Title: Covered In Red

Naruto FanFiction written by: Noble Fool

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"Please...I am not ready…" her troubled whispers went ignored as the man on top of her continued with his touches, his strokes, his kisses on her covered body. She closed her eyes, clenching her fists loosely at her sides feeling that he had once again tapped at a few of her chakra points with his feverish stroking. So that she is easier to deal with?

She frowned her brow uneasily at feeling his bottom weight press on her as he laid partly upon her, while beginning to unravel her kimono with his obviously experienced hands. She shifted, a soft cry escaping from her lips she had tried to prevent, as she only heard a chuckle while he continued undressing her.

In return, she only closed her eyes tightly; her hands holding onto the quilt in a tight grip, clenching it harder and harder with each touch she felt her husband give her on her now naked torso. Each stroke he gave caused her to shake as her eyes began to slowly water, and she felt her throat tighten. No, she cannot cry...this is her husband – he is supposed to touch her.

"Do you enjoy me touching you?" He questioned, stroking her bare sides. She nodded her head obediently. "Why…do I have the feeling you're lying?" He stroked her harder, which caused her to flinch slightly, the tears in her eyes becoming noticeable as she blinked them away, and kept them open, keeping her eyes low.

"I-I am not lying to you, husband Hioki …"

With that answer, he simply readjusted himself, now untangling the fabrics of her lower body as he stroked her naked stomach and thighs roughly. She simply closed her eyes once more, her fingers twitching uneasily. Suddenly, he released an unpleased gruff as she felt him shift towards her, where she instantly opened her eyes, meeting his gaze.

"You react as a whore would…" his angry tone hissed. Her eyes shifted downward in obvious disgrace.


A hot, burning liquid spewed up her throat at the odor she inhaled. The sleep vanished from her eyes at the shock from that action, as she glanced weakly at her surroundings, instantly remembering her location. Once that was remembered, she tore the warmth of the fabric above her roughly to the side, and she weakly fumbled from the futon.

Stumbling from it, she attempted to regain her posture, where her knees instantly buckled and she fell onto the hard floor. Chills shot through her body and up her spine, prickling her head due to the intense coldness from the ground below her. Her mind raced as she breathed deeply, the smell instantly burning her throat; which seemed to have lodged itself there and she could not rid it.

She half-dragged and half-crawled her way to the wall nearest her, as she leaned against it, calming her haste breath as with each one she took, it burned her lungs and caused her eyes to wet. After a few breaths, the smell seemed to weaken from the inside of her throat and nostrils, as if layers were inside her airway passage and she had broken them down. Now only the usual rotting stench remained in the cellar. The same stench that with each passing day, the smell worsened. The Hyuuga Clan certainly knew how to torment one - how to thin ones thread of sanity. With each breath she took, the overwhelming odor would be a reminder of what will soon come - and a shattered memory of what she had done – which would tick in her mind.

Her eyes drifted over to the corner of the small, square locked room where a tatami mat laid. Through the darkness of the room, she could barely see that on top of which; was placed her outer kimono from where most of the stench emitted. Her wedding kimono…the very clothing she still wore from when she had taken her husband's life. Hioki Hyuuga…she remembered the name well. Simply placing that fabric once more upon her body for warmth in this freezing chamber during the resting hours…she would be remembered of his hands feverishly grasping it and her body during her minds weakest hours.

The pieces would slowly come together…

Her eyes turned away, back to the spot across the room that was in complete darkness, where one couldn't make out anything. There, her mind instantly faded away into whichever thoughts her mind currently brewed,…anything to keep her from recalling her husbands events. And her own.

It was odd…she found herself thinking as she ran her fingers along the fabrics hem of the kimono, how complete silence could be deafening to the ears. Possibly, it was the sounds of slow breathing that kept her mind from snapping; or the echoes created in the cell by the ruffles of fabric she wore by the slight movements made? She ran the fabric between her fingers, listening to the 'skint' created as the fabric brushed against one another.

She wouldn't be displeased for snapping however…lose her mind to the darkness of this locked room, the only light being that of the dim candle. She almost wished that light would fade away, and for herself to be left in the dark. At least she would not be able to see what laid on the woven mat, can imagine the fabric that kept her warm during her sleep was nothing more then just a quilt.

However, the horrid memories would not exist if it were simply an innocent cloth.

And Hyuugas knew how to torment.

The stench, which would fester her during her wake, burn her throat and sting the eyes. During the night to keep from the cold, she would need to cover herself with that bloodstained kimono which would poison her mind with nightmares…destroy her slowly with the broken and incomplete memories during the day. The darkness, how she hated it, yet it would be better to have then rather the dim candlelight that would create shadows and play with her eyes; frighten her at points. Otherwise, she would watch as the candle burned and goes weaker, before it went completely out…and she would crave the light once more. Always…so weak she was.

