Sakura wasn't ever expecting to become a missing nin, but then again she never thought Sasuke would marry Ino either. Deidara/Sakura

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Chapter One: Missing Nins


Sasuke Uchiha was married. To a beautiful woman--loud and annoying no doubt--but beautiful none-the-less. Oh and strong too, she wasn't you're ­average, weak kunoichi. Oh no, she was something else.

Sakura laughed, her drunken body lying heavily atop the bar's counter, her hand waved about idly, signaling her desire for another shot. Who'd a thought Sasuke--that bastard--would marry Ino, it was implausible to think of it happening, and yet it had.

She had been a fool to think his passion, his light touches and murmured words were anything more than a quick fuck. She hadn't even meant anything to him. Oh imagine her surprise that morning when Ino had begun to gloat, waving about her chunk of a diamond. She had won, and there was nothing Sakura could do--or wanted to do about it.

Ino could have the rotten bastard; he'd probably be cheating on her within the next month.

But if her resolve was so strong, why the hell was she wasted in a dingy bar? Groaning she forced herself into in an almost upright position, she grasped the small shot, spilling more than she meant to. She winced as it burned its way down her throat, adding to the mess her body had become.

Some prodigy she was, Tsunade wouldn't be too happy if she could see her beloved student now, but that didn't matter. Orochimaru had made sure even Sakura couldn't heal her--had torn the woman to shreds. Sakura let her head fall back to the counter, what it must be like to have someone you loved kill you--murder you in cold blood.

No wonder Sasuke was so messed up.

The bartender sighed and shook her shoulder, refusing to give her the shot she desired. "Miss, I really think you should head home."

She blinked at him with hazy green eyes, slurring over her words. "Where is home?"

"Hell if I know, but really I'll have to kick you out; we're closing." She glared at him, momentarily running the thought of killing him through her mind, then she could just hop over the bar and drink until every pore in her body began oozing liquor.

Sakura pulled her heavy body up, stumbling drunkly towards the door, nearly falling twice on the way. The air was cold, the sky gray and bleak. Almost like her life, what a laugh.

Konoha, happiest ninja village in the land! If this was happy, she'd hate to see the other countries. Her feet moved of their own will, taking her stumbling towards the memorial wall. Towards the tall stone slab with thousands of shinobi names written on it. She traced Tsunade's name, followed by Kakashi's. How had things gotten so out of hand?

Everyone she loved left her alone and stranded. She never saw Naruto, Hinata seemed to think of her as a threat to their love, stupid bitch. She was as bad as the rest of them.

Konoha was a lie, everything a well kept secret. Nothing was as it seemed, or maybe it was. The placed seemed to eat your soul alive, Naruto had once been her shining ray of hope, and she had seen him as someone who had broken free of the village's hold. But he hadn't, he was just another--one of the massive hoards of empty shells walking about.

She wouldn't be, she had to get away, this place was suffocating, draining the life away from her. She didn't want to end up like everyone else, and she sure as hell didn't want to stick around for the happy couple's wedding.

Sakura's devious mind began to tick, a plan formulating quickly, she would get away. No one in this damn village could stop her. Tomorrow, when they least expected it, she'd slip away right from under their noses.



Her head was pounding, and she was covered in her own vomit. And suddenly, she remember why she had sworn off drinking.

Pulling herself from the bed Sakura stood, dragging the sheets with her. They were quickly thrown into the washer, her own body was a mess. Her hair was covered in the ill smelling stuff. A hot shower was in order, and then it was time to begin plans for her escape.


Deidara was a gentle soul, or so his mother had told him many a times. But right now he sure as hell didn't feel like a gentle soul--Tobi was an idiot. He'd be surprised if the boy had any brains at all. How he got into Akatsuki was light years beyond Deidara.

"Deidara-senpai, do you really know where we're going?"

"Un, of course, now shut up." Tobi faced him; his strange mask seemed to swirl with the movement.

"But, Deidara-senpai, we left Grass hours ago, are you positive you know where you're going?" Deidara stopped; Tobi cocked his head to the side watching as the blonde walked over to a tall tree.

Deidara picked up several dead branches, testing their weight, he finally stood and swung his chosen branch around. "This will do, yeah."


Tobi screamed suddenly, running as Deidara began to chase him with the large branch, swinging at the smaller boy. "Death by beating!" This was new, normally it was death by explosion, or on occasion suffocation. Tobi continued to run, wondering what he had done this time.


Sakura looked to her small bag of belongings, this was madness- of that she was sure. Growling softly Sakura fell heavily to the bed below her, she laid back on the soft bed. The second she got comfortable the door bell rang, muttering a string of curses Sakura leapt down the stairs.

"Coming!" She froze on the last step, her breath entering her lungs harshly. She took a deep breath, shaking slightly she moved to open the door. "Sasuke."

"Sakura, how are you?" She studied him, his high cheek bones and dark mesmerizing eyes. He was, without a doubt, the most handsome man she had ever seen.

"Fine, you?"

