Title: Covered in Red

Naruto FanFiction written by: Noble Fool

Disclaimer: This brilliant work of the Manga and Anime; Naruto, is not done by me.

A/N: This is my first darkish fic, so I hope you all enjoy it! Hinata/Itachi.

Pale fingers ran down the substance-covered mirror loosely. A light touch which streaked from the top to the middle, creating a path to see herself, where she then pulled her hand back to rest on her side. Through the three lines created, they met their blank, pure white eyes of the reflection. No emotion, yet tears were clearly shown, however not escaping and marking her painted face.

"Do you wish for lies?" a husked voice asked from behind.

Her eyes flickered along the mirror to the dark figure behind her who had spoken. His red eyes clearly shined through the loose bangs while his face was expressionless.

"Iie…" she whispered so quietly, lowering her eyes in the mirror to glance over her stained kimono. Odd…this use to be white with orchids of a soft cream and lilac hue…now it is stained deeply with red…along with her hands as well. "What have I done?" she asked once more.

"You have freed yourself," she ran her eyes over the mirror, the bloodstained mirror with three near-cleaned streaks. At least now, she could see part of herself in this full-length mirror…and part of this demon.

Her eyes, so false looking, as if she were missing part of her soul. Incomplete…she placed both her hands on the mirror, applying pressure, and took them off slowly noticing they were shaking in the merest. Semi-transparent red handprints were now left behind and she took a step back, observing it bit by bit, her eyes running lazily over them as if trying to memorize each crack, each wrinkle on the copy. Why would blood be on her…she was not injured…?

"I-I do not remember…"

"It's best," he stood behind her more closely, barely an arms-length away. She only nodded weakly.

"Have I done this before?"

"Iie," he stroked the back of her hair so softly, almost nonexistent; running his fingers through it while rubbing it between his thumb and index every now and then. She took a sharp breath of air at the touches, almost frightened at how she enjoyed this. Then he pulled her hair to rest over one of her shoulders and with that, he took a step forward.

She held her breath while he lowered his head to rest on her shoulder so faintly. She gasped, taking a quick step forward, causing him to rise as she then leaned her forehead against the cold and sticky mirror. Taking a shallow breath, she brought her hands up once again and pressed them harshly against the mirror. Feeling anger; confusion - the blood on her hands now burning in irritation.

"Answer me…please? Why am I covered in blood…and why do I feel so close to you? I-I do not remember you,"

"Hn," An amused sigh escaped from the dark figure as he slowly brought his hand out from his cloak, allowing only his fingertips to barely stroke her thickly covered mid-back.

She gasped from the touch, head lifting and eyes opening, immediately meeting his piercing red eyes reflecting from the mirror. She tried to turn away from his gaze, tried to blink, however she did not wish to break such an alluring sight. How she felt warm…her heart beating against her chest. She knew this man. How? How…she could not even remember why she was covered in blood.

He then smirked, and vanished where he quickly reappeared pressed up against her back in less then a blink, holding her wrists, his mouth to her ear. She tensed, straightening her posture, holding her breath, as she watched him through the mirror and he met her eyes through there. She released her breath, her body shaking; not quite sure for the reasons why it was.

"Become more aware of your surroundings," he whispered, almost teasingly, turning her around so quickly she felt slightly dizzy, and the rough shove he gave her didn't assist as she stumbled on the soaked bottom fabric of the kimono.

Soaked? On the bottom of her kimono? Her eyes trailed down along the expensive fabric, seeing the same stains as before…on her midsection and arms…yet looking near her feet she saw a darker ring then the previous stains. A dark red…a thin dark red ring of blood on her kimono, soaking up blood. Narrowing her eyes…she saw a very slow, blood flowing streak towards her direction, ending right at her feet. Her eyes widened and she took a step back, closing her eyes shut instantly. No! NO!

Yet once she did, he grabbed her forearm harshly, and forced her to take a few steps forward.

"Open your eyes," His tone dangerous, causing her to immediately comply, and as she did so, she wished she hadn't.

The cause of the blood flow…was laying in the bed, covered and in a mess of sheets of the bedding, a kunai stabbed deeply in him. She shook her head while closing her eyes, clutching her hands together as she felt the blood of him rub against her hands. Why did she have his blood on her? She turned around from the scene, trying to breathe easier; surprised he had allowed this act from her.

"That man…would be your new husband, and this would be your wedding night…my Hime…" he ran his hand along her forearm slowly while moving the fabric of her kimono out of his way, tracing circles on her naked flesh, causing chills up her spine. She wasn't sure if the chills were from fright or the touch; perhaps both. "You are covered in blood because he was hurting you and you killed him…and you liked it," he turned her around with ease to face him, as if she were a puppet, her eyes scanning over his face while he met hers. "And you know exactly who I am," He took a step forward, locking her eyes with his.

Her mouth parted in the slightest as she glanced down, but he quickly grasped onto her chin, lifting it up, his eyes demanding the answer.

"Hai…Itachi," His mouth twitched upward ever so slightly, as he brought his hand up stroking her side bangs softly. He trailed his hand down, gently along her neck, creating a circling motion once more while his hand clasped around her throat rashly. His mouth tweaked upward once more at her surprised eyes and that is when he added a little pressure.

