Analise thought it was weird they had to dress up for dinner, but she did as she was told, Quinn knew human customs better than she did

When the waiter asked for their order, She and Quinn both ordered the steak, Quinn asked for his steak Medium Well

Quinn asked Analise how she usually ate her food

" Well I build a small fire and cook it until it's warm" Analise said, " Rafiki showed me how to build fires"

The waiter looked confused

" What color is your meat on the inside after you cook it" Quinn asked

" Red of course, it's what meat is supposed to look like" Analise said

" Um, could you make hers rare?" Quinn asked

The waiter nodded and went on to the next table

" What's medium well and rare?" Analise asked

" It's how long the meat is cooked, yours will be red inside like you like it, mine... will be a brown color with no red but a little pink... mine will be cooked longer" Quinn explained

Analise wrinkled her nose at that, " Meat shouldn't be cooked that long, then all the vitamins out of the animal escape"

Quinn shrugged his shoulders

When their food arrived, Quinn showed Analise how to use the utensils, it has been a long time since she's been in the human world

Quinn was kind of embarrassed, she was holding her fork and knife like a toddler

" Here, let me cut your steak up" Quinn said

Analise let him, she really didn't like the knife

" So besides rare meat, what other things do you eat in the pridelands? Any fruits and vegetables?" Quinn asked

" I like watermelon, bananas, apples and pears... I also like peanuts... Kiara always looks disgusted when I eat them though" Analise said, " Why are you asking me these questions?"

" I just want to get to know you better, we are betrothed, it would be nice to know who I'm marrying" Quinn said with a grin

Analise giggled, " So what about you? What do you eat in the human world"

Quinn went on and on, he talked about pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, chips, hot dogs, popcorn, candy... etc...

" Mmm, macaroni and cheese... I do remember that... I think I had pizza a couple times... but... I do not remember how either of those foods taste" Analise said

" Well, we're going to have to get you some pizza and mac and cheese when we're in America" Quinn said with a smile

Analise smiled too, "I'd like that"