This story has been languishing untouched on my laptop for months and months now. Occasionally I'd get an email saying someone had added me to their story alert and I'd think 'mm should get back to that someday' but in the brilliance that is season four, I wasn't entirely sure where to go with good old Mysterious Ways. When I started writing this, season two hadn't even premiered in Australia yet. The mythology has left me for dead. To borrow a phrase- I've been Kripke'd.

However over the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about it- I love Ella and have for quite some time been trying to place her in an original story without much luck. I don't know yet what tale would do her justice. I figured I should continue to explore her options in this story. While doing research for something else I'm working on, I came up with an idea for M.W. But the credit for its resurrection goes to a motivating email for StOpSmackinme07.

This teaser is just as much for anyone who still wants to read this story as it is to remind me to soldier on with the chapter. So enjoy this little tidbit.

Chapter 12- Teaser

'Ok, now turn on your indicator.'

Ella swiped frantically at the controls on the left side of the steering wheel. The windscreen wipers burst to life with a vengeance.

'The other side, the other side.' Dean cried hurriedly.

'Shit.' Ella flicked the wipers off, hitting out at the handle on the other side before returning her sweaty palm to the steering wheel, which she clutched desperately.

'Good, good. Now start to brake. Brake…BRAKE!'

'Shit.' Ella slammed her foot down on the brake pedal and the three of them suffered a moderate case of whiplash as they jerked to a halt just behind the white line of the intersection. 'Sorry!'

'Holy mother of God.' Dean muttered to himself, rubbing his forehead. He stole a glance in the rearview mirror at his little brother. Sam's face was tinged a sickly green, upon catching Dean's eye, he shrugged helplessly.

How naïve he'd been to think that fatherhood would be full of nothing but fun past times like intimidating adolescent boys and cracking lame jokes.

'Ok.' He took a deep breath. 'When this light turns green, you're going to turn into the second lane on the left. All right?'

'Ok.' Ella nodded. She looked just as if not more nauseous than Sam did. Her small shoulders were hunched with tension. She swallowed, focusing so hard on the traffic light her eyes watered.

The light remained red but a green arrow pointing left appeared. What on earth was that supposed to mean?

'That's green. Go, go!' Dean ordered.



The Impala surged forward, Ella spun the wheel urgently and the car swung into the first lane. Right into oncoming traffic.

'Wrong lane, wrong lane!' Dean yelled as car horns sounded belligerently and Ella cut across in front of a BMW to move into the next lane and merged with the line of traffic.

'Jesus, Ella, what was that? You nearly got us all killed!'

'You frigging Americans drive on the wrong side of the road!' Ella retorted angrily. Her heart was beating crazily, her shoulders ached they were so tense and she wanted to cry.

'You're not in Sydney anymore, Kylie.' Dean wiped the sweat from his brow.

'I know that!' She snapped, choking back tears. They passed straight ahead through another intersection without incident.

'I want to pull over.' She announced.

'We're almost on the highway.' Dean's tone was still exasperated but his expression had softened.

'I want to pull over.' She repeated stubbornly.

He sighed. 'Ok, turn on your right indicator and pull into the curb up ahead. Just behind that soccer-mom mobile.'

Ella obeyed, parking safely behind the blue mini van. Its number plate was SUZ 1970

'Nice park.' Dean commended grudgingly.

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak as she unbuckled her seatbelt and escaped from the driver's seat.

Dean eased himself out of the passenger side and Sam climbed gratefully from the back.

Ella avoided her father's gaze as she allowed Sam to pass her and clambered into the backseat. Where she decided she belonged.

'Are you ok, Baby?' Dean asked worriedly as he crossed in front of the bonnet to the driver's side.

'I'm fine.' Ella mumbled, the desire to cry had been drowned out by her wounded pride and the urge to sulk.

'I think he meant the car.' Sam supplied kindly as he slid into the front seat.

'Oh.' And the temptation to sulk increased.