and hugged her brother, laying a big kiss on his cheek.

"Ewww," he said and made a show of wiping off her kiss even though he smiled. "Your welcome….I'm still hungry."

She rolled her eyes and they say she only thought of food? "Go call Mamo-chan...and order me something, too." She added the last part as in afterthought to show her little brother that she was eating.

He nodded and closed the door behind him.

She sighed, her mind buzzing with the new ideas of what these dreams could mean. It had to be about the past right? Walking to the small window in her room she gazed outside and saw the little kids playing in the street and smiled.

Her pregnant? The idea was laughable yet the idea of carrying Mamoru's child was anything but. Usagi placed her hand over her stomach and instead of thinking of Chibi-Usa, she saw, in her mind's eyes, a baby with dark blue eyes and light blonde hair on the crown of its head.

Her eyes open in shock, the baby was a boy. Was she going to have a son? The image came too clear for her dispel it. Excitement bubbled up inside her and she yawned. The tiredness from earlier coming back in doves and she leaned heavily against the window.

"Later," she murmured as she made her way to her bed. She would sleep first--no more than 10 minutes--and then think more about her conundrum.

"…..What else do Terran women do?"

Endymion groaned at her line of questioning, he had hoped suggesting they bathe—together— she would have forgotten what his foolish guard had declared in front of Serenity albeit jokingly.

"Tell me, Endy," she pleaded as she wiped the towel over his chest after soaking it in soapy water. He sat in front of her, his back to her chest. She murmured softly as she shifted so he was nestled more comfortably between her spread thighs.

"Serenity…" he hesitated in answering since he didn't want her to compare herself to women who weren't even in her league. When it came to her princess duties as future dispenser of justice, Serenity was all confidence. But when it came to her as a woman and not in official capacity, she was a dove without wings.

"Please?" she asked in such a soft voice that his resolve crumbled. She tenderly combed her fingers through his hair, "I wish to know.",

"They cook," he weakly answered, he shifted between her thighs, hands resting on her highs. Lazily, he touched her soft skin in wide circles and other patterns that came to mind.

She chuckled, "I would hope so." She tilted his head back so it rested on her shoulder and gave his lips a light, teasing kiss. Serenity wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled his neck. "This is nice," she whispered quietly. She cupped the bubbly warm water and dropped it over his pectorals and began rubbing it in.

Endymion leaned into her and sighed as her fingers worked their magic over tense shoulder and neck. Cupping water in her hands, she used it to massage his shoulders. She continued the massage finding his muscles strong beneath her hands, but tight and knotted from stress.

"Jadeite said women from other planets could not do nor imagine half the things Terran women do…what did he mean?" Her curiosity got the better of her and the more he refused to tell her, the more she wanted to know.

He relaxed completely against her, his eyes closing. He was so tranquil at the moment he didn't mind answering her question, "He meant sex, Serenity."

Her eyes widened and her hands stilled their movement on his skin as a blush took over her cheeks. "Sex?" she muttered so low that he had to strain to hear and he couldn't help but laugh at her.

"Yes." He squeezed her legs and an old woman saying entered his mind then. "If you can't stand the heat…." His Serenity was so innocent that at times he found it intoxicating yet astounding. She was naked, in a tub, with a nekkid man between her thighs yet a blush suffused her cheeks at the mention of a mere word.

She found a particular knotted muscle and dug into it with her thumb. Hard. He gasped at the unexpected pain but quickly relaxed again as her fingers slowly swept over his shoulders.

"I do not find it amusing," she pouted. She could feel his muscles begin to loosen up and smiled in satisfaction that she was able to alleviate the tension in his body.

"It wasn't," he agreed, his mouth still smiling. "Don't be miffed, Princess," he cajoled. "I like your innocence, it's sweet."

She thought about it for a second, her hands no longer moving around his upper body. Is that how Terran women differed from me? She wondered. Serenity was "sweet" when it came to sex whereas they were not?

Not wanting to be thought of as "sweet" she leaned forward as an idea formed in her mind. "Am I sweet now?" she huskily asked in his ear, her hard nipples pressing against his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist so that each foot was on his spread thighs. Her hand at his thighs, so very close…..

His body froze and he suddenly took in a breath. Would she? He wondered briefly as the sexual awareness that had simmered below the surface broke free with her words. He captured a foot in his hand, gently kneading it. "Yes," he answered his voice gruff with desire. "You are always sweet, milady."

She cupped his erection in her wet hands, finding it strange to grip him beneath the water. He groaned at the feel of her hand around him and stiffened further when she pumped her hand around him. "Now?"

At her words, he t halted her hand and turned around so that they were facing each other and proceeded to cup her face in his wet hands. Their lips met half way, finding the other with a sweetness that squeezed her heart until the kiss quickly became more lustful in its intent.

As her hands firmly stroked his bare back and she sat there so close to him, Serenity felt the now familiar sensations of warmth and yearning sweep through her. She couldn't get close enough and buried her hands in his hair, her lips opening beneath his prying ones. Somehow they shifted for when they parted she was in front of him. And no longer was her back to the tub but his and his hands perched on her slim, rounded hips.

She licked the bottom of his lip as she reached between them and once again took hold of his arousal. Her finger moving tantalizingly slow over the tip. "Still sweet?"

Endymion was barely able to mask the growl that threatened to escape once her soft hands grasped him. He palmed the roundness of her buttocks, kneading the soft yet firm flesh. He kissed his way down her chin and up to one of her ears, tugging gently on the earlobe with his teeth. He sucked the fleshy part into his mouth. "Always sweet," he replied as he nibbled on the spot behind her which caused tingles to race up and down her body.

He groaned as her hands got into a rhythm of fast strokes around his circumference which she fully couldn't seize. His eyes closed to concentrate more on the pleasure she was giving him as his hand tightened around her. The blood rushed through his head as his heart rate suddenly picked up and any rational thought escaped him.

"Am I better?" she inquired as she nuzzled his neck, her breath coming out in spurts. Soft lips trailed down his neck, leaving sharp nips here and there and then laving any hurt it might have caused.

