Many players from all over the online server wait for the new specail event to unfold. They stand watching the Game Masters at the front waiting to explain how it works. The head GM steps foward and takes a deep breath. "Players of Ragnarok. We give you a brand new event. Never seen on any server. I bring you..."

End Prologe-

-Special Chapter: Start of the event-

"I bring you...EVENT EXTREME!" the head master yelled. The gamers who loved events screamed out in joy at the new event they would be able to play. "Now, here is how it works. First, you will hunt 5 of each doll in the game. Rocker, Poring, Oris, Bapho, ChonChon, and so on. You will bring them to one of my team members and show them you have all of them. Then they will tell you what to do next. If your waiting, no, you will not here where to go. We will private message you on the next peice. After you go through all the task, you will be givin a clue to find me. The last part of the event is to beat my friend, one of the best players in Ragnarok, and defeat him/her in a 1 on 1 pvp battle. The first person to arive to me will be first to get a shot, so on and so forth. Now...LETS GET STARTED!" After the explanation, the players took off to find all the dolls for the first task. The game masters watched and sat down to wait. This will be a very long day.

((Switching to my chara pov for event))

'I ran around, killing as mant Baphos' I can. His dolls were always the hardest to get. So I went for him first. Smart thinking huh? Everyone would be at porings and stuf###### KSing each other for the dolls. that I think about it...who is this person we have to fight at the end? Wait, who cares...I got to get to the head GM first!' I continued to kill them, one by one. Finally, I returned to the start and found no one else. Was I first? Did some others get here before me? Nah, I was fast. I quickly ran up to a GM and showed her the dolls. She gave me this: "Go to hardest MVP and find its Armor, Shoes, and Robe. Bring them to me for the 3 task." So I ran off. Thantos was the hardest MVP known to Ragnarok Online. Sure, if you gang him, he's easy. But I HAVE to do it myself! 'I hope I can kill him. Oh Boy...I donno what to do!' I stopped thinking to myself when I got to the warp for his room. I took a deep breath, getting ready and I went in. As I appeared inside, no Thantos on this part. I know he is here though. I quickly buffed up with Deadly Poison, and went to find him. As a sinx, I may have an advantage..but so do Lord Knights and Paladins with their health. I shook it off and continued to search. I heard a noise, getting closer and closer. There he was, coming closer. I gulped and he charged. The battle begun. I swung left and right with a fire sword in one hand and a immortal sword in the other. I heard it was the best weapons for a sinx to use on him. It was working too. I quickly re-enchanted myself with Deadly Poison and kept hitting him. I wasnt going to stop! But, unknown to the Thantos, I had YYG berries with me and I was using them! I had to stay alive ya know! I heard music of joy and saw I had killed him, an MVP award in my hands. "OH MY GOSH! Its...Its...HIS CARD!" I gapped at the card and quickly ran off after storing it in my inventory. I went back to the game masters, seeing other there with the 1st task with them. I waiting for a GM to be empty and ran up to him. I PMed him this: "I beat him. I got his card for proof also." He nodded and said to go to Lutie and meet the head GM. I nodded and left. I walked up to the head GM, a shadowed figure behind him. That MUST have been the guy I had to fight. " killed Thantos. Not many can do that..." I nodded, proud that I was able to. "So...are you ready to hopefully end this event as a winner?" "Yes sir!"I stated. He motioned for the person behind him and gapped again. It was one of my guild mates. He could kill anyone! "Enter your name here! I have to fight you! I'm going to die!" He chuckled "I wont kill you, well..I will, but the head master will revive you." I huffed "Lets get this over with." I grabbed the Thantos card and put it in my daggers I used. 'Please work and help me win this event!'I enchated myself and got ready. The biggest fight in history of RO had started.

I sighed to myself at the memory. Sure, I had one the event. But I knew he had gone easy on me. Why? I dont know. I dont think I will EVER know. I sighed to myself and looked at my prize in my inventory. It was a one of a kind headgear that was impossible to get. Also some wings. The headgear was Lord Kaho Horns. No one that tried to get them from the quest did. It was impossible. The wings were Dark Demon Wings. I liked them. I equiped them and stood up. I walked off proud that day. Proud I had won the event of the Ragnarok history. I hope there will be another one like this, but to have myself as the last task.


Ok, thats the end. This is a story by BloodyShot from .com forums. I hope you all like

And on that note, It was a dumb idea that popped into my head and was used as an event.. Not full version though...