"Kate of Syberia" by Erin


Always follow dreams, Kate Walker.

Hans Voralberg was dead, and Kate could still hear the song of the mammoth drifting from Syberia as she lay frozen in her cot of wood and bone. The body of her best friend and companion lay above her, wrapped in nothing but the metal of his creation. He had died happy and fulfilled – she hoped she would too, if the cold was any sign of her fate.

Youki lay curled up next to her, radiating the heat that kept her going just enough to keep her eyes open. His seal-bear face pouted at her, blue eyes drooping as much as hers were. They were both tired; too tired to care about the voyage back to the Youkol Village.

Kate's eyes shut and Youki whimpered, nudging her. She muttered reassuringly, even though she wasn't feeling all that confident. "D-don't worry, You-you-ki. Current- the current, will take us-" she buried her face into the white animal's fur and shivered, pulling all the blankets tighter.

She fell asleep breathing in the animal's body heat.

I am really very pleased to have met you. It was really a very beautiful voyage. Now it is time to say farewell...