In one swift motion; she was pushed back and pressed up against the wall mirror, her head slamming against it with the scream of pain quickly being muffled into a moan at the felling of his hot mouth placed on her cold neck. His hands gripped her hips tightly causing her to bite her bottom lip to cancel out the pain. Her eyes scanned downward, watching the top of this head, feeling him kiss along her neck and moving slowly to her collarbone; his hands roughly gliding along her hipbone back and forth. How could his hands be so demanding yet kisses warm and gentle?

She closed her eyes, trying to straighten out her thoughts, keeping her mouth closed tightly in order to not allow any more sounds to escape. She could feel her hands shaking, not sure what from, as her stomach burned. From what? Disgust? Anger? …Want? Her face burned and her fingers tried to curl themselves around something, anything, on the wall.

Her eyes flashed open suddenly in pain, feeling that his teeth had entered her flesh on her shoulder. She could feel his hot lips smirk while kissing that spot and continuing with his 'affectionate' gestures on her neck. She burned deeper, feeling him readjust and holding tighter onto her hips, pressing her harder onto the mirror; his kisses more opened-mouth on her neck.

However, as her eyes looked up from the top of his head, she immediately saw the bed. Running her eyes along the ground, the blood of her husband still continued to flow slowly towards them, most likely tainting both of their attire. In her husband's blood, she was being kissed so passionately. That thought caused her to bite her lip and close her eyes. Her husband…

"S-stop," she whispered, surprised by the heat in her voice. With that, the rough caresses and kisses ceased with him pulling away, taking a step back. His eyes looked angered yet face still emotionless as she met his gaze. Instantly she lowered her head, hands entwined together while tugging on her fingers.

"If I cannot touch you – allow me to look at your face," He whispered angrily, causing her to shoot her head up quickly, which allowed him to run his eyes over her slowly. Then he smirked in the slightest. "You look beautiful in red…my Hime," He husked out, glancing over her body and neck, obviously referring to the blood on her kimono and body, especially the mark he made on her.

When he brought his eyes back up, he instantly locked them with hers, and caused her to blush at the intensity they held.

Then his eyes flashed to the left, before he scowled, and turned to walk out the door.

"Itachi," she whispered, eyes casting to the ground. "Will…I see you before…" Before what? Her eyes flickered to the corpse. Her punishment.

"Hai," and he left.

It was obvious what his departure meant…they were coming. Otherwise, he would not have left. Her eyes glided over the closed door, almost hoping that he would come back and embrace her…and then her eyes instantly lowered. She could almost pity herself for such a hopeless thought. Emotions…are our greatest betrayer. He was not that type of man. However – she instinctively brought her hand up to her shoulder, the one his head rested on before she stepped away breaking the connection, his touches were more…meaningful. Her eyes brightened softly while she turned around and stood before the mirror once more.

Darting her eyes quickly through the now broken mirror, she could almost smile, 'must you always leave proof behind, Itachi?' she shook her head while closing her eyes. With a deep breath, she opened her eyes once more and looked through the mirror again, finding the cracked mirror more realistic for observing this room…, and looking at herself.

This room, this filthy room where her dreams and hopes were to die. Her eyes then focused on the bed. In that bed. With THAT man. A man she had hardly known…and her Otou-sama had married her to. Just as long as he was a Hyuuga and a member of the Main House. It did not matter - emotions do not matter - in the Hyuuga Clan, you are only caged. Perhaps death is the only freedom.

She forced her eyes to look at herself, instantly meeting her own reflection's gaze. They held coldness, anger. She could hardly recognize herself through her own eyes and almost gasped at the sight. Does…voluntary murder change one so much? Now – holding experience in one's eyes? Emptiness…she felt like a puzzle that would never be put back together.

She brought her hand up, running it along the mirror, grazing the cracked pieces of herself…the puzzle. Then - she dug her fingers into it, picking off a few of the mirror pieces, feeling a few of the shards pierce into her flesh. She didn't mind…

Once satisfied, she pulled away allowing her hand to fall down to her side…a few droplets of blood falling onto the wooden floor. She stared along the mirror, the broken mirror; the puzzle of herself, as she smiled slightly at her finished work. Now looking straight on into the mirror, she could no longer see her eyes...she had taken those pieces out. At least now, she can recognize the rest of herself…

Suddenly the room door flew open and she slowly turned her head to the door, eyes instantly meeting the persons who looked frighteningly at her.


She only pulled away from the mirror completely, now facing them, where she side-glanced her Husband and then back at the people who stood before her.

"I do not regret,…Neji-nii-san,"

Two of the Hyuuga men from behind him instantly shot out, taking hold of her and pulling her out of the room, leaving Neji wide-eyed and silent. He walked deeper into the room, casting his eyes once over the corpse of her husband, before he then found himself staring into the cracked mirror. He stood before it running his eyes along it: seeing blood, handprints, and pressure forced upon it. He took a step back, glancing over the darkness within this room he knew would've only brought sadness to her, before walking out and shutting the door.

'What occurred, Hinata-sama?'

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