"Sere-nity?" he said her name on a gasp since her teasing hand slowed down. The difference of speed she used over his tumescence presented a shocking difference.

She smiled at his obvious lack of control and how it was usually her in this position. Serenity ran her free hand along his thigh, feeling his muscle tremble at her touch. His manhood begun to throb more forcefully and the force had her hand tightening in his hand. He was very close…

She moved her free hand up and softly cradled his testicles, drawing an intense moan from him as his body jerked sharply. Kissing his chest, her tongue swirled around his nipple while never letting up with her hands.

"Sere--," he groaned and regretfully stopped her hands. "I nee--," he took in a deep breath to hold back the dam of emotion, "I need you to stop, Serenity,"

She stopped, hurt crossing her features. "Why? Am I doing it wrong? Is it not what your women do?"

"I care not what they do," he told her, his hands cupping her face. "All I require you to do is to be you, Serenity. That's it." His head swooped down to capture her lips in a deep, greedy kiss. She moaned against his mouth, her arms encircling his broad shoulders, her fingers already tangling fiercely within his inky, black hair.

Serenity leaned deeper into him, her eyes closing after reopening for a nanosecond when she felt the touch of his hands on her stomach. His skillful hands dipped below the water and found it's way between her thighs.

Endymion cupped her breast and kneaded the soft flesh. She moaned into the kiss, her nails leaving crescent moons on his back. His mouth left hers to gently suckle on the harden peak.

Serenity's thigh muscles clench in anticipation and her eyelids grew heavy once she felt his touch on her upper inner thigh. The first brush of his hand tenderly stroking the wet flesh between her thighs drew a moan of pleasure from her. She arched her hips into his finger wantonly while circling her hips to draw out the heat. Delicious sensations coursed wildly throughout her veins with every beat of her heart.

She gasped his name and her hand went to his shoulders, clutching him tightly. Spreading her thighs wider with his other hand, Endymion slipped his finger inside. Serenity's eyes rolled in the back of her head as he caressed her from within after adding a second digit. Her inner walls clenched at his finger and laid her head on her shoulders, her breathing heavy.

She bit his shoulder, mounting desire rocking her frame. She clung onto him tighter, his name on her the tip of tongue and ending out in a near scream. She, too, stopped his hands and weakly lifted her head.

"Make love to me," she huskily whispered as she took matters into her own hand and removed his hand from its spot and straddled his thighs. She lovingly caressed his face with her wet hands and kissed his lips just as he hoisted her directly over his protuberance

Serenity shuddered as she felt the tip at her entrance and her breath caught in her throat. Her knees were bent on either side of his hipbone and if she wiggled a certain way, he would be inside her. She broke away from the kiss, her head falling back and her hair that had fallen from atop her head descended into water.

She moaned as she felt his lips on her arched neck, reddening the skin there. She rocked her hips against his and pushed down onto him and engulfed him in her heat. Endymion groaned at the tight feel and waited as she slowly lifted her self which was surprisingly easy with the aiding water and then came down onto him once more.

"You feel…," he couldn't continue the sentence as she then begun to ride him with her hands brace on his shoulders as leverage. His entire body tensed and focused only on where their bodies met. Feeling himself sliding, Endymion righted himself.

Gripping her hips in his strong grip, he moved his mouth up her throat until his lips covered hers. He cupped the back of her neck and slanted her lips under his. With sure hands, he tipped her up more and plunged forward into the damp heat of her heated core with a harsh moan of unbridled lust. He nearly came right there with her warmth all around him, her body around him eagerly meeting his every thrust upward.

His tongue pushed inside, touching hers, the heat and taste like nothing she has known before him and knew she would never know after. Behind her closed lids she saw sparks of different colors as her body shook with chaotic pleasure.

As air become necessary, the frenzied kiss ended and he buried his face in the crane of her neck. The water swished around them with their frantic movement. Endymion took huge gulps of hair as his head began to swam with the incredible sensation, his hips plunged harder and deeper into her alcove as he felt her tighten around him.

Serenity groaned his name and dug her fingernails into his back. She nearly jumped out of her skin when he touched the bundle of nerves between her thighs. She bit her bottom lip and keened at the unexpected yet thoroughly enjoyed the contact.

Endymion's thrusts picked up pace as they lost their rhythm to expedite the ultimate pleasure. Trying to force out the pleasure, he lifted his head to look at her scrunched up face. "Sere—" he expelled a breath in a heady rush as she consciously tightened and then un-tightened her muscle around him…

Sensations coursed through her and she lost her breath when he bent her body backwards just enough so he could lave at her nipple. She gripped him harder, her body losing itself in a haze of erotic pleasure. Higher she went, as he possessed and consumed her body, over and over….


"What's going on?" Makoto questioned once Ami had arrived. Rei had yet to show up. "It's not like Rei to be tardy."

Minako, guilty, looked down as the shake she had once been drinking with gusto went thickly down her throat. She pushed it away from her and what had transpired came back to her with a vengeance. "I wouldn't expect Rei…"

"Why?" Ami gently inquired. "Did she say something to you?"

Looking down, the sole blonde had no idea how to tell her fellow senshi what had taken place yesterday and that, as of now, Rei was no longer a part of the team and therefore had no reason to come to their little gathering. She shook her head no. "You know, Rei doesn't talk much…"

"It's bad enough Usagi barely comes anymore and now Rei? What the heck is going on here?" Makoto demanded.

Ami nodded, agreeing completely with the tall brunette. "It makes no sense, really. Usagi suddenly stops coming and now Rei, who would never ever miss this, is not here."

Guilt ate at her that she wasn't sharing information they deserved to know, she continued to look down. Damn Luna! If she hadn't been so harsh, so unrelenting maybe it wouldn't have come down to this. All the way home, Minako pleaded with Luna to change her mind, to take it back but she wouldn't. She stonily looked ahead and ignored her.

"I just don't know what's happening to us," Ami admitted, sadness coating her tone. "We used to be so tight and now...this," she waved at the two empty chairs. "It's not too long before school is over and we must all go to University. Different ones."

