Drink: Kamatari and Chou

"Why did you stop me back then, anyway?" He spoke into his drink instead of at his companion.
Chou glanced up sharply. "Hmm?"
"I wanted to die." Kamatari gulped his sake down and grimaced. "At least then I would've died honorably than to have to go on living like this."
"We-e-ll..." Chou drummed his fingers against the table top. "Are you telling me you regret not doing it then? That you resent me for that?"
There was no answer.
"At any rate, dying for someone who never appreciated you-"
Kamatari slammed his fist down, making the dishes bounce and clatter. "Beaten! By two little girls... children, they were children! The brat wouldn't let me die, either! Am I really that worthless?" His words came out slurred; his face was flushed from the alcohol.
"Even after all this time. None of the work you've done up until now makes up for it in the least?"
"He was the only thing I treasured, the only... I couldn't even finish myself to be with him." He was crying now, working himself up into a frenzy. He got to his feet abruptly, bumping into the table, sending the sake bottle clattering onto its side, splashing onto the front of his kimono.
Chou stood as well, grabbing Kamatari's wrists as his drunk friend wobbled unsteadily. "Killing yourself this way isn't honor. And what makes you think things will be different in the next world between you and him?"
"Fuck you!" Kamatari screamed, lashing out in intoxicated fury. "You don't understand me! You don't understand anything about me! If I'd been born a woman! If his attention hadn't been leeched away by that whore and that kid! I-"
Both of Chou's eyes were opened now, his expression completely different from the usual smirk and wink. With the alcohol clouding his mind and the tears clouding his vision, Kamatari failed to notice the warning signs.
The shock hit Kamatari with greater force than Chou's hand. He stopped struggling, arms dropping limply to his sides. "You... you..."
"Dammit, Kamatari, no one is going to hold your fucking hand through your entire life! You think I don't understand you? I understand perfectly! Life's dealt you a shit hand. But what is that compared to what anyone else has been through, especially in this day and age? You know what, if you really think you're that much worse off than anyone else in this hellhole of a world, then maybe you should just end it! What's been stopping you up until now?"
Kamatari's knees gave way and he sank shakily back down into his seat with a weak hiccup. "Do it, then! Because maybe I don't give a fuck anymore... maybe no one does!" Chou turned on his heel and began storming towards the door.
Kamatari caught his sleeve, causing Chou to glance down in surprise.
"Don't," Kamatari said hoarsely. "...Stay."