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By Skittlehog

- - -

Chapter One


Angelina sat by the fire, books piled about the table and couch. Her N.E.W.T.S were only days away and she hadn't studied at all. But who could with so many distractions? First there was quidditch. Being captain meant she had to be there running plays, beating Slytherins, and winning. Then there was this other distraction. This other, gangly, red-headed distraction. This other gangly, red-headed, stupid, dumb, annoying...distraction. This distraction was known as...


Fred came running over and jumped on the couch, causing Angelina's books and papers to fly in random direction.

"Look what you did you idiot! Now I'll have to rearrange everything! You know how long that's going to take!?"

"Calm down Angie I'll help."

"No, no you won't you'll mess everything up...again."

"Ok so let's take a break. Let's go down and throw first years into the lake. Or we could..."

"Fred, you don't see the fact of the matter. I have a P in Arithmancy. That's almost Troll! I have to get at least an Acceptable! If I don't, I don't pass... I fail... this is my seventh year and I'm failing all because of this stupid, stupid class that I didn't want to take in the first place! Did you know I got all Os and Es last year!? But now thanks to this stupid class sucking the energy from me I have Ps!!!"

She didn't realize she was shouting, but she was. Out of annoyance at Fred and frustration of her grades.

"Some other time okay Fred? I really need to study."

So Fred sat opposite her, saying nothing. Just gazing at her.

A few moments later Angelina looked up and glared at him. "I need to study!"

"I didn't say anything!"

"You're distracting me!" She said.

"What? I just sitting here admiring that you actually study. Am I really distracting you by doing this?"


"So I'm a distraction?"


A grin spread across the twin's face.

"A distraction? Am I distracting you Angie?" He said, moving a bit closer. "Am I getting to you? Does my mere presence cause you to go fuzzy, to not pay attention to anything else in the world but my magnificentness? Cuz, that's not distraction Ange, that's attraction!"

Angelina rolled her eyes. If he would just leave, she could actually finish her work.

"That's A to the T to the T R A C T I O..."

Angelina grabbed her papers and books as Fred continued to sing and headed towards the requirement room.

"...N, to the, to the, to the, hit it Freddie!"

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