Understanding, each took hold of the blue haired girl. "We are going to be friends forever," said Makoto, a bit misty eyed. "We are a family and nothing can come between us."

Minako nodded although she didn't think it was all true. Luna tore up their family and didn't regret. Unfortunately, she felt she was so right that she was steadfast in her decision and had no plans on changing her minds. And Rei would never say anything, she would never "lower" herself before the small cat to ask to come back to the team. "We don't need to be physically together to be together. Look how far we've come? Five completely different girls all came together to save the world, that kind of bond does not deteriorate..."

"Yeah, your right." Amy smiled softly at them and sighed. "It would be nice if all of us could be together again…"

Don't hold your breath, Minako sadly thought. That day wouldn't come anytime soon. She had to tell them! She needed to stop being a coward and just tell them. "I have something I have to tell you guys…about Rei."

"What about her?"

All two pairs of eyes went to her. "She is ah well…." She couldn't do it. She just couldn't tell them that Rei was no longer part of the team, that everything has change. Looking in their curious eyes, she averted her gaze. How would they take it? She wondered, would they agree with Luna and deem Rei a traitor or would they be like her and stand by her? She'd like to think they would be like her but there was really no way of knowing for sure.

Even though, she understsood and supported Rei, a small part of her was still baffled. Minako believed she was able to sympathizewith the fallen woman because she was the Senshi of Love and intrinsically accepted that love was a thing one couldn't control. No matter how many years had gone by since...She sighed and lied. "She's fine, I'm sure. Probably tired or something…"

"Are you sure?" Makoto questioned., not agreeing with the other girl's assessment. "Rei's been really aggressive lately more so than usual."

Ami cocked her head slightly to the side as she threaded her hands together, breaking the contact between them. "Rei does seem more wound up but it could be finals..."

"Naw. If it was you it would make sense but Rei?" The tall brunette shook her head and twirled the ends of her hair. "Rei never gave school that much importance that it would affect her this way. What happened that day when her and Usagi fought...that was ridiculous!"

Both girls cringed at the remembered fight, "I don't think I've ever seen Usagi fight with such determination or Rei with such menace."

"They were both on something that day that's for sure."

Minako stayed silently as they spoke, not having much to add since she pretty much knew what was gong on. With Rei at least. As she looked at them, she wondered "we need to have a meeting," she whispered.

"A meeting? Why?"

"I can't say here," the blonde replied, her eyes sad and downcast. "Luna has something she needs to tell us and…"

"Okay, fess up!" Makoto loudly said, "What's up? And don't tell me 'nothing'.

"I can't tell you, I don't know how." Her blue eyes begged them not to ask her anything since she couldnt, wouldnt, answer. She didnt want to be the one to tell them such news! Minako never in a million years would have thought Luna would kick one of them off the team. Yet she did.

"Is it that bad?" Ami asked, worried. Her mind was already coming up with possible scenarios that couldn't be good.


"What should I wear?"

Usagi wondered out loud as she looked at the dozens of clothes that hung on hangers. She critically searched through them, looking for the right outfit. She made faces as she came across clothes that would make her look "cute" and that was the last thing she wanted Mamoru to see her as...

But what did she want him to see her as? A sex kitten? Usagi couldn't fight the giggle at the idea of her as a sex kitten. Sex kitten was a bit much but sexy would be fine. Just the thought of the word sex brought back her recent dream in startling clarity and had her breathing heavier.

Down girl. She chided herself for being foolish. There was no reason to get hot and bothered! Closing her eyes to fight the onslaught of sexual feelings, she realized all it did was make it more acute. "Damn it!" she cried out frustrated. She rubbed at her eyes as tears stung them.

"You can't fall apart," she told herself out loud. Mamoru would be here and no doubt in her room…where she dreamt. "Oh my gosh!" and she fell to her bed with a whoosh. How was she going to handle it? Keep a tight lid on her waylaid emotions when he was in here, looking at her and….sitting on her bed? She gulped.

She wouldn't be able to handle it, nope, no way. There was no way she would be able to maintain a polite distance from him and carry on some conversation when all she would be able to think about is the dreams and how she'd like to make them her reality.

The blush that never seemed to go away only got worse as she fiddled with her hands. "You're being an idiot, Usagi," she declared, chastising herself. No one was here but herself and so what if she admitted to herself that she wanted her boyfriend?

It went unsaid. "Yeah!" She nodded to herself, agreeing. Mamoru was hot. And could kiss a girl into forgetting her name. Who could blame her if she melts into a puddle of unbridled lust at his feet or if she jumped him. Whichever one came first. The latter sounded good though...too good.

She could just imagine…..

"Hey, Usako, I-" the rest of his words would muffled by her mouth covering his, her hands pulling him further inside the house.

She blushed at her racy thoughts. He would be surprised…at first. But then he would go with it and forget all about the stupid promise he made to her Dad. She groaned. She had way too much time on her hand

While in the midst of her introspection, her communicator beeped. Jarred out of her jumbled thoughts, she instinctively reached into her sub pocket and pulled out the small pink communicator. The yellow light was beeping. She pressed it, "Hey, Minako," Usagi greeted. "What's up?"

Minako returned a grim smile, her face anxious. "Nothing." But drama, she added to herself.

Worried by the tone and look on her fellow senshi's face, Usagi's own problems were pushed out of her mind as she brought the small device closer to her face. She peered at her face critically. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I….just…Luna wanted to have a meeting." She forced a smile on her face to show that everything was fine. Too bad it looked worse than had she not smiled at all.

"Than why do you sound so strange?" she questioned, not buying her act. "Why would Luna want to have a meeting out of the blue? That's strange even for Luna. It's not like there is any evil activity going on that we need to discuss in the middle of the week."

