Summary: At 18, Dean Winchester had a one-night stand with an Australian backpacker. Never did he imagine that 16 years later his past would come back to haunt him in the form of his teenage daughter.

It had been 3:17am in the morning when Dean Winchester had awoken in a cheap motel room to discover that he had a 16-year-old daughter. He'd tried to ignore the insistent ringing at first, instead preferring to bury his head in his pillow.

'Dude! Answer your phone.' Sam mumbled irritably, throwing the offending mobile at his brother's head.

'Bitch.' Dean winced, sitting up slowly and fumbling with the answer button for a moment. 'Hello?'

It had been a lawyer calling from Sydney, Australia to inform him that one Laura Black had died in a mysterious fire three weeks ago. Laura had no living relatives and everyone had believed that her 16-year-old daughter was an orphan until they tracked down the girl's birth certificate. Her father was recorded as being one Dean Winchester. It had taken some time to track him down. The US authorities had claimed he had died at 27 and his only living relative was his brother Sam. Refusing to believe this, the lawyer had dug deeper and somehow managed to find that Dean Winchester was very much alive.

That was a week ago, now the Winchester brothers were at the airport. Waiting.

At first, Dean's fear of planes had been restricted to flying only. Now he hated airports too. He hated the air of anticipation, the ridiculously expensive food, the fact that every second shop seemed to sell trashy magazines. Did anyone honestly care whether Britney Spears was wearing underwear or not??

They'd been there for two hours before Sam had thought to inquire if the flight had been delayed. It had.

He glanced over at his younger brother, who seemed perfectly content with checking his e-mails on that stupid bloody laptop of his. How could he be so calm?

'Dude, relax.' Sam looked up at his brother as though he had read his thoughts, then again, being the Haley Joel Osment wannabe that he was, he probably had. 'Just sit down, read a magazine or something. Breathe. You're driving me insane.'

'Well it's not all about you, geek boy.' Dean snapped.

Sam didn't even merit this with a response. And so Dean continued to pace restlessly , humming Metallica under his breath. It still hadn't sunk in. He had a daughter. He was a father. Father to a 16-year-old girl he hadn't even known existed.

And it seemed without even knowing him, she had been affected by the Winchester curse. The lawyer hadn't given too many details about the fire but had said something about an electrical fault. It had been an old house. Sam had researched the town they had lived in on the Internet. The local paper was online and wrought with stories about cattle mutilation and electical storms. The demon had struck again. But somethings just didn't add up. She was 16, not 6 months old. She hadn't even been in the house at the time. Had it just taken Laura for the hell of it? No, the demon never did anything without a purpose. For some reason, it wanted to unite Dean and Ella. And it sure as hell wasn't because it had gone all Oprah on them.