Then, after an hour or so had passed…as she sat in the darkness – noises would become known. How she disliked these noises, yet craved them at the same time; anything different from the ruffles created in this cell she herself made. Hm,…perhaps she was losing her mind? Yet with the recognizable pitter-patters of footsteps, that meant a Hyuuga was coming, to open the door carrying a burning candle, and they would set it down…and leave. Of course, they would flicker their eyes towards her - the Ex-Heiress, the Hyuuga Filth of the Clan. It was a pattern for them…she had observed, in the many days she had been here.

Yet, as the heavily weighted door opened and light entered into the room, and she didn't hear the usual scurry of feet, she lifted her head in the slightest, yet kept her eyes on the person's torso. She would not dishonor anyone by looking him or her in the eyes…that would mean instant death to her, and that person whose eyes she had looked into, would have filth on them.

"I requested this task…" the voice was deep and serious, yet with a hint of sincerity. "You will be marked with a seal that will weaken your Bloodline intensely. This will deem you 'non-Hyuuga use.' It…has never been done before, so if you are to survive, then a further punishment will be followed afterwards," He took a breath of air. "The Council Members are wishing for your death, Hinata-sama," he whispered angrily in distaste.

Hinata lowered her eyes, and then bowed deeply before him. Her hands quivered slightly at feeling the cold surface on her naked flesh.

"Thank you for coming…Neji-nii-san…it is good to see you," she whispered. "Thank you for telling me as well, but…I am not afraid,"

"Hinata-sama…" he whispered.

"Please…do not give me that title…," she then rose from her bow, and raised her eyes to his torso once more. There she noticed him nod and watched him enter the cell and place a new candle in replace of the pure liquid one, as he turned back towards her. She kept her gaze low.

"Do you wish for anything?" They both knew nothing could have been given to her; however, he knew she craved for sounds.

"No thank you," she replied.

"Very well," he made his way back to the door, where he turned back around and bowed.

"Neji-nii-san…when…will the ceremony be taking place?" She whispered lowly, her head bowed and fists clenched weakly.

"Tomorrow evening," She nodded, and listened to the sounds of the door closing, and his footsteps down the halls. When his footsteps vanished completely, she turned her eyes to the door as she stared along it, where she clenched her fists tightly.

"Will…you see me before? Itachi…" She whispered his name while lowering her head as she leaned further back against the icy wall. She chilled instantly where she simply closed her eyes, skin prickling uneasily from the cold, where she wrapped her arms around herself and welcomed the scattered thoughts that plagued her mind.


The hand wretched painfully through her hair, tangling and twisting to gain a strong grip, before the owner of the hand yanked forward and slammed her head down. She bit her bottom lip harshly to hold back her yelp as she grabbed his hand holding her hair; he simply grabbed them with his other hand, holding them above her head.

"A whore should be treated as such, ne?" he whispered harshly down to her.

"I…I am not a-" he spit on her face which quickly silenced her, as she tried to hold back tears.

"So filthy you are…tell me that man's name and then I shall give you the marks of a whore…" he smirked while pulling back from her face in the slightest, shuffling out a kunai from a hidden pouch in his kimono. There he leaned forward, rubbing the smooth silver along her cheek. Her eyes widened in the slightest and she struggled beneath him fearfully. He simply laughed. "Surely a whore knows how to properly get a reaction from a man?" He lowered himself down to her ear. "It's not by that pathetic squirming Heiress…" She closed her eyes, turning her head away.

"Pl-Please, leave me alone!" With that, he angrily placed his palm on the side of her head and slammed it down on the mat many times. There, she let out a cry of pain while she kicked him back in a fumble. He fell slightly back from shock as she attempted to edge herself away, where she listened to him let out a growl and suddenly grab her harshly on the arm, yanking her back, which caused her to be dragged back towards him. Just above her, he pushed her fully onto the bedding where he crawled on top of her, applying weight upon her.

"I am your husband, and you will do as I say!" He barked to her, his face a few inches from hers. Her eyes widened while looking up at him in shock. She then glanced down and entwined her fingers through the thin sheets below her, as she looked back up at him, and nodded. "Be a good girl…Hinata…my wife…Hyuuga's successor," he whispered soothingly, frowning his brows. "Forgive my anger…I am only jealous…but we are united now – you see? The Clan would be displeased if we were not to get along…" His tone growing softer with each passing word. She nodded weakly, as he shifted to lessen his weight on top of her, and then backed away to now be on his knees beside her.

