Lion King Simba's Pride

Simba's human daughter

Meet Analise, a 5 year old girl who's favorite animal is the lion. She is loved by her mom and dad and two year old brother and her life is perfect. Until one day a fire is started and her family dies

We start this story at an orphanage

Ms. Minchin who is the orphanage director is very mean and for some reason doesn't like Analise very well. One day while Analise was playing by her self Ms. Minchin got mad at her and said " What is the meaning of this?"

" What is the meaning of what Ms. Minchin?" Asked the scared and sad little girl

"I told you to clean your room" She said sternly

"I did clean my room Ms. Minchin" squeaked Analise

"This is not clean Analise" yelled Ms. Minchin

Ms. Minchin picked her up and shoved Analise's face to the floor and said, " Does that look clean to you?"

Analise said a quiet "yes"

Ms. Minchin then said, "Clean it again and if I'm not satisfied you're not getting meals for two weeks"

She then slapped the poor girl across her face and Analise began to cry

"Stop crying you twit and clean this mess up", demanded Ms. Minchin

"Yes Ms. Minchin", the poor girl said while she tried to stop crying and began cleaning up her room

Ms. Minchin left Analise alone

Analise was thinking," I need to escape, she is really mean, where should I go? Anywhere is better than here"

She packed up her few belongings and carried in her arms a lioness stuffed animal she named Janelle then she climbed out the window and headed out on her own.

Analise has been gone for a few days now, she slept only when she hitch hiked on buses and trains and she walked the rest of the time, she had nobody in the world, she ended up in a suvvana all alone where there were no building whatsoever and no roads or anything that looks manmade. Analise was scared, expecaially when she heard a growl, she turned around and to her horror there was a hyena

Analise didn't know what to do and she was very scared

Banzai grinned evily at her and said, " what is a little tasty human cub like you doing here all alone?

Analise was shocked, she understood every word Banzai said, " n-nice p-puppy"

Banzai growled at Analise and Analise screamed her loudest

Simba was close by and heard the scream and thought it was his daughter Kiara, Simba ran as fast as he could and foundout what the problem was, it was a hyena and the victim wasnt his daughter but it was a cub of some sort. Simba roared and frightened both the hyena and the cub, the hyena ran off and the cub screamed.

" Wow, wow, wow stop screaming" Simba said

"A lion is talking to me" the shocked Analise said... "I can talk to animals, this is cool... oh no he's a lion"

"Ok honey calm down" Simba tried to sooth her

"Oh no now I'm going to be eaten" Analise screamed again and started to cry

Simba tried to calm her down again, " honey nobody's going to be eaten just calm down honey. What's your name

Analise told him, "Analise"

"Well Analise my name is Simba and I would like to take you to my home, you will be safer their," said Simba. He saw Analise look scared, "you're not going to get hurt ok", Analise nodded then Simba said, "get on my back and I'll take you to my home"

Analise climbed on Simba's back and grabbed onto his mane and Simba walked to Pride Rock and to his relief Kiara was with Nala. Nala came up to Simba," Simba what is that on your back"?

Simba answered, "she's a human cub and Banzia almost got to her, she's a long way from home and she will be in danger out there". Nala then answered, " She's a danger to us, humans are evil, we all heard the stories". Nala then saw Analise's stuffed animal and screamed which woke Analise up, " she's a lion killer!"

"What?" Analise asked grogally

Nala growled at her and bared her teeth, Analise saw that and she was very scared and shieked, " oh my what did I do?"

"Nala calm down please, she's just a cub," said Simba

" She killed a cub!" shrieked Nala

" No I didn't" said Analise in a scared tone.

Nala's eyes widened and asked, " She can understand us?" Analise nodded yes and Nala glared and asked," then what is that?" Analise looked at Janelle and said," It's a stuffed animal"

The lionesses began talking "She stuffed a cub"

Nala looked very mad now and said "guard your cubs ladies, she's evil"

All the lionesses began growling at Analise and Analise looked very scared and Simba knew it so he roared silence and everybody silenced and he said, " let Analise explain

Analise explained that it was only a stuffed animal as in not real and that it was never a real lion but a toy human kids play with, she also appologiesed for scaring everybody and then she said, " I'll be going now"

She got off Simba's back and started leaving the cave and at that same time it began to thunder and rain, she started leaving anyway but was blocked by Simba who told her that she was staying with them, Nala said, " this isn't a good idea"

"Yes it is Nala," Simba said " I can't help but feel that she's just like how I was when I was young... lost and alone"

Analise spoke up, " I don't want to be a bother... your family is so big"

"Analise where is your family?" asked a curious Simba

Analise answered sadly, " they died in a fire"

Nala finally felt something for this cub and said, " oh I'm so sorry

" Then it's settled, Analise you will be part of our pride, you will be our daughter" Simba said

With him saying that all the lionesses bowed down to her and Analise asked, " What are you all doing?"

Nala and Simba said together, " you are now Princess Analise