Encounters By: Ardin

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Stargate or the Stargate franchise. It all belongs to whoever does own it: MGM and the like.

A/N: This is going to be a serious of five episode tags or missing scenes that show Jacob's observation of the relationship between Jack and Sam as it changes over the years. The title of each chapter will be the episode it was taken from. These set of shorts will take an AU turn somewhere around "Divide and Conquer" but the scenes in the episodes they are based off of will always be word for word as they were on screen, only the off screen/personal meaning of the scenes will change for the stories.


Chapter One: Secrets

The room was quiet and if Jack had been in a slightly more rational mood he probably would have been thankful that General Carter was the only other occupant. But he had just come from a short, and very off-balancing, meeting with Carter and as such he was in very little likelihood of being rational.

Allowing the door to slam shut behind him, he strode purposefully toward the other man, taking in his startled expression with a satisfied grin. Jack continued toward him until barely a foot was left, his glare beating against his superior officer's stern features. His opening statement was shouted, his tone dangerous.

"WHAT THE HELL KIND OF FATHER ARE YOU? SHE WORKS HER ASS OFF AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS PLAY THE UNCARING SOLDIER!" His volume dropped as he pushed further into the General's personal space.

"What we do under that mountain is incredible, dangerous, and extremely important, but all you can think about right now is showing your genius daughter around NASA. You don't care how much she likes her job, or how good she is at it as long as you can take some of the credit." His words were venomous, raking over the older man painfully.

General Carter opened his mouth to speak, but Jack never let him get any words out. "I have just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out why my brilliant, strong second in command has been bawling her eyes out, and while she won't tell me, I know for a fact that it has something to do with you, SIR!" The title was spat out loathingly, and when Jack continued his volume had dropped, tone now dark and fierce. "And knowing that is enough to have me seriously considering resigning my commission just so I can beat the crap out of you."

The General's face registered confused anger, but again before he could speak to reprimand the Colonel, Jack had beaten him to action. Snapping a clean and, what would have been respectful, had the murderous glint in his eyes not existed, salute, Jack spun on his heal and strode forcefully out the door, once again allowing it to slam behind him.

The older man stood in silence for a long while, staring at the closed door. His mind churned through the 'conversation' that had just happened. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew the other man was right - he'd been too hard on Sam - but his pride would not let him admit that, even to himself. Of more immediate concern to him was the question of what kind of CO would so adamantly and forcibly defend his subordinates?

Shaking off the knowledge that Jack's defense had been more that of a man for a woman he cared about than of a CO for 2IC, the General moved out of the room, promising to find out everything he could about Jack O'Neill before their next encounter.