She watched him, as she then lowered her gaze, very unsure of what is expected now, yet his words easily whirled in her mind. The Clan…this is all for the Clan. How angered and more disappointed they would be with her if she could not even make a man happy. Her own husband. Could she not even do that right as the Heiress? With feeling him shift, she turned her eyes to him, as she watched him rise from the futon, and turn towards her. His body tense and face emotionless while he spoke.

"Clean yourself up…and then we will rest," She obeyed immediately, rising quickly as she bowed before him, as he nodded. Then, she walked to the other side of the room, uneasily, while pulling the loosened kimono back over her body.

There she stood before the mirror, and glanced quickly over herself. Her hair; once done delicately in curls and rolled up, now had parts fallen loosely, and brushing against her painted face. Running her eyes along her face, she noticed the white powder placed on had been smeared, as with the red on her lips. Obviously from when her husband was pressing her head against the bedding…which was giving her a headache.

With the mention of him, she flickered her eyes along the mirror to observe her husband quickly. There she watched him, fixing up the mat that had been crooked, and straightening up the sheets that were obviously a mess. Instantly, she felt a twist of sadness and ill pass over her at the sight of him. Such horrid feelings she was having towards her husband that she should not be having…She bit her bottom lip, turning her gaze away, before he could notice her studying him, as she squeezed her fingers to calm herself down. Yet that didn't seem to be helping as she swallowed a mouthful of air, trying to compose herself from the emotions that were trying to escape.

No…he is a good man, ne? The Clan would place her with a good man.

She blinked her eyes rapidly, in order to rid of the water that was ever present, as she thought if this is what all Hyuuga women endure during their wedding nights. If perhaps…all men act this way? If so…she will now begin to pray for them…not for happiness like she had always done, but for strength…and yet to show weakness to their husband, just as she was doing. Always, so weak she was. She released a soft sigh.

She pulled out the pins and clip holding her hair up, as she placed them down on the dresser right beside the mirror, as she grasped the comb and ran it through her hair. Then, tying her hair back, she grabbed the white cloth beside a bowl of water, and dipped it in, just wetting the corner. Using the assistance of the mirror, she began wiping off the white powder from her face and the red from her lips. The black around her eyes will have to come later with a proper bath.

Then her fingers hesitantly went to the folds of her kimono, as she ran them gently over the fabrics. Suitably, she…should take off the outer kimono for rest; however, she did not feel comfortable. She bit her bottom lip as she ran her hands weakly over the obi tie. With her head lowered, she began tightening the kimono around her body, before a harsh voice cut through the air.

"You will remove it,"

"H-Hai," The husband's word was final. She carefully took off the outer layer, and placed it on the dresser, all the while blushing with feeling his eyes towards this direction.

Before approaching her husband, she removed the hair ribbon, and walked slowly to the bedding where he already laid. She then kneeled, bowed, and pulled back the now neat sheets as she crawled in and laid. After a moment, the bed shift suddenly where she trembled slightly. At the feel of his arm being placed around her stomach, she blushed deeply, and when he pulled her to him, causing her back to be pressed against his chest, she let out a small whimper and closed her eyes. Yet when the movements ceased, she opened her eyes and gazed around the room as she waited for him to begin once more with his touches. Yet he simply breathed heavier against her neck, causing her nerves to come loose.

"Good night wife,"

"Go-Good night…husband Hioki," she whispered, attempting to ease herself in his grasp, yet her stomach churned uneasily.

After a few moments, she released a sigh and rested her head more heavily as she closed her eyes. Yet they quickly shot open as she looked around the room. She shook her head weakly, and closed her eyes once more, seeing in her mind what she thought she had seen just a moment ago. Piercing red eyes.


She felt herself fading in and out of consciousness…did that mean…she was alive? Or was this Hell and she was in a self-rot? Yes…Hell, she was certain of it. For all the sins, for the weaknesses she showed. And the punishment she was receiving was your body constantly in pain, and what was this liquid streaming down your face? She weakly dragged her arm up her body, ignoring the feel of her outer kimono above her for warmth, as she stroked her temple which heated in pain, and she pulled it just in front of her face. Slowly, she then opened her eyes, the pain from just that action overwhelming.

Blood…, she weakly made out, she was crying tears of watery blood.

She blinked her eyes multiple times, in an attempt to focus her sight, even though the pain remained. How long had it been since the marking? That she was deemed a 'non-Hyuuga use?' She…can't even recall the ritual. She closed her eyes sadly. She pondered…what they saw her as now. In their eyes, was she even a human? No…she wasn't. It was obvious. In Hyuuga Clan, you are lower then waste if you cannot battle. What use was she now without the Byakugan?