Silence met her reasoning. Luna had to discuss Rei being expunge from the team but she couldn't tell her that. She couldn't even tell the girls let alone Usagi! "Who knows how Luna's mind works?" she giggled, the sound fake and harsh. "Not even Artemis knows and we know they have something going on despite their protest. I totally saw them kissing the other day…"

"What aren't you telling me?" Any other time Usagi would have loved to gossip about what was going on in their cat's love life but she saw Minako's rambling for what it was. A diversion tactic.

In a nervous reaction, the blonde licked her lips and started toying with a strand of hair, her eyes averted. "There's nothing to tell, Usagi. It's a meeting. A stupid meeting."

Face hard, Usagi stiffened. "I don't appreciate being lied to, Venus."

Mouth ajar at the authoritative tone in her voice, her eyes connected with another pair of cornflower blue eyes that seemed way too mature than it ought to be. "I'm-I'm not ly-lying," she stammered to finish as shame danced along her spine.

"I'm not an idiot, Minako, so stop insulting my intelligence by boldly lying to my face that you're not when I know—and you know—you are." And with that said she turned off the device and threw it to her bed. She ignored it as it beeped again and completely zoned it out as she wondered what was going on.

Did she get so caught up in her own life that she didn't know what was going on with her best friends? She ashamedly acknowledged that she did. She couldn't remember the last time it was just them, giggling, laughing and talking.

Usagi couldn't remember the last time she just laughed and talked. Everything seemed so overwhelming and she just couldn't breath under it all. The sexual feelings were more intense and consuming than she ever would have thought it could be. She now understood why sex was all some people thought about. It was hard not to.

She sighed. When did life become so hard? "Or was it always this hard?" she asked aloud. Looking at the clock on her nightstand, she saw it was getting late and that she needed to get dress before Mamoru came. Which brought her back to her earlier question: "What should I wear?"

Undecided, she once more looked at the clothes she had in her closet. She wanted when Mamoru saw her to be bowled over and not to be able to think of anything else but her. However, she wanted it to be natural. She didn't want him to see her and automatically know she was forcing the situation.

Rummaging through the racks of clothes, she came across a short dress. It was white with black lace. A baby doll style dress. It had a built in bra and naturally pushed her breast up but not enough so that it would be scandalous.

Putting the dress on, she then donned on a sheer lacy red thong since she felt daring. Going to her vanity, Usagi applied some light make up. Mascara, a bit of blush to her cheeks and pink lipstick.

Picking up her brush, she methodically brushed her long strands of hair before she tied it up in her usual style. Nervously, she stared at her bed. Would he want to come up here? She lightly chewed on her bottom lip as she contemplated the question.

Sitting on her bed, Usagi sat down, her mind going back to her recent dream. Breathing no longer easy, she fanned her cheeks. A blush inundated her cheeks and she looked down. She would keep him from coming up here, she would have to. There is no way she would be able to keep her control if he were in here. With her.

Getting anxious and more nervous at her thoughts, she began tapping the brush on the palm of her hand. What was she going to do? Her body was still tight with desire and the last thing she could imagine doing was holding a serious conversation with him. Not when her body screamed to feel him close and for all other thoughts that didn't center on them to be vanished from her thoughts.

"Usa!" Shingo screamed as he bolted towards the door to open it for the older man. "I- Cant-believe-he-dates-you without-being-paid-boyfriend-is-here"

"Shingo!" She screamed at the top of stairs as she, too, raced down the stairs in order to beat him to the door. She knew it was hopeless without using her "superness" so she just let it go.

Her little brother grinned because it felt like old times. And he got there first. As always. His sister was so slow that he didn't think she could outrun a snail. He opened the door for Mamoru. "Hi."

"Hey, Shingo." Smiling, they shook hands and he handed him the bag of food he brought. "Sorry, I couldn't come sooner; traffic was really backed up."

"Don't sweat it!" The teenager took the food and immediately went to the kitchen to get a bowl. "Want me to get you a bowl?" he said asking his sister as he passed her on his way to the kitchen.

"No, thanks." She stood where she was as he close the door behind him and then locked it. A nervousness in her belly as anticipation singed through her blood. They met each other half way and the butterflies that danced wouldn't go away, not even when he brushed a kiss against her forehead and touched her hair.

A shiver went through and she closed her eyes, leaning into him. Her arms encircled his waist and she just stood there, feeling him. "I missed you," she said and the words sounded strange to her own ears.

Mamoru, perplex, didn't know what to say to her especially since they talked yesterday so he held her. "Aren't you going to eat something?"

"No," she said as she pulled out of his arms, laced their hands together and went to go sit on the couch.

"Usako, you need to eat."

She groaned. What was it with every one? "My brother even asked me about my eating, or--according to everyone else--my lack of eating."

They didn't sit close to each other; there was a respectable amount of space between them as they face each other to talk. "That should tell you something then."

"I am eating," she disagreed and crossed her legs underneath her. "I'm just not as hungry as I used to be. There's nothing to worry about," she stated. Usagi appreciated that they cared about her but she didn't see her lack of appetite as a big deal.

"Well, it came out of the blue," he told her, not buying her casual attitude about her lack of appetite. "And Uasko?"

"Mmm?" she asked as she stretched out her legs. She felt at peace and whole when she was around him.

He looked her over again, appreciation in his eyes for her appearance. His gazed stayed at her breast which looked more sinfully inviting than proper before he tore his eyes away to look her in the face. "You look beautiful."

She smiled her thanks; the sincerity in his words had her wanting to squeal in joy. "You think I'm beautiful?" she asked.

Women, Mamoru thought as a smirk played at his lips, always fishing for compliment. He leaned forward, his hand cupping the side of her face and his thumb brushing lightly over her lips. "I don't think it, Usako," he said, peering into her eyes. "I know it."

She blushed with the intensity of his words as a shy smile bloomed on her lips. How did he still make her feel so nervous? But it was a good nervous, she thought as she bit her bottom lip. "Thank you," she replied.

Underneath his caress, her cheek felt like warm satin. His chest swelled with love for this mere slip of a girl who didn't know how much she had him wrapped around her little finger. Or maybe she knew but chose not to exercise it.

Her large blue eyes widened and he heard the change in her breathing. It became deeper, raspier. Usagi's intake of air was no longer instinctively but something that she had to manually do.

