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Chapter Six: Threads

Jack's first thought as he entered the infirmary that afternoon was that over the last eight years he had spent more time in the SGC's medical ward than he had anywhere else on world, including his own home. His second, which he chided himself for immediately after it flitted across his consciousness, was that Jacob looked pretty good for a dying man.

He tried to keep his voice reasonably cheery as he took a seat on a stool next to the older man's bed. "Hey, Jake. Doc said you wanted to see me?" He couldn't quite stop the slight unease that crept into his voice at being summoned to his fiancé's father.

"Jack, you're a good man." The younger man opened his mouth to object, but Jacob's stern words kept him silent. "No, don't deny it and don't interrupt me. You ARE a good man, Jack O'Neill. And, while I may not have thought so after our first meeting," Here he paused to shoot a mock annoyed glance at the other man before offering a smile and continuing. "I am glad that my daughter found you…that you found each other. Me and you haven't always seen eye to eye on everything…" At Jack's raised eyebrow, Jacob only shrugged before amending his statement. "On anything. But I can't think of anyone who cares more for her, or will ever love her more than you do."

Jacob's voice took on a guilty tone. "I'm sorry that I won't be there to see the wedding. I had hoped that we'd make it until then but…" His voice trailed off as if afraid that he'd said too much. When he continued, it was in a stronger, more straight-forward tone. "I've asked George to walk Sam down the aisle."

Jack nodded for a moment. "Yeah, she told me. And it's not that we don't appreciate the sentiment, but we had a better idea." With a wide grin, he glanced over his shoulder to the doorway and stood as Sam entered. Behind her followed Daniel, Teal'c and Hammond.

Sam helped her father sit up straighter in bed before moving to stand at the foot next to Jack. Daniel and Teal'c had quietly moved to one side of the room, while the General centered himself so that Jacob could see both him and his daughter at all times. Giving Jacob a wide, almost conspirital grin, George began to speak.

"We are gathered here today to join together Jonathan O'Neill and Samantha Carter in matrimony. If it is your intention to take each other as husband and wife, please unite your hands and step forward." The realization of just what was happening caused a large smile to break out on his features as he watched his daughter step up to Jack and join her hands with his.

Looking at the happy, loving smiles on their faces, he was more sure than ever that they were going to be just fine. George's voice once more sounded in the room, this time his words were directed to Jacob.

"Who gives this woman to this man?"

As both Sam and Jack turned their heads to look at him, moments from the previous seven years flitted through his mind.

in love with your daughter…

told me what happened during the zatarc testing, Colonel…

seriously considering resigning my commission just so I can beat the crap out of you…

you are the most important man in her life now…

could have this conversation with Selmak instead…

you may marry my daughter…

Bringing his mind back to the present he gave the pair a loving smile as he replied to Hammond's earlier question. "I give her to him."



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