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A day is like a day where no one knows what is to happen. Many people wish that they can see into the future and know what is going to happen. Is there going to be an attack? No one knows. I had wished that I knew what was going to happen. Mostly because of the biggest attack that had happened years ago. But first, lemme tell you about myself. My name is Rain, Rain Menory. I was an assassin with mid-long silverish hair and dark red eyes. No one really notces me that much but I don't seem to care about it. Now I will tell you about what happen years ago, when I was only but a novice back then. It all started when I ….."RAIN! RAIN!"

Rain snapped out of her thoughts, being yelled at in the ear. She looked to the side and saw one person that had befriended her. His name was Kuno. He always seemed to want to pick a fight with someone. He was also an assassin. We both became friends when we met back at the theif hide-out. He had dark hair that was difficult to tell if it was black, dark dark blue, or dark dark purple. But it was indead blue. His eyes are what attracts people to him, mostly girls, which leaves me to fend them off cause he doesn't know exactly how. His right eye was a crystal blue, while his left what a grey color.

Rain looked at him, giving him a 'What do you want?' look. He only smiled at tugged her to an anoucement board. "You gotta see this Rain!" She sighed and allowed him to pull her to the board. They stopped and Kuno quickly points to a long list of names. In bold at the top was this weeks 'TOP 10' which gave everyjob a chance. Rain looked closer and saw her name in 3rd place. She blinked and looked at 2nd, where her worst nitemare was…Maii. Maii was a slut in words. She was a dancer and used that to get men. When Rain wasn't as cold as she was today, she had a crush that Maii quickly took away from her. She scowled and walked away from the board, leaving her friend to follow after her. "Rain…Come on! Maii flirted her way to the top there. But don't worry..you can beat her!" Kuno stated, trying to cheer his friend up. Rain sighed and looked at him. "I don't care about being on the Top 10, Kuno. I just wanted to be stronger so I can protect you and my family. Seeing as you goof off to much." She smirked when Kuno's smile quickly went to a poute. After many years, she found out he was way to childish as an assassin. She loved to tease him about it also.

.Later::Archer Village.

Rain sat down on the soft grass with Kuno, who had tagged along to train with her. She looked around, seeing merchants trying to sell heal items for the cave. Also trying to sell fly wings to teleport around if they weren't acolytes'…who were priest or monks in training. Rain looked from them to a couple bards and dancers, dancing away to give a semi-like buff to people before they enter the cave. Kuno was doing what she was, wondering if anything exciting was going to happen. He quickly got up and reached into a bag that was strapped to his side. He smirked and brought out a branch. A Dead Branch, which summons a random monster for a fight. Rain looked at him with a raised brow and looked away. Kuno smirked and broke it. A flash of light drew everyones attention to him. In seconds, an acient mummy had appeared. Lower class, such as theifs, acolytes, merchants, and archers quickly ran away, not wishing to die anytime soon. Kuno started to attack it, being hit pretty hard. A priestess that wasn't far away healed him for every hit he received, but it wasn't anough. Other higher class like hunters, monks, assassins, and so on quickly started to attack. Rain was the only one who didn't care. The monster was easy, so why mob it till it dies? Rain let out a sigh, watching people die, then turned to glare at Kuno for making a racket. When he gave her a look, she got up and also started to attack.

It wasn't long before the acient mummy had died. Thanks to a couple priest that were smart anough to start healing it or using Turn Undead. Rain sat down and restored her health, passing a couple items to Kuno so he can do the same. "Your stupid you know that?" Kuno looked down,"Sorry Rain…" He was hit in the head non to gentally and looked at Rain. "Think before you do something rash. What if it was a Baphomet or a Dark Lord that had come from that?! Don't do it again! Ok..?" He nodded and lied back on the grass, hopefully to take a small nap.

Else where, a knight was looking into a mirror, watching the two friends. He smirked to himself and walked away from the mirror, his cape flowing from an invisible wind. "So…dear brother..you made an ally with one of the greatest assassins. Wonder how long it will take me to kill her, and break your heart." The knight chuckled, running a hand through his pitch black hair. He continued to chuckle as he disappeared into the shadows.

Chapter End

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