The flush in her cheeks deepened as she leaned into his touch, her mouth parting slightly as her tongue peeked out to moisten her bottom lip. "Mamo-chan," she breathed, she fell back in the web of sensuality and realized she didn't truly leave it to begin with.

Her body hummed with energy as her heart thudded in her chest. She leaned closer, a look in her innocent eyes, welcoming him.

Mamoru would have to be an untried boy—and he was anything but that-- if he didn't recognize the look of desire that flared up in her eyes. She looked at him so trustingly and he found that he loathed disappointing her, for him not to measure up in her eyes. He leaned even closer and angled his head and he brushed a tantalizing kiss against her mouth.

Her eyes closed in a moan as she pressed her lips closer to his. Fire danced in her belly as frantic need-- always at the base line-- engulfed her in its arms of unchecked lust.

His mouth opened beneath her questing tongue and she scooted closer to him, her hands on his shoulders as their bodies were pressed together. She clenched at him as their mouths mated, tongues coiling around each other.

Her foot then got stuck under the cushion of the couch when she would have straddled him. As she tried to jerk it out, she moved wrong and stumbled which cause her to fall down in heap at his feet.

"Oww!" she cried as her hand rubbed her bruised hipbone, where she had landed. She rolled her eyes at her own misstep. And of all times! Ugh! She thought embarrassed. Earlier, when she pondered about being a puddle at his feet, she hadn't meant it literally!

He grinned at her clumsiness, chuckling at the picture she made. She was all legs and flushed face. Usagi hadn't had a klutz attack like this in years; he reached out a hand to help her up, his face smiling.

Usagi, not liking his grin, accepted the helping hand. And with a devilish twinkle in her eyes, she tugged on his hand hard, pulling him down. She giggled at the look of shock on his face as he was no longer sitting on the couch but next to her on the floor, their limbs entangled. "Ha!"

He chuckled. "You find this funny?"

She nodded, her grin broadening. "Immensely." She brushed the hair off his forehead.

"Oh yeah?" he said, inching even closer to her.

"Yeah!" she proclaimed giggling and it was then she noticed the darkening of his face and she, too, itched away from him. "Mamo-chan, why are you looking at me like that? Stop! Sto-p!" She ended up in a fit of giggles as he pounced on her, ticking her.

She laughed loudly, as his hands found all her ticking spots—which he knew so well-- and used it to his advantage. "Me-rcy!" she cried as she tried to get away form his relentless fingers.

He smiled at her, his hands still tickling her. "Say I'm the best," he joked.

Tears started streaming down her face as her sides began to ache at laughing so much. "You," she said in between fits, "are the best."

He smiled victoriously and stilled his moving hands. "I know, Usako." His smirk was pure arrogance personified.

Mocking outrage at his cockiness, she flipped them so this time she was on top. He hadn't been expecting it so she was able to perform the maneuver with ease. "Now who's the best?"

He wiped away her tears, "Still me!" he declared as he flipped them so he was on top. With one hand he held both of her wrists within his so she was trapped beneath him.

Breathing hard with her exertion, she wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to flip them that way but it didn't work.

As she moved beneath him, Mamoru groaned painfully. This move was not smart on his part. "Usako," his voice was strained. "Stop moving."

His words went unheeded as Usagi wiggled and flexed below him.

He screwed his eyes shut, trying hard to fight to sensation she was evoking in him without even realizing it. "Please," he pleaded.

She stopped when she heard the odd note in his note and looked up into his face. "Are you alright Mamo-chan? Did I hurt you?" she asked looking him over to see if she did. She didn't think she did.

He inhaled, deeply, several times before he finally answered her. "No, I'm fine."

"Then what's wrong?" She wiggled underneath him, getting more comfortable while still pinned underneath him which wasn't a bad place to be if one were to ask her. It was then that she noticed…"What's that? Is something in your pock- Oh!" She blushed madly as realization hit her.

He chuckled at her reaction, "Yeah, oh." He found her reaction to be endearing and cute. He kissed the tip of her nose, "you are so sweet, you know that Usako?"

Her eyes widened, since he just said what Prince Endymion said to Serenity. "Am I?" She murmured and she found, just like Serenity, she didn't want to be "sweet".

"Can you guys hold that pose so I can grab my camera and put it on YouTube? Think of all the hits I'd get!!"

Mamoru couldn't have gotten off his girlfriend fast enough as her younger brother walked in on them in a precarious position. His face tinged red with embarrassment he coughed beyond his closed hand.

"UGH! Shut up, you dweeb!" Usagi shouted as she took a throw pillow and threw it at him which he ducked laughing. "Gosh, you're soooo annoying!"

"I wasn't the one making out on Mom's floor," he pointed out while making kissing sounds.

"Ugh!" Usagi yelled as she jumped to her feet. "You are SO dead!" she shouted at the top of her lungs and took off after her brother who quickly took to running.

Mamoru looked to his girlfriend and future brother-in-law running around and had to laugh. Here he was, aroused in the middle of Usagi's house and she was chasing her brother while calling him all sorts of names. Classic.

"Did you really have to lock Shingo out of the house?" Mamoru asked as they sat on the couch again but this time they were alone.

"Yes!" Usagi answered matter of fact. "Beside it will be easier to talk without having to worry about Shingo overhearing sensitive information."

He nodded his head in agreement. "We need to talk about Rei."

She groaned; this wasn't what she meant. She wanted to pick up where they left off and preferably with him on top of her…she blushed.

Taking her blush the wrong way, he took her hand in his. "It's only me, Usako," he gently told her. "You can talk to me about anything." When she said nothing and just stared at the floor, he gave their joined hands a squeezed. "Talk to me."

She sighed and held on tightly to his hand. "Rei seemed really off when she talked to me yesterday. I have no idea what it could mean. She was almost not herself, know what I mean?" Usagi played with a stream of hair, genuinely puzzled. "There was so much she wasn't saying."

