After the rising of the moon, the young prince and his five remaining priests gathered in the arena of magic users.

"And because of your bravery, we shall see Ra once more." Atem turned to the priests. "My father would have been proud of you all."

Kalim rested against a stone tablet, his arm held tightly in a sling. Shaada reclined next to him, his broken bones bound with sticks and reeds. Siamun had returned the millennium ankh to him, and it now hung around his neck, exactly where it should be.

Akhenaden stood over Seth, grateful that his son survived with mere flesh wounds. The youngest priest grumbled at the fact that Mahaado was able to best him.

Isis stood by the prince, her tauk keeping watch for any possible return of the shadow creature. But like the dreadful curse it set in motion, it too was gone.

Siamun Muran stood next to the altar where the prince had asked Mahaado's body to be placed. Mana stood beside him, though her heart was especially heavy. The apprentice kept watch over her master, desperately searching for a sign that his soul might still be alive. But unlike the battle with the shadow creature, this time, she could feel nothing. Even his heka was gone.

"Has there been a change?" Prince Atem asked softly, turning around.


"What do the doctors and magicians say?"

The vizier lowered his head.

"They can do nothing." He answered softly, turning his gaze away from Mana. He could bear to look at her young face as he spoke such harsh words. "His body will likely expire within seven days, a slow and agonizing death."

"A fitting punishment." Seth announced. "For what he did."

"Seth, how can you say that… he gave his life to stop the creature!"

"After he gave his magic to create it." Seth argued. "With a foolish delusion about the millennium items being tainted."

Priest Akhenaden lowered his gaze to the floor, still saying nothing.

"Priest Seth, I believe his spells were made with good intentions." Siamun interjected. "But let this be a lesson to all of you."

The priests, as well as the prince, turned their attention to the vizier. He took the millennium ring from Mahaado's neck, pulling the needles out of his chest. Turning to Mahaado's apprentice, he slid the item over her head. Even though she was still a student, her acute senses were instrumental in finally stopping the shadow creature. She earned the right to take his place in the priesthood.

"No matter how strong your power, never attempt such magic, or such battles, on your own." He added, his voice soft and solemn. "It is a lesson that Priest Mahaado has learned far too late. Power from any one source is a fragile thing. But the power of the millennium items is that of unity. Together, you are strong enough to overcome even the darkest shadows…"

They nodded, even Seth.

"And today, the darkest shadows were certainly overcome."