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Max approached his team captain apprehensively, Kai who was at that moment sprawled out under a tree at the far end of Tyson's back yard, looked over at the approaching teen who was wringign his hands nervously infront of him.

All of a sudden Max stopped walkeing seemed to debate something within his mind before turning around and heading back to the house.

"Hey! Max"

The blonde stopped in his tracks and turned slowly to face his captain

"Y-Yeah Kai?" he asked nervously,

Kai's face was an expressionless mask as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

"come here"

Max nodded, knowing he could trust Kai gave him a confidence boost that he serioulsy needed, he walked over to Kai.

Standing awkwardly infront of him he kept his gaze on anything but the stoic captain at his feet,

"Are you alright?" Kai's curt voice broke into his musings ,

with a heavy sigh Max sat infront of Kai with a thumb, exhaling loudly a single piece of his golden locks lifted from his face.

Kai's eyes narrowed as he took in the younger teens dishiveled state, arching an elegant eyebrow his curiosity fought with his pride, eventually his curiosity won out and he just had to ask

"who sexed you up Max?"

Max turned bright red as he raised his head to look at his captain.

Kai smirked lazily at Max's deer in the headlights look.

'So...I'm on the right track' he thought to himself.

Max took a deep breath

"Kai. I need your help"

"Go on" Kai replied with a curt nod.

Max sucked in a breath before exhaling loudly and saying in a rush.


Kai raised and eyebrow as he tried to unscramble Max's words.

What do you do when you like someone but your not sure if they like you?

"Ask them" he replied blunty a typical Kai response.

"But Kai" Max whined making the older boy's eyebrows shoot up.

"I can't do that" he whispered out.

"and why not?" Kai asked getting annoyed at the blonde infront of him.

"because what if he laughs at me?"

"He?" Kai lent towards Max who blushed, Kai's curiosity was back in full swing.

Max nodded

"Yea he...What if he tells me im pathetic?"

"Max...if he tells you this then this guys a jerk" Kai said seriously.

Max's face lit up for a second before it fell and he looked down at the grass.

"But what if this guy tells a lot of people that they're pathetic"

Kai thought, a smirk appeared on his lips for a second before it dissappeared.

'I kno who he is' he thought.

"Then those people must've deserved it, Max if you really like this guy just tell him straight out it's the only way" He said trying to console the younger teen.

He watched as max struggled with an internal battle in his mind and almost put the teen out of his misery...Almost.

Max looked up at Kai who was chewing on a blade of grass.

"Should i ask this guy outdo you think?"

Kai looked over at the younger teen infront of him.

"If you want to, then yes"

Max looked about nervously.

"How should i do that?" He asked quietly.

"Max!..." The younger teens shifting eyes settled onto his captain who flopped down onto his back.

Kai cast a look at the blonde.

"Just ask me"

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