His brow furrowed, "Like what?" What could Rei want to say but didn't? "For Rei to hold back her tongue, it must be something big." He said, thinking out loud.

Usagi shrugged. "I don't know." She pursed her lips together as she thought back to her conversation with her fellow senshi. "We talked about the past and she even mentioned when we first met and…"

"And?" Mamoru prompted.

"And I don't know!" she raised her voice, frustrated. "It was just weird, Mamo-chan, and in my gut I know Rei wanted something or maybe that she was seeking something from me."

Grasping at straws, and knowing it, he replied, "Maybe she wanted you to tell her yourself that you were experiencing these memories? She might have felt hurt that you didn't trust her enough to tell her."

Usagi considered what he said but shrugged it off. His idea didn't sit well with her but she didn't know what else it could possibly be. "It's not like Rei not to be blunt and just say what's on her mind," she mused, "and even if she were hurt, she wouldn't mince words."

"Agreed." He didn't know Rei all that well but he did spend some time with her many years ago, and he could easily recall what a spitfire she was. "So whatever she was trying to tell you has to be something that makes her uncomfortable. What else did you talk about?"

"Um….You." She looked at him with a weird glint in her eyes. "We talked about you."

"Me?" he replied surprised.

A contemplative serious look took over her face and she brought her knees to her chin. "Yeah…you…" Rei had gotten stranger once she mentioned her boyfriend's name.

"What did she say about me beside for you to tell me she says hi?" he urged her on when she had grown silent. He couldn't imagine what Rei wanted to say about him which would then cause her to react peculiar.

Trying to clear her mind from all the jumbled information over the past couple of months, she shook her head. "She mentioned how you two used to go out and if we had ever discussed how you two used to date."

Mamoru snorted, "I would hardly consider what we did 'dating'. Did she mention why she wanted to know?"

"That's what I asked her, and she just said some bull about how we seemed so perfect and stuff." She stood up, getting antsy. Feeling a chill go through her, she rubbed her bare arms. "I don't like this, Mamo-chan," she said softly. She had a bad feeling about this and no longer wanted to discuss this.

"Me neither," he replied. He got up and went to her, enfolding her in his arms. He rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. "But we have to keep going so we can figure this out." His tone was soft and soothing as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, Mamo-chan," She rubbed her cheek against his shirt.

"We have to," he told her as if he were talking to a little girl that had to be convinced that going to the doctor was a good thing. "We have to get to the bottom of this and find out what's happening to you and what Rei knows or doesn't know."

"Maybe it's nothing," she declared, pulling away from him and defensively crossing her arms over her chest. She licked her lips as apprehension built up in her. "Maybe we are just over-thinking this. It will work itself out."

"You don't know that." Why did she have to make this so damn hard? He wondered. Why couldn't she just buckle up and take this situation as gravely as he was? He knew she was scared—hell he was scared too!-- and that this was a defense mechanism, but she was playing with her life. With theirs. And maybe he was being selfish but he needed her to take this seriously for both of their sakes.

"And you don't know that it won't!" Usagi yelled as she walked away from him. She was tired, tired of it all. She was sick of thinking about this, sick of this happening to her. "It's not so damn dramatic," she informed him, giving him her back.

"And you know all about being dramatic, don't you?" his voice was deadly calm, his eyes hard. He saw how she flinched at the coldness of his words but he steeled himself from her emotion.

She pursed her lips together in annoyance and the start of anger. "Whatever!" she flippantly replied. Great comeback, she mentally chided herself.

He rubbed the back of his neck, a sign of his aggravation with her. "Usako," he hoped the endearment would sooth her, "why won't you take this seriously?"

"Why are you taking it so seriously?" she asked him in return. Not waiting for his response, she said, "It will work itself out. I know it will. It always does."

"How? How will it work itself out?" he demanded. He shook his head, disappointed. "Will unicorns come and save the day?"

She frowned at his sarcasm. "I was thinking more along the lines of fairies but unicorns will work," she replied back just as sarcastically.

"Stop being such a child, Usagi. You aren't 14 anymore where you can fool yourself into believing that a problem will work itself out and end up solving it through sheer dumb luck. It's time to grow up and act accordingly."

Pissed, she squared off with him. Hurt at his words, words she always knew he felt. "I'm a child now, Mamoru? Just because I don't want to do things your way? I refuse to be the good, obedient girlfriend and daughter!"

Usagi had always tried so hard to please every one around her and this time she was going to please herself. Do things her way. "It's easy for you to stand there and tell me what to do but you're not the one who's going through it."

"You're right," he agreed, "it's not happening to me but instead of facing it you're running away from it like—"

"A little kid?" she finished for him. Angry red color slashed her cheekbone and hurt fisted in her chest. This wasn't how she imagined this night would go but perhaps it was for the best. She always knew Mamoru thought of her in such a fashion and now he was saying it. Finally. "How long have you wanted to say this to me? Days? Months? Years? Mmm?"

He groaned, and shoved his hand through his hair. He didn't mean it the way it sounded, truly he didn't. Mamoru sighed because he knew he was going to have a devil of a time convincing her otherwise. "I didn't mean..."

"Yes, you did. Don't back down now." Tears welled up in her eyes but she refused to let it fall. All she ever wanted from Mamoru was his love, respect and for him to treat her like his equal, which was something she was beginning to think would never happen. She wiped at her eyes as she furiously glared at him. Would she ever be old enough? Smart enough for him to see her as anything but a child?

Mamoru floundered in his step; he could see the hurt in her eyes and wanted to kick himself for not thinking more before he spoke. He reached out to touch her but she evaded him and rejection pierced his heart.

Should he have been more careful or had he wanted to say it? To hurt her? To get some kind of reaction that would cause her to want to fight whatever was going on? Yes, but he took it too far, he knew Usagi thought he treated her as if she were a child, and basically saying so wasn't helping his cause but causing her to become piss off at him.

"I'm not saying you are a little kid," he poorly explained, "but that you are taking on the behavior of a child."