If he noticed her stiff posture and tight clenched hands he said nothing on it. "Doing well, Ino wanted me to give you this. We would be honored if you would take part in our wedding as a bridesmaid. That is..." His voice trailed off and he smirked at her. "No hard feelings, right Sakura-chan? I'm sure you won't let your own personal feelings ruin our wedding."

She sneered elegantly at him, her heart in pieces on the floor, "oh no. I wouldn't dream of it. Have fun with Miss Piggy, you two go well together. A boar and an ass. Think of the children." She slammed the door in his face, leaning against it heavily.

This should be her moment of glory, she should cheer and praise herself for being strong. But she couldn't, nor could she stop the tears that burned their way down her cheeks.

"Damn..." She bit her lip and ran up the stairs, tears blurring her vision, she wasn't supposed to cry, she was strong!! Sakura grabbed her bag and opened her window. She paused mid-jump. Was she really doing this? Leaving the only home she'd ever had behind?

'No hard feelings, right Sakura-chan?'

Her eyes blazed and with a grunt Sakura leapt from the window and into the trees.


Deidara's eye twitched, her hands making the motion of strangling, Tobi slept peacefully near him. A snort coming from his masked face every few moments. Groaning Deidara stood, sending Tobi a rude gesture as he left the clearing.

Feeling bored he pulled out a small chunk of clay and began to mold it, his fingers nimbly creating a small bird. As he molded his mind wandered. Grass was so different from his home country of rock. He didn't know if he liked either of the countries.

He sighed and began to make another small bird, he was really bored.


Sakura continued to run, her weary legs carrying her to god only knows. She'd only been gone three hours and she knew that ANBU would be on her ass in a few more hours. They couldn't afford her telling all of Tsunade's medical jutsu to enemy shinobi. Her chest constricting painfully Sakura stopped beside a small stream to refill her empty flask.

She sighed and stretched out her legs, running over her escape plan once more. The only thing she need to do at the moment was get the hell out of the Fire nation, every able ANBU would be hunting her soon and then allied nations as well.

The only option for her would be to go to a country that was not allied with Fire, which meant she had very few places she could hide.

Sound; out of the question.

Water; she might be welcome in the hidden village of Mist, and she might not. It all depended on how much she wanted to betray her country.

Lightning; after their leader being killed by the Hyuuga clan Cloud might not be too welcoming to a Konoha shinobi; even a missing nin.

Which left only the land of Earth. The village hidden in rocks seemed to be her last resort. It might work; she'd have to lay low for some time though, exposing herself as a missing nin wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

Sakura stood, tying the now full flash to her side. It was now or never and she had to move fast, stretching one last time Sakura leaped into the trees and was on her way towards the village hidden in the Rocks.


Sakura was surprised at how easy it was to evade the members of ANBU, it made Konoha look pathetic. She had already been gone three days, and had easily killed the five hunter nin who had managed to catch up with her.

Crouching low to the ground Sakura sized up the hunter nin moving towards her, they were both quite tall. Sighing Sakura placed her palms together quickly forming the needed seals, "Wind shadows no jutsu!" she whispered quietly, the hunter nins cried out as her illusion captured them within it.

The first fell quickly, still screaming, but the second stayed up-right. "Sakura-chan!" She frowned standing up on the branch.

"Kai-release!" Naruto fell to his knees, pulling the cat-like mask away from his face. "Naruto, what are you doing here!?"

"How could you Sakura?! What were you thinking?" Naruto was glaring at her; it was the glare she used on him when he forgot his manners at the ramen stand. The look caused her to flinch.

"I'm sorry Naruto." She leapt forward, hitting his neck with a poisoned senbon needle before he could manage to blink. "You wont feel to hot when you wake up." She moved away, grabbing her bag from the ground. "Later Naruto, I'll miss you."


Deidara bowed slightly, offering the leader of Akatsuki his silent respect. The man inclined his head; the rings within his nose caught the light and cast it back at Deidara. "Now that everyone has been assembled." The impressive man drawled. "There is a matter that has as of yet to be addressed.

"Haruno Sakura." He paused, the occupants of the room watched him carefully, finally Zetsu spoke quietly.

"The apprentice of the late Fifth Hokage?" The leader chuckled, inclining his head once more.

"The same. She betrayed Konoha, and has been labeled as a missing nin."

Itachi laughed, his crimson eyes flashing in amusement. "I wonder if my foolish little brother had anything to do with this?"

"Your brother has just gotten married, Yamanaka or something."


"This, Haruno girl, has already dispatched of six Konoha's top ANBU, and as of now has managed to evade them successfully. Now, as you all know we have no real medic nin here among us. Along with medical skills, I think this girl will be of great importance to us."

The man stood, grasping a file off the table in the corner. He returned to his seat, throwing the file down on the table. On the top of the manila folder were a dozen pictures- all of a pink-haired girl. The biggest was an enlarged image of her face. She was lovely, her eyes a bewitching shade of dark green, her skin ivory and without blemishes.

"Now, the only matter left is where to find her and who will be going after her." The man stood once more, picking the folder back up. "Deidara, you've been complaining about wanting a new partner, congratulations."



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