It does not even matter really – she will obviously die by their hands. As the worst Hyuuga in their existence; a fitting title. Will they perhaps parade her around first to show the other Hyuugas? A warning to show that this is what may happen to them as well? She trembled as she felt tears fall, and felt her body begin to fall into another deep sleep, as she could not handle the pain that ran throughout her body. Always…so weak.


A 'hum' escaped her lips as she tilted her head towards the warmth and unusual sensation. Yet when a barely audible amused 'hn' was made, she attempted to open her eyes, yet the pain kept them closed. The finger strokes made to her head then made its way gently to her eyes as they lightly stroked her eyes and cheeks. This caused her face to burn in ache as she clenched her teeth, and a painfully low gasp escaped.

"They've marked you," he spoke. Her heart skipped a beat at hearing the voice she easily recognized, and she felt him stroke the side of her face tenderly which indeed marked it as true to whom it was. "They've added to your beauty," she felt him run his hand through her hair, down the side of her face, and along her neck where they stopped and stroked her flesh.

She shook ever slightly, taking in his touches she knew she wanted, and he seemed to crave as he hardened his touch while bringing his other hand to rest on the top of her stomach. Yet that hand slowly began its movements as his fingers stroked along the thin fabrics she wore, which prickled her cold flesh. She shivered intensely; an embarrassing act only he could do to her, as she felt a new weight upon the mat and sensed his presence hover just above her. Instantly, she tweaked her nose slightly as his hair fell over and brushed against her nose, as he lowered his head to her face, and she could feel his lips upturn to a smirk.

However, the smirk vanished, as she quivered once more as he brushed her stomach, running his hand down towards her hip slowly, before gripping it. His other hand meanwhile, stroked her throat with his thumb, and the back of the neck with his fingers. He then brought his face closer to her, his warm breath which tingle her skin was proof of that, as she curled her fingers.

"Do you wish for my touch…my Hime?" His lips lightly brushed against her neck, as she released a 'hm' that she had not meant to allow slip.

'Kami-sama, forgive me,' ran through her mind multiple times, her lips pursed, craving his touches even more as his fingers lightly ran along her neck, tingling her greatly.

Suddenly, she felt him shift, removing his hands from her immediately as her mouth parted in the slightest from confusion. She could feel him sitting, just beside her bedding, as she kept facing straight. He…is one who you could know for one thousand years, and never truly know. He will touch you as he wishes…yet once he asks you permission for your touch, you are free to deny him, as she herself has noticed. She released the softest sigh. In his words, she had denied him, yet didn't he see…how broken she was in confusion of everything?

"It-Itachi…do you not…care for me?" she whispered lowly.

Instantly, she was surprised when a pleased 'hn' escaped from his lips.

"You will open your eyes…" That tone. Nor a command, or a threat, frightened her even worse as she did so as quickly as she could; which took her quite the time with her injured eyes. "Look at me," he was crouched beside her, his onyx eyes immediately meeting hers, as he wore only the outfit underneath his cloak. Which she glanced to see she was using as a blanket. She snapped her eyes back to him, and could see he demanded reasoning for such a question.

Suddenly, she was pushed back, onto the wall, as she stared into pure black eyes raging in anger. One must be quick to answer.

"I am the only one who cares for you," he clutched her shoulders, glaring intensely. "If you ever question that again…I will take your life," he released her, allowing her to fall onto the bedding as he rose and began walking away.

She watched him while sitting up on the bedding weakly, her eyes watering as she once more cursed her weakness, but…she could not stand watching him leave. The only object she partly understood in her confused state of mind. Him.

"Itachi…don-don't leave….I-,"

"I will leave if you persist with that pitiable whine," he said, as he walked to the opposite side of the cell, and sat, closing his eyes.

She watched, puzzled at this. He…was staying?

She lowered herself into the bedding, covering herself with his cloak so he could not see the now red tint on her cheeks, as she held a soft smile. Yet she scolded herself for asking such a moronic question resulting in this, and denying his touch she so wished for. She brought his cloak closer and smelled it gently.

At least she could gaze at him, and breathe in his scent, which comforted her so.

She smiled shyly, very thankful for him, as she watched him rest. While doing so, she couldn't help but ponder what he had to go through to get here and what sort of genjutsu protected him within the Hyuuga household. He isn't weak.

She closed her hurting eyes, releasing a sigh, as she allowed for her mind to calm and herself to live in this dreamland for a little while. One who has nothing but death in the near future deserves the slightest happiness for a little while…do they not? Yet, she could not even allow herself to be pleased with those little dreams, because all she could have was unsettled memories and nightmares slowly poisoning her mind as she wondered if they would be solved before her death.

Perhaps…perhaps he can help?

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