"What's the difference?" she demanded, not seeing one. "Only a child has the 'behavior of a child,'" she said mocking his choice of words. "You know what? Go find yourself a girlfriend who doesn't exhibit such childlike behavior. One you don't have to promise her father you won't sleep with her!," she cried before she ran up the stairs to her room and slammed the door loudly.

Mamoru stood in amazement at what had just transpired and how somehow he managed to put his foot in his mouth and now he was in the proverbial dog house. "Damn."

"Damn him!" Usagi cried loudly as tears ran down her face. He was such an ass! Why couldn't he understand that she just didn't want to talk about it? That all she wanted to do was forget her trouble and just be with her boyfriend? Was that too much to ask?

Closing her eyes, she leaned heavily against the door while taking deep raspy breaths. Mamoru's words played over and over in her mind and she fisted her hands. She wasn't being childish although telling the man he could go find another girlfriend….! Her eyes opened in dismay "Oh, no," she groaned. She didn't tell him to find another woman did she? "Ugh."

He would never actually go find another girlfriend; no woman could possibly replace you.

Usagi blinked at the words that she heard clear in her head and nodded her head in agreement. He wouldn't. Panic receded, she licked her lips nervously.

"Oh, Mother," she sighed, "what am I to do?" It was rare when Usagi called out to her Silver Millennium mother but at this moment she felt lost. Everything was happening so fast, every time she blinked things were changing and she was terrified.

Take control!

"How?" she whispered, how did she "take control"? How she stop the room from spinning? She had lost control months ago and saw no way of getting it back.

Snap out of it! You are the Princess Serenity! The most powerful being in the world! Stop sniveling like a child and be the woman you were taught to be.

"I cant" Usagi cried, frightened. She didn't want things to change. She wanted everything to remain the same. "I wasn't taught anything!" she cried. "It was her! It wasn't me!"

Hogwash! It was you. You are her and she is you. Yes, you can!

A knock came on the door, starling her from her conversation with herself.


"Go away Mamoru," she bitterly said, not yet ready to accept his unspoken apology.

"I can't," he said brokenly, "not when I know you're so mad at me. I hate when you're angry with me. Usako." The words were spoken softly. "Especially when I know I deserve your anger."

She bit her lip to keep from succumbing to his words, "I-I-I …" she trailed off not knowing what to say. She wanted to comfort him, to take the pain away she heard in his voice yet at the same time she wanted him to bask in it to feel a fraction of what she felt.

"You what?" He inquired, hopeful that he would be able to get back into her good graces. "I'm sorry. I know I hurt you and that's the last thing I ever wanted to do. What can I do to make it up to you? Tell me and I'll do it."

"Do you mean that Mamoru? Anything?"

Without an once of hesitation, he agreed. "Anything! Just say it."

Wiping at her checks, she removed herself off the door and then opened it. Mamoru stood there a bit surprised at how easy that was.


She smiled and took his hand and pulled him inside her room. "Shhh, I don't want you to say anything….just feel."

"Feel?" he question, not understanding what she had in mind.

"Yes, feel." Standing on her tip toes, their glaze locked. "Feel me." She then kissed him hungrily, her arms wounding around his neck as she pressed more into him.

Taken by surprise, he stiffened in her embrace but quickly give way to her soft lips as they moved over his. Her fingers toyed with the ends of his hair even as her tongue went over his lips, seeking entry.

Caught up in her and their mingled scent, he opened for her. Their barely taken breath was shared as they moved back and the back of her knee touched her bed.

He pulled apart slowly, his lips leaving soft kisses on the corner of her mouth. "You don't want to do this," He held her face in his hands, his touch gentle.

Tears misted in her eyes because she did want to do this. Badly. "You're mistaken," she informed him. "You do not know how it pains me to have you so near yet so far."

Sympathy softened his gaze and caused Mamoru to lay a chaste kiss to her forehead. "I never want to cause you any pain, Usako. Never."

"You break my heart every time you pull away from me," she declared wistfully as she sat on her bed. As her eyes closed, thousands of memories of them passed through her closed lids. Her breathing grew heavy as she became aroused, she licked her lips. "Every night I feel you touching me, loving me and right before I snap in wakefulness, I wish it were real. But it's not. I wake up and I'm left so unsatisfied and terribly lonely." She opened her eyes, peering into his dark cloudy eyes. "I just want you," she whispered.

Touched and moved by her words, he gently sat on the edge of the bed, fisting the comforter. "You are not alone, Usako," his voice was husky as he spoke to her. "You have your family and friends."

She smiled sadly, "They aren't what I need, Mamoru." Usagi stared intently at the bunny covered pink comforter, her breathing shallow. "I need you. It's always been you."

Mamoru could feel the thick emotion surrounding them; her lust, fear, love. He couldn't help but fall prey to her, enslaved by the emotion he felt for her. "Look at me," he bid her and when she did, when their eyes collided, he replied, "I need you, too, Usako. More than you'll ever need me."

"That's not true!" she refuted, shaking her head strongly.

"You showed me a world I didn't know existed," he continued, cutting her off. "You loved me when no one else did; you cared for me when I was too closed off to show you how I felt. You fought for us when I was too afraid to do so…"

Tears misted her eyes at his kind words, at the praise he lavished on her. "I could do no less," she humbly replied. "Loving you is the easiest thing I ever had to do."

He took her yielding hand, and curved his around hers. "I need you to fight for us now, Usako. I know it's scary and I know you don't understand everything that's going on but neither do I. I need you to trust in you, me and us."

She bit her bottom lip, what he asked of her was simple but what if she failed? What if she couldn't do it? "I'm scared," she said again, tears falling down her cheek.

Wanting to ease her pain, he gently grasped her face in his hands and wiped her tears away with his thumb. "Don't be. It's just me and you, and we can work through anything."

She nodded and sighed, feeling better. "I'm sorry I was being such a brat earlier."

"And I'm sorry for not taking your feeling and fears into more considerations."

Leaning into him more, her head nestled into his the crook of his neck. As she breathed in his scent, her surrounding became even more acute. This was where it happened, the very spot. It was here she lay weak and limp with a fierce hunger that couldn't possibly be--yet was--her own.

