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Chapter Nine

Distracted by Love

She couldn't help but glare in their direction.

Those idiots. That idiot! She thought, her eyes landing on Fred.

Trevor nudged her again.

Sod off Frog Boy!

"Well zat eez most unpleasant mademoiselle," said Trevor.

"You're French?" Asked Angelina, momentarily distracted.

"Of course. You zink I waz English?"


"Bah! Only ze most brilliant toads are French. And you," he said looking Angelina up and down," are most certainly not French. I shall get ze wizard-boy to remove you."

"Good because I don't fancy being in this disgusting swamp with a conceited frog!"

"'Ow dare you!? I am from ze most prestigious toad family. 'Ow dare you insult..."

"Look George!" Said Fred jumping up. "They're fighting!"

"That," said George peering closer, "Or she's accepting his courting."

"Hey!" said a voice. It was Neville, furious and holding a large bunch of some plant leaves.

"Just checking up on them. I don't think Trevor likes her very much."

Neville looked into the tank and saw Angelina and Trevor tackling each other.

"No I think they're..."

"No! No! The female... uh... feels his courting is um, insulting to her...and she needs to find another mate Neville."

"No I really think they're..."

"No! Just...look Neville...it's Angelina."

"Her name is Angelina?"

"No! I mean yes! I mean. Her name is Angelina the witch, not toad. I accidentally transformed her!"

Neville stood there, his mouth hanging open, pointing an accusing finger at Fred.

"Yes I know what you're thinking, but it was an accident. Please don't tell anyone just get her out of there before we end up with a dead toad, preferably not the one who is actually a student here."

Neville quickly undid his spell and reached into the tank, pulling out Angelina in one hand and Trevor in the other.

"Get your 'ands off me!" Said Trevor, wiggling in Neville's hand.

Neville handed Angelina back to Fred.

"Oh Angie!" Said Fred, hugging her in his arms.

"Don't kill her!" Warned Neville. "Toads don't usually like to be handled a lot."

"Yeah..." Said George looking at the struggling Trevor in Neville's hand. "We'll be off!"

And so the twins headed towards their dormitory to figure out what to do. Fred plopped on the bed with Angelina the Toad, who seemed to be tired after her wrestle with Trevor.

George flipped through their transfiguration book, shaking his head. "It wasn't a spell or any potion from the book so there's no antidote."

"There's got to be something! I can't snog a toad for the rest of my life."

"You know there's only one solution."

"I'm not getting detention!"


"Her...are you crazy? She's just as bad! She's a Prefect! Ron would never ever let us hear the end of it."

"So get used to frog tongue brother," said George grinning.

"Fine! Okay! But how are we going to insure that Hermione won't tell McGonagall?"


"She won't take it!"


Fred thought a moment. "A book! We can give her a book! We can say we think she's brilliant and then when she's all buttered up she can drop the bomb."

"The toad."


So the twins quickly pulled out piles of things from their trunks, trying to find a book that would persuade Hermione to change Angelina back without telling McGonagall.

"Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches..." Said George. "Maybe for Ron."

"Maybe. Babbitty Rabbitty?"

George laughed. "Like Hermione would ever be interested in childish tales like that."

"You're right," said Fred, tossing it aside. "Magical Me."

George glared at him.

"Right, out it goes. Ah ha!" Said Fred, pulling out a small badly torn book. "Wandering Witches!"

"Mum will kill you if she found out you have..."

"No! It's Ginny's, or at least it was. Mysteries solved by Witches."

"It's gold! Let's go."

They found Hermione down in the common room and surrounded by, what else, books. The twins took a seat on either side of her.

"Fascinating," said Fred.

"Intriguing!" Said George.

Hermione didn't turn her head. "What do you want?"

"Want?" said Fred.


"We just wanted to give you something."

"If it's a puking pastille, I'll confiscate it."

"Nope, it's better."

"Much better, tell her George."

"Wandering Witches, Mysteries solved by Witches."

"Brilliant book, really, thought you'd be interested."

Hermione set her book down and took the small one from George.

"So...would you like to borrow it?"

"What's the catch?"

Fred looked insulted. "Catch? Can't we give our brother's best friend a book?"

She gave him a look.

"Ok fine, we need some magic undone."

"What did you do now?"

"Accidentally got part of an unfinished magic eraser on a friend of ours and it turned her into a toad."

"An eraser turned her into a toad?"





Fred covered his ears. "It was an accident! It was stuck on my charms book!"

Hermione sighed. "Where is she?"

Fred pulled out Angelina from his pocket. Hermione did come complicated wand movements and suddenly Angelina appeared.

"Hermione you're brilliant! If Ron didn't fancy you we'd kiss you!" Said George.

"What was that?"


Angelina thanked Hermione and then turned on Fred. George and Hermione left to their respective dormitories.

Angelina stood with her arms crossed glaring at Fred.

"All I can say is it was a complete accident. I didn't know what it would do!"


"My hand involuntarily moved up your thigh, I didn't."

"Fred! If you ever, and I mean ever transform me into something again I swear your snogging days are over! And I don't mean just with me! You won't be able to snog anything until the thestrals come home!"

Fred looked terrified and agreed.

Angelina looked at the clock, she still needed to study.

"Okay let's just pick up where we left off," she said grabbing the charms book.

"Glady," said Fred grabbing Angelina and kissing her, careful not to get any prototypes or his wand too close to her.

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