Desire had her in its wretched hold, even though he did no more than hold her slight frame to his larger one. She was being seduced by him, their memories and, most of all, by his body against hers. She couldn't take it and had no desire to fight the need for his touch.

"Mamo-chan..." His name was like sweet wine pouring from her lips as she lifted her head from its perch. He looked down, bewitched by the sheer force of her virginal desire.

Usagi got to her knees so that the difference in height between them was no more than an inch or two. Slowly, her hands rested on his shoulders as she leaned forward, her mouth moving provocatively over his.

The slow tantalizing sweep of her tongue caused heat to dance along his skin as he could do no more than follow her sensual lead. Mamoru tightened his hold on her small waist as he brought her flush against his rigid body. He groaned against her mouth as he opened up to her exploring tongue.

She was so sweet, innocent in their heated kiss that it imprisoned him even more. She was his and the thought that no man has ever nor will ever know her in such a manner had ferocious need rippling at him. Stronger than ever before was a compulsion to claim her as she wanted him to and to slack both their desires within the moist heat of her body.

He quickly took possession of her kiss, finding her way too slow and tender to his liking. Usagi moaned as his tongue found every sensitive spot within her mouth and involuntary her hands clawed at his shoulders. The tumbling sensations that swirled in her were new to her body but not to her mind.

They parted for air and he trailed hot kissed along her neck, her sighs and moans spurring him on further. She was hot, so sweet…so delectable. He wanted to do as she said and feel her. But was he strong enough to stop when he needed to?

"Don't stop... please don't stop," Usagi begged as her eyes drifted closed and intense, body shivering heat pooled at the juncture of her thighs. She gasps at his ministration, her body undulating.

He nibbled at the soft swell of her cleavage, his tongue soft along its surface. "Usako," he groaned out, her a name a plea for her to stop him. "We shouldn't."

"We should," she caressed his face, a finger tracing his lower lip. "Don't tell me no. Please."

He spread one hand over her buttocks, causing her eyes to widen for he has never touched her in such a way, kneading it as the other hand slid up her spine to hold fast her nape. His mouth parted, moving hers to accept his probing exploration and she whimpered as he deepened the kiss.

It wasn't enough, Usagi thought. She needed to feel her skin against his, without the barrier of their clothes. Her fingers went to his shirt, clumsy in her haste for bare skin. Breaking their kiss, she pressed her open mouth to the inch of skin she was able to reveal.

It was feeling her mouth upon him which broke the sensual haze they had woven. Getting off the bed on wobbly legs, he leaned heavily against the far wall. Breathing deeply, he fought for control. "What am I thinking? I'm not!" he berated himself.

"Good!" Usagi cried as she scrambled to her feet to go where he stood. "Mamoru, I want you!"

"I promised-"

"Don't say it," she warned as she folded her hands over her chest. "How about the promise you made to me? To love me and to put my needs first."

"This is for you…in the long run." It pained him to tear himself away from her, especially with his libido raging the way it was. He was probably going to need to spend 2 hours in cold water to cool him off.

"What about now?" She could see his erection—which he made no attempt to hide--and it gave her hope. He wanted her! Desperately. And she could tell he was at the edge of his precious control. All she needed to do was push him over. But how?

What would Serenity do? Usagi asked herself in that moment. What would she do if Endymion for some strange reason didn't want to make love to her? She wouldn't take it lying down! An idea came to her and she bit her lip. Did she have the courage?

"Usagi?" he questioned, not liking how she got quiet nor the strange gleam in her eyes. He had expected more anger at his denial to continue on with their mating dance.

Licking her lips, she used words to gather her courage. "I never dreamed of another man but you." Slowly, she walked backwards, fingers toying with the ends of her dress. "I met you and you made me so angry. I could never understand why; I was never one for such violent emotions."

Mamoru was hypnotized by her voice, the softness in her eyes. He followed her every step, hardly blinking since he didn't want her out of his sight.

"And then one day, you rescued me with a beautiful rose and gallantly took me in your arms and suddenly, without knowing, you were my hero. My prince charming in a dashing tuxedo and top hat." She smiled in remembrance of her masked crusader.

"It wasn't long before I dreamed of you—both of you—never knowing that our fates were intertwined and I was meant for you." She closed her eyes. "And then in one huge revealing, my hero was you. The man that annoyed me yet intrigued me. You were the Prince to my Princess and suddenly I fell in love three times over in one second."

She was once more by the bed, her eyes opened and she stared into midnight blue eyes so dark they appeared black. "Now, here we are," she lifted the dress, noting his reaction, as she pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Mamoru mouth fell open as he saw her naked, truly for the first time. His hungry eyes traced from her full breasts, the hardened rosy peaks of twin perfection, to her concave ribs, narrow waist and rounded flare of her hips covered by small red fabric. The erection he hadn't been able to wish away throbbed with a vengeance.

"Come to me, my prince," she beckoned him with a finger as she laid down on her bed. The way he looked at her encouraged the wetness that seeped from her. "Take what I freely give."

He groaned in dismay. His will and therefore his control too weak for such an attack. He crumbled. He came to her then, his stride purposeful. He climbed atop the bed, the small mattress dipping against his weight. His body rose over hers, large, powerful and fully aroused.

Gotcha! She claimed his lips in hungry, heady kiss, her teeth tugging on his bottom lip. Her legs went around his hips, and she moaned as his arousal rubbed up against her center.

She gasped loudly as wonton fingers found the swollen dampness beneath blonde hair. She stiffened briefly, unsure. He pulled away from her, feeling her tensing. He internally chided himself, he was going too fast. Kissing her swollen lips, he laid chaste kiss on her brow.

Mamoru kissed down her check to her neck, lightly nipped at the sensitive skin. Lower his lips went until it found a beaded nipple and took it within his mouth.

Usagi's banks ack arched and she nearly screamed as pleasure laced through her. True, real pleasure that wasn't some undercurrent from her lustful dreams. She dug her hands into the comforter on either side of her as his lips went lower and lower……